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Bust-Ass (Character)
from All the Real Girls (2003)

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All the Real Girls (2003)
Bust-Ass: [yelling] Let's dip our nuts in whiskey... and get the girls drunk!

Bust-Ass: Well, I mean, my, you know... I'm not Spanish. That's... I been to school, that's about it, dude, I'm not supposed to know all the words in the dictionary from it.
Bo: Don't you got a Spanish cousin?
Bust-Ass: I know that albóndiga is meatball soup. Uh, dios is...
Paul: Moo-hair is woman.
Bust-Ass, Bo: Moo-hair?
Bust-Ass: I don't think so, dude.
Paul: M-u-j-e-r.
Bust-Ass: Think señorita is woman.
Bo: That's right.

Bust-Ass: Usually I don't go for pancakes.
Noel: Oh, yeah? What do you go for?
Bust-Ass: Eggs.
Noel: Really?
Noel: You don't - what about, like, waffles and French toast, and stuff like that?
Bust-Ass: No, the places I go usually are not that fancy.