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Shorty (Character)
from The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

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The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)
[Holland enters the yard and sees Lackery wobble past on a bicycle]
Henry Holland: You're teaching the wrong man!
Pendlebury: Well, I had to change him over. Shorty can't ride a bicycle.
[Lackery falls]
Henry Holland: Doesn't look as if he can either.
Shorty: We're learning him.
Henry Holland: Why couldn't you learn Shorty?
Pendlebury: Because Lackery's color-blind.
Henry Holland: What's that got to do with it?
Pendlebury: Oh my dear Holland, do use your intelligence! If a policeman were to come along and see a green sunset over a purple sea...
Henry Holland: All right, all right, spare me the details.

Shorty: Okay, you're the boss.
Henry Holland: Yes. Yes, that's right - I am.

Pendlebury: Now it's all over, I suppose I may dare say it's been a most remarkable coup.
Shorty: The biggest job of its kind since One-Eyed Dobson got away with the GIs' pay packets. Two million dollars, Grosvenor Square, 'forty-five.
Henry Holland: That was before devaluation. And this is one million pounds.
Shorty: Oh, that's right. Blimey. We've got the record!

Shorty: I didn't like to say so, but I don't really fancy going to Paris meself.
Henry Holland: Why?
Shorty: Well a friend of mine, he pinched a couple of tickets for the Test Match, see? I wouldn't half like to see that.

Pendlebury: [replying to Shorty's statement that he and Lackery will wait for Holland and Pendlebury to return from France with their shares of the proceeds] You mean you both trust us?
Shorty: Oh, come off it, gov. You're as straight a pair of gentlemen as I ever worked for.
Lackery: Hear hear!

Lackery: Bellamy's? In Bromley?
Shorty: That's right. Last June. Twelver.
Lackery: I was casing that joint the night you got pinched.
Shorty: Well, what do you know? Shorty Fisher.
Lackery: Nice to meet you.
Pendlebury: Excuse me, I may be a bit slow but do I understand that in fact, you two are both professional criminals?
Shorty: Well, what else do you take us for, rutty snoopers?
Lackery: What's the setup?