Alice Kinian
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Alice Kinian (Character)
from Charly (1968)

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Charly (1968)
Charly Gordon: Marry me, pretty girl, marry me.
Alice Kinnian: We will marry at... quarter past Wednesday on the 74th of November, and our anniversary will happily be... on those days where we both remember.

Alice Kinnian: They say, Charly, that true love is letting go.

Charly Gordon: What's enough love?
Alice Kinnian: Always a little more than anyone ever gets.

Charly Gordon: Say, Miss Kinnian... where's Mr. Kinnian?
Alice Kinnian: He died, Charly.

Alice Kinnian: [writes a sentence on the blackboard for Charly to punctuate] Punctuate it. Go ahead, punctuate it.
[Charly does, and does it correctly]
Alice Kinnian: That's very good!
Charly Gordon: Now I have something for you to punctuate!
[Turns over blackboard where he has written a sentence]
Alice Kinnian: That does not make sense!
Charly Gordon: [Starts to punctuate it] 'That that is
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: . That that is not
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is not
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: .'
Alice Kinnian: [Figures it out] 'Is that it?'
Charly Gordon: 'It is!'
Alice Kinnian: So. Student surpasses the teacher!
[Charly nods eagerly]

[Alice slaps Charly on the face after been hardly kissed by him]
Alice Kinnian: You - you think anyone would ever want you, you stupid moron!
[Charly leaves Alice crying]

[Charly finds Alice waiting for him in his room]
Alice Kinnian: Saw your cycle outside.
Charly Gordon: It's for sale.
Alice Kinnian: What did you learn?
Charly Gordon: I'm back. What did you learn?
Alice Kinnian: I'm here.
[Alice walks to him in a smile]

Alice Kinnian: Any questions?
Charly Gordon: [upset about getting fired from his job] Yeah, I was wonder why people that would never dream of laughing at a blind or a crippled man would laugh at a moron.
Alice Kinnian: What happened?
Charly Gordon: My friends at the bakery got up a petition and then I got fired.
Alice Kinnian: Oh...
Charly Gordon: Is that an automatic law, something like gravity? Increased intelligence equals lost friends?

[last lines]
Alice Kinnian: Marry me?
[Charly goes silent by refusing]
Alice Kinnian: [sits down] All right, don't marry me.
Charly Gordon: [smiles] Motion carried.
Alice Kinnian: But I'm going to stay right here. Whenever you feel like telling me to go, just let me know - just tell me so. I'll go, I'll leave.
Charly Gordon: Leave.
[Alice goes stunned]
Charly Gordon: Please, leave.
Alice Kinnian: [solemnly] All right...
[Alice hesitates then slowly heads to the door]
Alice Kinnian: Good night.
Charly Gordon: [without looking at her] Good night.
[Alice leaves]