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Dr. Isaac Kleiner (Character)
from Half-Life 2 (2004) (VG)

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Half-Life 2 (2004) (VG)
Dr. Isaac Kleiner: [about his pet headcrab, Lamarr] Never fear, Gordon, she's de-beaked and completely harmless. The worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly!

Dr. Isaac Kleiner: [the teleportation device malfunctions] What happened?
Barney Calhoun: It's your pet, the freakin' head-humper!

Dr. Isaac Kleiner: Well, Gordon, I see your HEV Suit still fits you like a glove. At least, the glove parts do.

Dr. Isaac Kleiner: [as Alyx tries to have him leave the lab] We can't leave without Lamarr. She's around here somewhere...
Alyx Vance: Come on, Dr. Kleiner. We can find you another pet headcrab.
Dr. Isaac Kleiner: No! There's only *one* Hedy!

Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006) (VG)
Dr. Isaac Kleiner: On a lighter note, if you are already in one of our designated safe zones, I feel obliged to point out that a more fortunate side-effect of the reactor's destruction is the complete removal of the Combine's reproductive suppression field. Previously, certain protein chains important to the process of embryonic development were selectively prevented from forming. This is no longer the case. For those so inclined, now would be an excellent time for procreation. Which is to say, in layman's terms, you should give serious consideration to doing your part for the revival of the species. We must make the most of the time we have, as it is by no means certain how much time we have secured ourselves before the Combine attempt to restore their dominion, as they certainly shall.
Alyx Vance: Uh, is Dr. Kleiner really telling everyone to... 'get busy'?

Dr. Isaac Kleiner: [over the public address system] Yes. Very well. I... I am not much of a public speaker but I'll... I'll do my best.
[clears throat]
Dr. Isaac Kleiner: Fellow citizens, residents of City 17 and environs. By which I mean sentient residents of course. Human and otherwise although I believe there's little need to explain recent developments to our Vortigant allies. At any rate, first as a matter of great urgency if you find yourself still within the confines of City 17 you are well advised to leave the city at once by the fastest means avalible to you!