Geel Piet
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Geel Piet (Character)
from The Power of One (1992)

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The Power of One (1992)
[the African inmates are singing a song in Zulu, insulting the prison guards. One of the guards caught up with Piet and asks him what they are singing about]
Sgt. Bowmann: What are they singing?
Geel Piet: [translating] They run this way. They run that way. They are confused. They are afraid.
Sgt. Bowmann: We are afraid?
Sgt. Bowmann: We are afraid?
Geel Piet: You are cowards.
Sgt. Bowmann: You *bastards*.

Geel Piet: Little beat big when little smart. First with the head, then with the heart. You can remember that?

Sgt. Bowmann: You are a bunch of shit eaters, aren't you, Kaffir?
Geel Piet: No, Baas.
Sgt. Bowmann: What you say?
Geel Piet: Yes, Baas.
Sgt. Bowmann: Bloody right.