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Edward Bolt (Character)
from Escape to Witch Mountain (1995) (TV)

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Escape to Witch Mountain (1995) (TV)
Edward Bolt: [shows Anna and Danny his cars] How do you like my vehicles? Maybe we can take them for a spin one day.

Xander: Do you have a pool?
Edward Bolt: Yes. Yes, I do.
Xander: Why don't you invite us over for a swim?
Lindsay Brown: Xander.
Xander: He says he love kids.
Edward Bolt: I think that's a great idea! How 'bout a picnic on Sunday, huh?

Luther: [checks in the room where Anna was locked in and realizes that she is not there] Oh, brother!
Edward Bolt: [continues to have fun playing with the kids] Whoa! Yeah! Here ya go, here ya go!
Luther: [as he approaches Mr. Bolt] Somehow, Anna got out.
Edward Bolt: [shocked] What?
Luther: I didn't do anything, honest.
Edward Bolt: Alright, get to the stables. I'll take care of this guy.

[Mr. Bolt and Luther are in the living room testing Anna's powers]
Edward Bolt: This is a latin cylinder. Can you make it fly?
Anna: No.
Edward Bolt: Well, Danny has shared everything. We've gotten to be good friends of yours. I won't tell anyone your secret. We tell it's kinetic powers like any other muscle, you gotta exercise it into lithography. I'm just trying to help you guys. Uh, open it up.
[Luther takes the lid off the latin cylinder]
Edward Bolt: Now, can you make those rocks fly into the tube?
Anna: This won't work.
Edward Bolt: Why don't you trust me? I mean it hurts my feelings. I open my house here, I open my heart. Instead, you act like we were strangers. What is it you don't like about me?
Anna: It's not that. I just can't do it.
Edward Bolt: Why not?
Anna: We're too far away.
Edward Bolt: Well, let's move closer. There! Alright.

Edward Bolt: I'm losing my patience, young lady. Now try to move those rocks!
Anna: What's this about, anyway?
Edward Bolt: It's too complicated for you to understand, just do what I'm telling ya!
Anna: I can't.
Edward Bolt: I can get mean if I have to be, but nobody wants anything bad to happen, do they?...
[Anna is not answering him]
Edward Bolt: love your brother?
Anna: [yells at Mr. Bolt] I'm not gonna help you! I hate you and I hate being here.
Edward Bolt: [yells back at Anna] Listen, you little witch! I don't care what you think about me, but nobody here says no to me, ya hear?

[Mr. Bolt meets Danny at the stable area]
Edward Bolt: Wanna go for a spin, Danny? You can drive.
Danny: Me?
Edward Bolt: Have you driven a car?
Danny: No.
Edward Bolt: All the way to the house if you like.
Anna: [thinking] Let in the light, brother. I don't want to lose you again.
Edward Bolt: Huh?
[Mr. Bolt grabs Danny to the car]
Edward Bolt: Get in the car, you little brat!
Danny: Ohhh... let go! Let go!
Edward Bolt: Just shut up!

[after Mr. Bolt gets covered in black paint]
Lindsay Brown: Your Sheriff and Luther told me everything, Mr. Bolt. You had those kids under lock and key. You planned to exploid their power.
Edward Bolt: Woman's talking nonsense.
[Xander walks up the hill]
Lindsay Brown: Xander!
Xander: I'm going up there!
Lindsay Brown: Wait. I'm coming with you.
Sheriff Bronson: I'm very, very disappointed in you, Mr. Bolt.
Edward Bolt: You ungrateful little turncoat... you're fired!
Luther: Too late. I quit a half an hour a go. I'm gonna go where I belong.
Sheriff Bronson: Come on in here.
[the other Sheriff approaches Bronson]
Sheriff Bronson: [referring to Mr. Bolt] Put the cuffs on this guy.
[Bronson walks up the same hill Xander and Brown took and the other sherrif sends Mr. Bolt to the police car]
Sherrif: OK Mr. Bolt, in the back. Watch your head.