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Master Sergeant Kain Feury (Character)
from "Fullmetal Alchemist" (2003)

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"Fullmetal Alchemist: Hôno vs Hagane (#1.13)" (2003)
Lieutenant Lisa Hawkeye: Well, if you've got no other candidates, I guess I can handle him, Kain.
Kain Feury: Really? That's awesome!
[puppy jumps from Kain's arms, runs over to wall, and piddles on it]
Kain Feury: Sorry. Guess he's just relieved to have an owner.
[Lieutenant Hawkeye fires her pistol into the wall near the puppy]
Lieutenant Lisa Hawkeye: Now you won't be doing that again, will you, pup? See, you've got a strict mommy now. The bathroom's out here. Got it, Black Hayate?
Kain Feury: [crying] What's wrong with all you people?

Roy Mustang: Dog huh?
[serious face]
Roy Mustang: ... I LOVE DOGS!
Master Sergeant Kain Feury: Really ya' mean it?
[eyes sparkle]
Roy Mustang: But of course! Dogs embody loyalty they follow their masters commands above all else!Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck!Trust me Fuery they're the great servants of man! Loyal canine how we salute Thee!