Karl Wolfschtagg
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Karl Wolfschtagg (Character)
from Balls of Fury (2007)

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Balls of Fury (2007)
Karl Wolfschtagg: You are so close to defeat that it already reeks of your cheap cologne.
Master Wong: [smirks] The joke's on you, pretty boy. It's not cologne, it's lady speed stick.

Karl Wolfschtagg: So, we meet again. The years have not been kind to you; I will not be either.

Karl Wolfschtagg: Daytona, I have said some cruel things about you. To my friends here at the tournament, I tell them that the reason that you hate me so much, is because I had sex with your mother.
Randy Daytona: My mother died when I was two. I hardly knew her.
Karl Wolfschtagg: Yeah I know it's a horrible thing to say. And yet these things that I say over and over again... I do not mean them. Because in truth, you are the greatest player I have ever scene. Other than myself, practicing in front of a mirror. Which I do... everyday... in the nude. I'm sorry for you, that your papa is not here to see you. I think he would be very proud of you.
Randy Daytona: Yeah.
Karl Wolfschtagg: So proud of you, that he would probably bet the money on you again. I could use the cash! Haha. Tell your dead parents I said "What's Up?"

Karl Wolfschtagg: [after stepping on Randy's paddle] Whoops. Clumsy clumsy hippos.

Person in crowd: You suck!
Karl Wolfschtagg: Hey, that stings. Come on who said that?