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Fuji Kobiaji (Character)
from "McHale's Navy: A Letter for Fuji (#2.13)" (1963)

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"McHale's Navy: Ensign Parker, E.S.P. (#2.31)" (1964)
Fuji Kobiaji: Look, those crazy Japanese blew up my cook shack. How could you! My own people.

"McHale's Navy: Parents Anonymous (#1.32)" (1963)
Harrison Bell: Hey! Somebody been stealing my cloth!
Fuji Kobiaji: Somebody been eating in my kitchen!
Lt. Commander Quinton McHale: Hey! Somebody been sleeping in my bed!
Lester Gruber: You three bears want to start looking for Goldilocks.

"McHale's Navy: The Ensign Gets a Zero (#1.16)" (1963)
[last lines]
Ensign Charles Parker: Say, Fuji, you don't have any relatives in the air force, do you?
Fuji Kobiaji: Me? Oh, no.
Ensign Charles Parker: You know, I could have swore that pilot I shot down looked exactly like you.
Lt. Commander Quinton McHale: Oh, well, you know how it is with the Japanese.
Fuji Kobiaji: Yeah. You've seen one of us, you've seen us all.

"McHale's Navy: The Novocain Mutiny (#2.25)" (1964)
Fuji Kobiaji: I could just scream.