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Quotes for
Haji (Character)
from "Blood+" (2005)

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"Blood+: Bokutachi no iru sekai (#1.34)" (2006)
David: It's you...
David: it's amazing you know. In Okinawa, in Russia, on the bloody deck of a ship. Even way out on the farm, Haji, you seem to fit in. You just stand there, all stoic and quiet like that, and you never make waves.
Haji: That is how I survive.
David: It's not criticism. Though I'm sure it doesn't sound like much of a compliment, either.
Haji: And you seem to survive behind a veil of cynicism, despondence.
David: Yeah, you're right. I guess I'm the all-time epitome of discontent.
Haji: It's not criticism.
David: It's all right.

Haji: Are you done fighting? Taking a break?
David: Oh, yeah.
[holds up a flask]
David: This fits in my hand better than a gun.
Haji: But you don't seem to be enjoying it.
David: Oh, did you get your therapist's license?
Haji: Not at all. Just an observation.
[looks amused]

"Blood+: Fantomu obu za sukûru (#1.8)" (2005)
Saya Otonashi: Haji! I'm digging your new look.
Haji: [looks down and tugs at his apron] Hmm.