Tia Malone
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Tia Malone (Character)
from Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)

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Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
Tia Malone: [Tony and Tia are filling out a questionnaire.] Tony, what should I put after "sports"?
Tony Malone: Put, "spectator."

Tia Malone: Tony, we've got to get out of here, before it's too late, please.

Tia Malone: Please, Mr. Bolt, you're too excited. You're going to make yourself sick.
Tony Malone: You should go right to bed, Sir.

Tia Malone: Tony, we've got to get out of here, please.

Lucas Deranian: Look as far as you can see. Mr. Bolt owns everything in sight.
Tia Malone: Well, I can see the sky.

Jason O'Day: I wonder... I wonder how I'd handle you kids if you were mine. Well, maybe that's why I never married, eh?
Tia Malone: But Mr. O'Day. You were married.
Jason O'Day: What?
Tia Malone: Long, long time ago. And she was so pretty. And you had a little house.
Tony Malone: Yeah, I can see it. It was white, with yellow shutters. And there was a big elm branch over the whole roof.
Tia Malone: Tony knows about people. He can see places they've been.
Jason O'Day: [Angry] What else?
Tia Malone: Well, your wife died only a few months after you were married. And you were so sad. You took an oath that you'd never give your love to another woman, or to anyone. And you never have.... I'm sorry, Mr. O'Day.
Jason O'Day: The name's Jason! If you know so dang much about me you might as well use it. Jason, you understand?

Tia Malone: He just likes to yell a lot, he's not really that mean.
Tony Malone: You've got to be kidding me.

Tia Malone: Mr. O'Day, I think you bought too much.
Tony Malone: Yeah, Winky can't drink four quarts of milk.
Jason O'Day: If you two weren't joshing me about Aristotle Bolt, we might be together for longer than I thought. He's a very powerful man, too pow...
[hears a siren, looks in the rear view mirror]
Jason O'Day: Motorcycle cop.
Tia Malone: Will you get in trouble, Mr. O'Day?
Jason O'Day: It's not ME he's after.

Tia Malone: Tony, do you hear the dogs?
Tony Malone: No. How far?
Tia Malone: Oh, 20 miles.

Return from Witch Mountain (1978)
Tia: Tony, why are you doing these things? Why are you using your powers against me?

[the security guard is levitating at the ceiling where Tony left him]
Security Guard: Could you get me down please?
[Tia lowers him to the floor]
Security Guard: Thank you. Now, where are you going?
Tia: We're going in there.
Security Guard: Oh, no. No one goes in there without ID.
[Tia levitates him back up to the ceiling]

Tony: Tia, open the gate.
Tia: No, everybody join hands. 1... 2... 3
[the kids energize over the gate]