Hank Joyce
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Hank Joyce (Character)
from Pretty Persuasion (2005)

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Pretty Persuasion (2005)
Kimberly Joyce: Daddy, I would never to do anything to hurt you or your reputation.
Mr. Joyce: [after popping several pils] Yay, Kimberly! Good! Good!

Mr. Joyce: I don't wanna ever catch you being a racist. This is not to say, you know, you have license to bring R. Kelly home for dinner.

Mr. Joyce: When people hear the name Walt Disney they think family friendly, even though Disney gives benefits to faggots.
Mr. Joyce: And when they hear the name Henry Joyce do you know what they think of?
Mr. Joyce: Quality electronics at the lowest prices.
Mr. Joyce: And I want it to stay that way Kimberly, I don't want them thinking... slutty daughter who takes it in the ass.

Phone Sex Operator: Now, I'm running my fingers along your chest and my red nails are ripping through your chest like fire through a forest.
Mr. Joyce: That's fucking hot. What am I doing with you? I've got my thumb so far up your ass, I'm bowling with your ass.

Kathy: Kimberly! Kimberly, would you PLEASE take your dog for a walk?
Kimberly Joyce: Oh, are you done fucking him?
Mr. Joyce: Oh, enough of that already, geez!
Kimberly Joyce: What? I saw her. her red nails were running through his chest hair like fire through a forest...
Kathy: That's actually kinda poetic...