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Mrs. Chalk (Character)
from The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

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The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)
[Henry Holland is reading aloud to the elderly Mrs. Chalk from a book titled YOU'D LOOK SWELL IN A SHROUD]
Henry Holland: Where did we get?
Mrs. Chalk: Duke Milligan was about to take a gander at Mickey the Greek's hideout.
Henry Holland: Oh yes, here we are. "I handed my fedora to a hatcheck girl with all that Venus de Milo had got and then more, and I was admiring the more when I glimpsed something in the back of this frail that set my underwear creeping up on me like it had legs."
Mrs. Chalk: I know that feeling well.
Henry Holland: "A guy had soft-shoed out of the door from the gaming room as quiet as a snake on tip-belly, and I didn't need my case history of Smiling Abe Montana to know that sonny boy was his number-one triggerman, Ricky the Filipino."
Mrs. Chalk: I thought it was Little Boy Shultz who carried the rod for Mr. Montana.
Henry Holland: It was, Mrs. Chalk, but surely you remember? Montana found Shultz taking liberties with that lady.
Mrs. Chalk: Yes, yes, they took him for a ride. Only last night, wasn't it? Oh, I must be getting old. Read on, Mr. Holland.

Mrs. Chalk: But surely you must have some suspicion. Who work the heist rackets in this territory?
Policeman: Beg your pardon, lady?
Mrs. Chalk: Oh really! I can't make myself much plainer. Which hoodlums around here specialize in toby jobs?