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Quotes for
Alice Baring (Character)
from Hush (1998)

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Hush (1998)
Alice Baring: There's something I've always wanted to tell you. You smell like horseshit.

[about Helen's wedding ring]
Alice: Let's see the handcuff.

Martha Baring: What lies did you tell her? Answer me!
[Alice just looks at her]
Martha Baring: Answer me!
Alice: I am, you just can't see my finger.

Martha Baring: [Just after turning on the cold water tab of the steam bath where old, ill and heart-weak Alice is immobilized] Now you STAY AWAY from my boy!
Alice Baring: Ahh... Ahhhhhh...
Martha Baring: You understand?
Martha Baring: I'll take that as a AAAHHHH... YES!
[She turns the tab off]
Martha Baring: Goodbye Alice.
[Martha leaves the bathroom]
Martha Baring: [When leaving the retirement home Martha bumps into a nun in charge of care. Talking about Alice and changing her anger in a gentle, lovely attitude] Oh! Sister... She wants a little more time, she says it helps her joints...
Sister O'Shaughnessy: She's incorrigible! I'll give her five more minutes.
Martha Baring: ...Make it ten.

Alice Baring: Nobody leaves Martha.

Alice Baring: [feeding ducks] I feed them the whole pharmacy. Heartburn, ulcers, blood pressure. They're immune to everything now. The oldest living Confederates in America.

Alice Baring: She never loved my son Jack. All she ever wanted was that baby. After she had it, she put my son out to pasture, and she took Jackson and poisoned his mind against his father... and me. She'll do the same to you.

Alice: She was a stable girl, shoveling horse shit!