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Sesshmaru (Character)
from "InuYasha" (2000)

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InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler (2003)
Sesshomaru: Are you going, father?
Inutaisho: Are you going to stop me, Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: I am not going to stop you. However, before that, I would like the fangs Sou'unga and Tetsuseiga to be handed over to me.
Inutaisho: If I say I won't give them to you... would you kill your own father?
[Sesshomaru is silent]
Inutaisho: Do you desire power that much? Why do you seek power?
Sesshomaru: I must travel the path of conquest... power is necessary in order to walk that path.
Inutaisho: Conquest, huh? Sesshomaru, is there something you want to protect?
Sesshomaru: Something to protect? I have no need to pursue such an endeavor.
[Sesshomaru raises his hand to attack, but Inutaisho transform into his demon form and runs off]

Sesshomaru: Father, do you insist on going?
Inuyasha's Father: Do you intend to stop me, Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: I will not stand in your way. However, before you go, you must entrust the swords Sounga and Tetsuseiga to ME.
Inuyasha's Father: And if I refuse, will you kill me, your own father?
[Sesshomaru is silent]
Inuyasha's Father: Do you desire power so much? Why do you seek power, my son?
Sesshomaru: The path I walk is the way of supreme conquest, and it is power that will reveal the way for me.
Inuyasha's Father: Supreme conquest... tell me, Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?
Sesshomaru: Protect?
[Long pause]
Sesshomaru: The answer is no. I, Sesshomaru, have no need of such.

Sesshomaru: That left arm...
Takemaru: Oh, that's right. It used to be yours. You want it back, I suppose?
Sesshomaru: No thanks.

Sesshomaru: [about his father] Yet you died, for the sake of a mortal woman and Inuyasha!

"InuYasha: Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru! (#1.7)" (2000)
Sesshômaru: How can you think with your dirty blood that you are my equal?

Sesshômaru: [after Inuyasha successfully struck him] All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd known that's what it took to make you fight, I'd have killed her sooner.
Inuyasha: I'm going to slit your stomach, take out your guts and put'em in a bowl!

Sesshômaru: You forget your station... worthless HALF-BREED!

Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)
Sesshômaru: What do you want?
Hari: Lord Sesshomaru...
Ruri: We'll have your fang.
Sesshômaru: My fang?
[Sesshomaru eyes the Tenseiga]

Kikyo: You're Inuyasha's older brother.
Sesshômaru: The girl named Kagome. You truly must loath her. Or are you merely testing her power?
Kikyo: I loath all things. I despise every living creature who's bound to time.
Sesshômaru: Do as you see fit. Though I warn you, I shall be the one who destroys Inuyasha.

Sesshômaru: [about Kikyo] Are you blind, Jaken? That woman is already dead.
[Jaken gasps]
Rin: Dead? But how can that be, Lord Sesshomaru? She spoke as if she were living.
Jaken: Silence Rin!
Rin: I'm not asking you, Master Jaken.
Jaken: What! You brazen child!