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Michael James (Character)
from What's New Pussycat (1965)

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What's New Pussycat (1965)
Michael James: Did you find a job?
Victor Skakapopulis: Yeah, I got something at the striptease. I help the girls dress and undress.
Michael James: Nice job.
Victor Skakapopulis: Twenty francs a week.
Michael James: Not very much.
Victor Skakapopulis: It's all I can afford.

Liz Bien: Would you excuse me for a minute? I'm going into the bathroom to take an overdose of sleeping pills.
Michael James: I like you. You're a nice stable girl.

Michael James: As a man's life goes down the drain, you are there.

Miss Marks: Oh, Michael, this can't work, I'm 34 and you're 12!
Michael James: Don't be negative.

Michael James: What in the name of all that's gracious is a semi-virgin?

Liz Bien: You're right. I must face my problems. I can't go through life being a semi-virgin.
Michael James: What, in the name of all that is gracious, is a semi-virgin?
Liz Bien: Here, I'm a virgin. In America, I'm not.
Michael James: What do they do? Stamp it on your passport?

Doctor: [Liz Bien, the stripper, has just made her second suicide attempt while in Michael's company. The same ER doctor has responded] You wouldn't happen to be the young lady's fiancee, would you?
Michael James: No, just a friend.
Doctor: Pretty rough friendship you've got there.

[Carole has taken Michael's car keys]
Michael James: Give me the key.
Carole Werner: No. Take a cab.
Michael James: I don't wish to take a key, I want my carcabs!

Carole Werner: We're married thirty seconds and already you look at other women.
Michael James: I had to look at her, she was talking to me, I looked in the direction the sound was coming from.

Michael James: In Britain, we have a national therapy, we call it cricket. Unlike other sports, it doesn't involve anxieties or pressures. It's leisurely and lyrical. It's the song of willow on leather.
Dr. Fritz Fassbender: Is there any sex in it?
Michael James: Oh, no. This is a game for gentlemen, played by gentlemen.
Dr. Fritz Fassbender: It's sick, sick.

Dr. Fritz Fassbender: I, uh, decided to follow you here.
Michael James: If you followed me here, how did you contrive to be here before me?
Dr. Fritz Fassbender: I followed you... very fast.

Michael James: I'll be back tomorrow. If I'm not back tomorrow, send for the police. If they're not back tomorrow, send my clothes.

Dr. Fritz Fassbender: When did all this come to an end?
Michael James: It didn't come to an end! That's the point.

Michael James: I've had a lot of experience fondling, er, handling young women like you. And it's all got to stop.

Michael James: Pussycat from the sky, I can't resist you.
Rita: Don't resist. Capitulate.

Man In Strip Club: [Richard Burton in cameo appearance] Excuse me, haven't *you* seen *me* somewhere before?
Michael James: I know the name, but I can't remember the face.

Michael James: Ahhh. A little gentle steam does one the world of good. We must have physical health as well as mental health. Ah, I'm kinky for steam!

Michael James: [in a dream] RIGHT! I want ALL YOU CATS... to SHAPE UP!
[cracks whip madly]

Michael James: Look, I know you'll think this is crazy, but, er, when the light hits me from a certain direction, I'm... handsome
[swigs from bottle]

Dr. Fritz Fassbender: I'll see you next Friday - I've got a few phone calls to make.
Michael James: But I haven't finished - I've only been here fifteen minutes.
Dr. Fritz Fassbender: I can't take more than fifteen minutes of your sex life at one time.

Michael James: Could you tell me about your typical clientele?
Etienne: My typical clientele?
Michael James: Typical.
Etienne: All the people who are here now are typical clientele.
Michael James: Really?
Etienne: There is a man cheating on his wife in room Lola Montez. There is a woman cheating on her two husbands in Carlotta. Two lovers of indeterminate sex in Reine Margot. And two men cheating in Don Juan.
Michael James: Yes. Well, once might say the joint is jumping.