Sally Eastman
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Sally Eastman (Character)
from Intersection (1994)

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Intersection (1994)
Sally Eastman: Second thoughts?
Vincent Eastman: I'm still not happy with the spacing of the columns
Neal: [Just entering room] Is he starting that again?

Vincent Eastman: So, Richard, huh?
Sally Eastman: Who?
Vincent Eastman: Richard! Pancakes in the shape of animals, Richard!
Sally Eastman: He's a friend of the family
Vincent Eastman: Does she eat them at least?
Sally Eastman: Not usually

Vincent Eastman: Y'know what Neal asked me just out of the blue? He asked me whatever happened to us. I couldn't tell him.
Sally Eastman: You fell in love with another woman
Vincent Eastman: I mean before that

Vincent Eastman: Do you need a ride tonight? To the museum thing?
Sally Eastman: I have a lift
Vincent Eastman: Pancake-man?

Sally Eastman: I don't think we can do this anymore. Come to the same office everyday.
Vincent Eastman: You're right. You're fired.

Sally Eastman: That's okay, you can come. The shutters in the guest room are still broken anyways.
Vincent Eastman: Oh, that's right! Gotta get around to fixing that
Sally Eastman: Well, you better, 'cause it's gonna be your room!

Sally Eastman: What are you doing up here? You're supposed to be mingling!
Vincent Eastman: I think I'm mingled out

Vincent Eastman: [after Sally lists all the traits her family found about Vincent, he decides to add one] Sexually-irresistable?
Sally Eastman: Oh, my grandmother said that

Sally Eastman: Don't you dare get angry at me because you're fucking another woman! It lacks conviction.