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Quotes for
Feng (Character)
from Balls of Fury (2007)

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Balls of Fury (2007)
Feng: [inviting Randy on a private tour] I won't bite... not anywhere that'll show.

Feng: Represent.

Feng: What part of "sudden death" didn't you understand?

Feng: Less talkie-talkie, more ping-pong.

Feng: Ping pong, or as the Chinese say: "Ping pong".

Feng: Sports, members, bandits alike.

Feng: Stop! This is Boring! Kill them Both! We're missing Antiques Roadshow!

Feng: Please! These are Collectors' Items! Well, some of them are replicas. But still, they're Limited Edition Replicas!

Feng: Turning his Protege to the Dark Side...! A real Kodak Moment, don't you think?

Feng: Ladies and Gentlemen. Athletes. I bid you Toodles.