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Quotes for
Jake Donahue (Character)
from The King of the Kickboxers (1990)

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The King of the Kickboxers (1990)
Jake Donahue: I'm listening to a fucking drunk.
Prang: Worthless piece of shit American.
Jake Donahue: I heard that.
Prang: I wanted you to!

[from trailer]
Prang: What are you doing back here in Thailand?
Jake Donahue: [referring to Khan] You can help me. Teach me how to stop him.
Prang: [remembers his defeat at Khan's hands and is doubtful that he can help] What I have to offer, might not be enough.

Jake Donahue: This is for Molly, this is for Prang, this is for my brother, and this, is for the life you stole from me, you bastard!

Jake Donahue: [whilst shoving an electric heater in the face of a bad guy] Does that hurt, huh? *Good*!

Jake Donahue: My methods get results!

Jake Donahue: [after beating up several students] What a fucking waste of time!

Jake Donahue: [shouts] Let... the girl... go!

Khan: I know you. You are the brother... How perfect. I will send you to hell... to join your brother!
Jake Donahue: I've been there... for 10 years! AAAHHHH!

Prang: [Prang's training has taken its toll on Jake and he decides to call it quits, puzzling Prang] Why you stop?
Jake Donahue: [angrily] If this is your idea of training, you're crazy!
Prang: You want to be ready for Khan? Then keep going!
Jake Donahue: Forget about it! All this shit is doing is burning what little time I have left!
Prang: This is the way that I learned!
Jake Donahue: Yeah? And how far did that get you?
Prang: [insulted] WHAT?
Jake Donahue: [walks away a bit and then faces Prang again with frustration] YOU LOST! I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!
[Jake walks away angrily and Prang smashes a wooden dummy in frustration]

Jake Donahue: How many guys do you think I have to fight?
Prang: How many do you want?

Jake Donahue: [while he is watching "No Retreat No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers] It's like a Bruce Lee movie without Bruce.

Jake Donahue: Touch me in the night and I'll kill you.
Prang: The monkey loves that kind of talk.

Thasi: You're no ordinary fighter.
Jake Donahue: Thanks... I'll add you to my personal fan club.
Thasi: It's not meant to be a compliment.