Donald Dalglish
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Donald Dalglish (Character)
from The Claim (2000)

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The Claim (2000)
Vauneen: [first lines - overlapping conversations] Alright ladies, let's go. I'm Vauneen, I take care of you from this point on. Ya get down, and we're going to get you to work real soon...
Deputy: Alright gents, let's hand-up your firearms.
Donald Dalglish: Why?
Deputy: It's a town's rule.
Donald Dalglish: These firearms are the property of the Central Pacific Railroad.
Deputy: That don't matter, Mr. Dillon says no firearms in town, so no firearms in town, come on...
Donald Dalglish: You can't take these weapons...
Vauneen: I said, leave that...
Deputy: Well then you can't come into Mr. Dillon's town.
Foreman: We're happy to cooperate with Mr. Dillon. Boys hand him your firearms...
Vauneen: [to overeager men] Just get back. They have to be cleaned and washed.
Miner: That one's clean enough.
[points at Hope]
Vauneen: Well, she's not with me. Let's go girls...
Miner: [to Hope] Give me a ride, and I'll give you a gold dollar.
Hope Burn: I don't know what you mean.
[a fight breaks out]