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Larry Tate (Character)
from "Bewitched" (1964)

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"Bewitched: That Was My Wife (#1.31)" (1965)
Darrin Stephens: I've a couple of ideas on the subject.
Larry Tate: So have I.
Darrin Stephens: I was thinking of the campaign.
Larry Tate: Oh.

Larry Tate: It's very frustrating when I think of all that charm and sex appeal going to waste.
Darrin Stephens: Ellen's?
Larry Tate: No, mine.

Larry Tate: Hi Honey. Decided on what you wanna do yet?
Louise Tate: I don't care. What do you wanna do?
Larry Tate: I don't know. What do you wanna do?
Louise Tate: Oh, anything. But you make up your mind, Larry. I'll do anything you wanna do.
Larry Tate: Okay, ah let's go to a ball game.
Louise Tate: No. I don't wanna do that.

Louise Tate: [Larry is reading a magazine called "Gals, Gals"] Don't you think it's a little undignified for a man your age to have a lifetime subscription to a magazine like that?
Larry Tate: It has some very interesting articles.
Louise Tate: Sure. And they all fold out.
Larry Tate: I meant it has intellectual content.
Louise Tate: You mean, the girls wear glasses?

Louise Tate: What are you trying to hide?
Larry Tate: What makes you think I'm trying to hide something?
Louise Tate: Your skull is moving back and forth. It always does that when you're hiding something.

Larry Tate: Louise, if you breathe a word of this to anyone, I'll... I'll cut off your charge accounts!

Larry Tate: How did Samantha get from your house to the hotel in less than twenty minutes?
Darrin Stephens: She umm, she's a witch!

"Bewitched: Witch or Wife (#1.8)" (1964)
Endora: Well, I imagine she's very lonesome for Donald.
Larry Tate: Who?
Endora: I beg your pardon?
Louise Tate: You mean Darren?
Endora: Oh, yes. Yes, of course.

Louise Tate: Samantha? Samantha Stevens, what on earth are you doing in Paris?
Samantha Stephens: Hello, Louise. Oh, I just flew in.
Larry Tate: Will you look at her face? Absolutely stunned! Quite a surprise seeing us, eh?
Samantha Stephens: Oh, yes. You're the last people I wanted... expected to see.

Larry Tate: How would you like to pop in about eight thirty?
Endora: I'd love it.

Louise Tate: Did you hear that, Larry? It took me eight years, to get you to bring me to Paris, and they didn't even talk about it, that much.
Larry Tate: Well, neither did we. I can remember weeks when we didn't talk at all.

[first lines]
Larry Tate: Hi, Darrin.
Darrin Stephens: Hi, Larry. All set for your trip?
Larry Tate: Mm-mm, I leave tonight. I'll be in London tomorrow morning, Paris tomorrow night. I'm afraid it's one of the disadvantages of having a top designer for a client. I'd like to get out of it, but I figure it's good business to at least go over to look at his Spring collection.
Darrin Stephens: Yeah, it's touch having to go to dull places like London and Paris.
Larry Tate: No, this is no pleasure trip. Especially this year. My wife insists on coming with me.
Darrin Stephens: If you're that much against the trip, why don't you send me instead.
Larry Tate: Darrin, you're my best friend. I wouldn't send my worse enemy on a trip with Louise. So I know you won't mind.
Darrin Stephens: I had a feeling you were leading up to something.
Larry Tate: I do have a few loose ends that need looking after, and I wondered if you could take care of them while I'm gone.
Darrin Stephens: If you're going to be slaving away in Paris, it's the least I can do.
Larry Tate: Now, Susan. Well, au revoir and toi, je t'aime, I think.

"Bewitched: The Magic Cabin (#2.16)" (1965)
Larry Tate: How can you say something like that with such enthusiasm?
Darrin Stephens: I always get enthusiastic when I'm desperate.
Larry Tate: I've noticed that. Whenever you leap to your feet and start to yell I know it's going to be a bomb.

Larry Tate: [to Darrin] You're no good to me like this. Miserable, sleepy, grumpy. I get enough of that at home.

Darrin Stephens: Put it out of your mind, Larry. There's nothing you can do or say that'll make me go.
Larry Tate: You're fired.
Darrin Stephens: I'll go.

"Bewitched: The Very Informal Dress (#2.8)" (1965)
Charles Barlow: Your aunt and I have been having quite an interesting talk. It seems she doesn't like my jam.
Larry Tate: Oh, I'm sure she does.
Aunt Clara: Well, I like the jar. And I think the label is very attractive. But you open it, it's a matter of taste, isn't it? And it doesn't have any.

Samantha Stephens: Larry, would you mind making my excuses to Louise?
Larry Tate: Well, Sam, at least let me drive you.
Samantha Stephens: No, thanks, Larry, but I've gotta fly.

"Bewitched: The Phrase Is Familiar (#6.17)" (1970)
Darrin Stephens: I already have a campaign worked out for the farm machinery. What's good for the goose doesn't necessarily mean it'll be good for the gander.
Larry Tate: Darrin, this gander wants slogans, and if we don't come up with some our goose is cooked.

Darrin Stephens: Yes. Just order me a club sandwich, Larry, I'll be back quicker thin you ran say Jack Robinson.
Larry Tate: Jack Robinson.
H. B. Summers: Jack Robinson.
Darrin Stephens: That's very good.
H. B. Summers: Why did we say that?
Larry Tate: I don't know. Maybe it's catching.

