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"InuYasha: Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask (#1.11)" (2001)
Sota Higurashi: I gotta get through the well, cause sis is in trouble! The mask is after her and I'm the only one that can help!
[the magic of the well ativates and Inuyasha appears right before Sota's amazed eyes]
Sota Higurashi: You, your Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: [grins at the boy] In the flesh kid. Now, whats this problem you need help with?
[Inuyasha is jumping from building to building with Sota on his back]
Inuyasha: Hang on tight kid, it's a long way down.
Sota Higurashi: I guess I wasn't strong enough to pass through the well.
Inuyasha: Lucky for you, cause in my world, there are plenty of monstars that would just love to have you for lunch.

Sota Higurashi: [Inuyasha has just destoyed the mask in time to save Kagome from being eaten] You destroyed the mask! You did it!
Inuyasha: Sure thing, kid. You still got those jewel fragments?
Sota Higurashi: Yeah.
Kagome: [running up behind them] Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: [turns to look at Kagome] Hey, Kagome. You all right? How's your hand?

Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)
Sota Higurashi: [about the meal Kagome has planned for her friends] Those look terrific, sis.
Kagome Higurashi: Hmm! None for you!
Sota Higurashi: [Upset] Don't be so stingy!

Kagome Higurashi: [calling to Inuyasha through the tree] Inuyasha! The well is filled with roots! I can't get back! Inuyasha say something!
Grandpa Higurashi: Kagome?
Sota Higurashi: She's finally lost it...