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Quotes for
Rin (Character)
from "InuYasha" (2000)

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Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)
Sesshômaru: [about Kikyo] Are you blind, Jaken? That woman is already dead.
[Jaken gasps]
Rin: Dead? But how can that be, Lord Sesshomaru? She spoke as if she were living.
Jaken: Silence Rin!
Rin: I'm not asking you, Master Jaken.
Jaken: What! You brazen child!

[Sesshomaru kicks Jaken in the face to make him stop carrying on about the moth on his nose]
Rin: Excellent aim, my lord.
Jaken: [groans] Such is the dismal fate of Jaken.

"InuYasha: The True Owner of the Great Sword (#2.8)" (2001)
Sesshoumaru: Where did you get those bruises?
Rin: Uh... huh?
Sesshoumaru: You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
[stares at Rin]
Rin: [smiles while laughing happily]
Sesshoumaru: What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care. I'm just curious.