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Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)
Shippo: Uhh Kagome, how come this octopus only has four legs?
Myoga: And it's faceless no less.
Kagome Higurashi: [slightly annoyed] It's a wiener!

Menomaru: Myoga, how unusual of you not to flee in the face of danger.
Myoga: I would if I could.
[Inuyasha has Myoga tied to his collar so that he can't runaway again]

Inuyasha: [about the fight between his father and Hyoga] Let me guess, you weren't even there.
Myoga: Uh, well I
Inuyasha: In other words, you were running from danger even way back then.
Myoga: It was an act of self-preservation. I only do it because your father and you were so reckless.

[repeated line]
Myoga: Such is the dismal fate of a flea.

Inuyasha: [Inuyasha is about to hack through the tree in the well when Kagome blasts through it with her arrow and knocks him back] Kagome!
Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: Did ya have to make such a noisy entrance?
Kagome Higurashi: [getting angry and pointing at him] Pardon me? You're the one that told me to use an arrow!
Inuyasha: I never told ya to blow us up!
Kagome Higurashi: It's not like I planned it this way!
Inuyasha: You should have thought of that!
Kagome Higurashi: How could I?
Inuyasha: Well you should have!
Kagome Higurashi: Your being unreasonable!
Inuyasha: No I'm not!
Kagome Higurashi: Yes you are!
Shippo: What more does he want? She's back isn't she? Why is he picking a fight?
Kaede: No need for concern. They're back to normal.
Myoga: Master Inuyasaha! Hyoga is sucking up the souls of every living thing on the planet! Now is not the time for petty arguments!
Inuyasha: I figured that out! Lets go Kagome.
Kagome Higurashi: Right!

InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler (2003)
Myoga: Please, master, I beg you not to be so rash! You must reconsider, my lord. The wounds from your battle with Ryokotssei have not yet healed! This is sheer madness!
Inuyasha's Father: That doesn't matter, I cannot afford to lose her!
Myoga: Please my lord...
Inuyasha's Father: Besides, I'm not long for this world.
Myoga: Master!

"InuYasha: Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga (#1.10)" (2000)
Myoga: [Inuyasha kills Hiten and the jewel shards fall to the ground] Lord Inuyasha, the sacred jewel shards.
Inuyasha: I don't care about them. If only I'd taken care of Hiten sooner, I chould have saved Kagome and Shippo.
Kagome: Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Huh? Ka... gome?
[Turns and sees Kagome and Shippo surrounded by a strange blue light]
Kagome: Inuyasha, you fought the battle hard and well.
Shippo: And in the end I was finally able to avenge my father.
Myoga: Witness, the souls have come to bid you a final farwell before they make the departure to the other side.
Inuyasha: Huh?
[sees the blue light start to leave]
Inuyasha: Wait, don't leave me!
[Jumps forward and grabs Kagome's wrist. The blue light disappears completly, leaving Kagome and Shippo standing there, alive, with Inuyasha grabbing Kagome's wrist]
Inuyasha: Huh?