"Bewitched: A Very Special Delivery (#2.2)" (1965)
Darrin Stephens: Mr. Martin, are you gonna eat your pickle?
Mr. Martin: Yes, I am.
[to Larry]
Mr. Martin: I'd like to see the product a little larger. Like it was jumping out of the ad at you.
Larry Tate: Exactly. It would have more impact that way.
Darrin Stephens: You're not eating it.
Mr. Martin: I'll eat it when I feel like it.
Darrin Stephens: If you don't want it, there's no sense letting it go to waste.
Larry Tate: Darrin. It's his pickle.
Darrin Stephens: But it's just lying there.
Mr. Martin: So it's just lying there.
Darrin Stephens: Then why can't I have it?
Larry Tate: Darrin!
Darrin Stephens: You have no intention at all of eating that pickle.
Mr. Martin: Now, look, we're not gonna have an argument about a pickle.
Darrin Stephens: I demand your pickle!
Larry Tate: Darrin!

"Bewitched: Ling Ling (#1.21)" (1965)
Larry Tate: [about Samantha] Darrin, she's a gem. An absolute gem. If I pulled this on Louise, she'd kick me out of the house!
Louise Tate: And Samantha would probably be foolish enough to let you in.

"Bewitched: Daddy Comes to Visit (#6.10)" (1969)
Larry Tate: How'd you get that inside info?
Darrin Stephens: Larry, so help me, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me!
Larry Tate: You son of a gun.

"Bewitched: Help, Help, Don't Save Me (#1.5)" (1964)
Larry Tate: You look terrible. What's happened?
Darrin Stephens: Nothing much. I just lost the Caldwell account and my wife all in one week.
Larry Tate: What? That's horrible.
Darrin Stephens: I know, I can't believe it.
Larry Tate: Your wife too, huh?

"Bewitched: Cousin Edgar (#1.36)" (1965)
Darrin Stephens: I can't seem to move my foot.
Larry Tate: Try taking it out of my pocket.
Darrin Stephens: [rips Larry's pocket as he takes his shoe out] I hope that's not a good suit.
Larry Tate: Not anymore.

"Bewitched: My Boss, the Teddy Bear (#2.13)" (1965)
Larry Tate: As a matter of face, I've often told Darrin, he should be glad he has such a charming mother-in-law. You should meet Louise's mother. A real witch.
Endora: Well, it happens in the best of families.

"Bewitched: The Girl Reporter (#1.9)" (1964)
Darrin Stephens: Now listen to me, young lady. There's been enough of this nonsense.
Liza Randall: Oh we haven't done a thing.
Darrin Stephens: We have done all we're going to.
Liza Randall: [causes Darrin to lose his balance and both fall onto couch, with Liza landing on top] Oh look out!
Darrin Stephens: [Larry and a client enter Darrin's office and are shocked] Hi, Larry.
Mr. Austen: I think we are intruding!
Larry Tate: Uh, I don't think so. Uh, Mr. JOHNSON, have you seen Darrin Stephens this morning?
Darrin Stephens: No I haven't, but when I do I'll certainly tell him you were looking for him.
Larry Tate: Thank you.
[addressing Liza]
Larry Tate: Nice to see again, MRS. Johnson!
Darrin Stephens: All right, let's go.
[both stand up to leave]
Liza Randall: Isn't that cute? He 'married' us.

"Bewitched: It Takes One to Know One (#1.11)" (1964)
Larry Tate: Well, I'll see you tomorrow?
Darrin Stephens: Where are you going?
Larry Tate: Home.
Darrin Stephens: Do you have to?
Larry Tate: Yes.
Darrin Stephens: Louise is waiting for you, I suppose?
Larry Tate: [unenthusiastically] Hmm-mm...

"Bewitched: Serena Stops the Show (#6.22)" (1970)
Samantha Stephens: But the way things look now aren't the way things looked then, and the way things look now may not be the way things will look soon, because sometimes things don't always look like what they look like!
Larry Tate: Samantha, that was a brave attempt to take Darrin off the hook. It has no logic, but it was a brave attempt.

"Bewitched: The Witches Are Out (#1.7)" (1964)
[last lines]
Larry Tate: Oh, I'll admit I was sceptical right up until the time Brinkman confirmed our research reports. Mothers and children don't buy Halloween candy, father's do. And that gorgeous witch on the billboard has kicked Brinkman's sales up twenty seven percent. Darrin, your instinct was absolutely right. Thank you.
Samantha Stephens: Well, of course it was. He's the best advertising man in the business.
Darrin Stephens: Thank you both for them kind words.
Larry Tate: Come on, Darrin, tell me, where'd you get the idea for that campaign?
Darrin Stephens: Well...
Samantha Stephens: It was intuition, and that's something you can't buy. You either have it or you haven't, wouldn't you say?
Larry Tate: I sure would. And I'd like to propose a toast. To Darrin's intuition, wherever it comes from, may he never lose it.
Darrin Stephens: I'll drink to that.
Samantha Stephens: Me too.

"Bewitched: And Something Makes Three (#1.12)" (1964)
Louise Tate: ...And Larry, do you know what?
Larry Tate: Yes, I know what! You can't keep your mouth shut, that's what!

"Bewitched: Double Split (#2.28)" (1966)
Darrin Stephens: We can enjoy our new found bachelorhood together. We can play poker and go bowling.
Larry Tate: Golf and more time at the club.
Darrin Stephens: You know. I hate poker and bowling.
Larry Tate: Yeah, and golf gives me the hives.