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Quotes for
Gail Foster (Character)
from The Night Stalker (1972) (TV)

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The Night Stalker (1972) (TV)
Gail Foster: [is woken by Carl] Ohhhh, I'm sorry. I guess I fell asleep.
Carl Kolchak: Yes.
Gail Foster: What were you saying?
Carl Kolchak: You do great things for my masculine ego, you know?
Gail Foster: Yeah.
Carl Kolchak: Actually, I was saying that I think Vincenzo has the news sense of a tree stump.
[starts getting excited]
Carl Kolchak: It's got to be one man. It's got to be. Big, strong, psychotic.
Gail Foster: You're certainly making me very glad that I work nights.
Carl Kolchak: Well, I told you to quit working nights, didn't I?
[They start to kiss when the phone rings. Kolchak sighs and relutantly answers it]
Carl Kolchak: . Kolchak.
[His face lights up as he listens to the person on the other end of the line]
Carl Kolchak: . I am forever in your debt, love.
[He hangs up the phone and starts to get dressed quickly]
Gail Foster: What was that?
Carl Kolchak: The killer's done it again.
Gail Foster: [Horrified] Oh, no.
Carl Kolchak: Only this time, he was seen.