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Capt. Lochner (Character)
from In a Lonely Place (1950)

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In a Lonely Place (1950)
Capt. Lochner: Why didn't you call for a cab? Isn't that what a gentleman usually does under the circumstances?
Dixon Steele: Oh I didn't say I was a gentleman. I said I was tired.

Capt. Lochner: [Dixon has replied with sarcasm to Lochner's questions] You're told that the girl you were with last night was found in Benedict Canyon, murdered. Dumped from a moving car. What's your reaction? Shock? Horror? Sympathy? No - just petulance at being questioned. A couple of feeble jokes. You puzzle me, Mr. Steele.
Dixon Steele: Well, I grant you, the jokes could've been better, but I don't see why the rest should worry you - that is, unless you plan to arrest me on lack of emotion.

Capt. Lochner: Considering that you've never met Mr. Steele, you pay quite a bit of attention to him.
Laurel Gray: Hmm-hmm. I have at that.
Capt. Lochner: Do you usually give such attention to your neighbors?
Laurel Gray: No.
Capt. Lochner: Were you interested in Mr. Steele because he's a celebrity?
Laurel Gray: No, not at all. I noticed him because he looked interesting - I like his face.

Capt. Lochner: I didn't expect you to give me more information... but certain facts contradict your original statement.
Laurel Gray: [flatly] I wish you'd say what you mean.
Capt. Lochner: Yes, let's do that. On the night of the Atkinson murder, you looked at Dixon Steele and said you didn't know him.
Laurel Gray: I didn't.
Capt. Lochner: Since then, you and he have been inseparable.
Laurel Gray: He's writing a script. I'm doing the typing.
Capt. Lochner: Do you receive a salary for this?
Laurel Gray: No. I'm doing it for love.
Capt. Lochner: [surprised] Are you in love with Mr. Steele?
Laurel Gray: For the record, I am in love with Mr. Steele.
Capt. Lochner: Are you going to be married?
Laurel Gray: [pause] If we do, I'll send you an invitation - after all, it was you who first introduced us to each other.

Laurel Gray: I love Dix. It upsets me terribly that you suspect him, even for second.
Capt. Lochner: Not for a second, for the last three weeks. He's our most logical suspect.