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Quotes for
Dr. Devan Maguire (Character)
from "Crossing Jordan" (2001)

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"Crossing Jordan: After Dark (#4.1)" (2004)
Devan Maguire: [looks at Governor's Ball invitation] Uh, Woody? This Governor's Ball?
Det. Woody Hoyt: It's done, I'm over it, it's finished.
Devan Maguire: It's next week.
[Woody grabs the invitation and looks at it]
Devan Maguire: Biggest night of your life...
Det. Woody Hoyt: Unbelievable.

Devan Maguire: [Woody hands Devan his tux jacket and starts loosening his tie] What are you doing?
Det. Woody Hoyt: What does it look like?
Devan Maguire: Chippendale's
Det. Woody Hoyt: [Sarcastic laughter] Hahahahaha.
[takes off dress shirt revealing wife beater]
Det. Woody Hoyt: In your dreams.
Devan Maguire: Hahahahaha.
[sarcastic laughter]
Devan Maguire: Nightmares.

"Crossing Jordan: Deja Past (#4.4)" (2004)
Det. Woody Hoyt: Did you just flirt with me?
Devan Maguire: I may have... accidentally.

Det. Woody Hoyt: It's a little thing we call leg work.
Devan Maguire: Oh yeah. Well it's a dumb way to make a living.
Det. Woody Hoyt: And cutting up dead people isn't?

"Crossing Jordan: He Said, She Said (#3.11)" (2004)
Dr. Devan Maguire: I've always been a good judge of character. I read people very well and I don't think he's guilty.
Det. Woody Hoyt: I'm a pretty good judge of character too Devan. I had you pegged didn't I?
Dr. Devan Maguire: Don't tell me... Pushy, driven...
Det. Woody Hoyt: And sometimes intolerable. See... Impressive isn't it?