Misa Amane
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Misa Amane (Character)
from "Death Note" (2006)

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"Death Note: Kosoku: Makeshift (#1.20)" (2007)
L: We're running out of time, and I'm starting to get desperate. As for Misa Amane, I've turned to her because I know her bravery and love for you is boundless.
Amane Misa: Do you really mean it? Oh, no, I think I totally misunderstood you all this time. I even called you a pervert, but you actually do understand how I feel, don't you?
L: Yes! Misa is indisputably the most perfect and worthy woman for Light.
Amane Misa: Yey! You're such a sweetie! Thank you, Ryuzaki!
[kisses him on the cheek]
L: I could actually fall for you.
Amane Misa: Let's not go that far, but you could maybe be a friend of mine. Would that be okay?
L: Yes. So now I've gained yet another friend.

L: [to Light] Besides, as long as we're handcuffed together, you and I share the same fate. If I die, so will you. If that happens, Misa is the one who would grieve most of all. Either we lose and both die together or we successfully catch Kira.
L: [gestures at Misa] Which is it?
Misa Amane: [pumps fist in the air] We catch Kira! I would never dream about living in a world without Light!
L: Yes, that would be dark.

Misa Amane: No problemo! I promise I won't say anything, even if they torture me!
L: I can attest to that.

"Death Note: Nakama: Comrade (#1.18)" (2007)
[Japanese translation]
Amane Misa: Sweets make you fat, so I'm cutting back.
L: Even if you eat sweets, if you use your head, you won't get fat.

[English dub]
L: By the way, are you going to eat that piece of cake?
Misa Amane: Cake makes you fat. I'm not gonna eat any.
L: Actually, I found that you don't gain any weight as long as you burn calories by using your brain.

"Death Note: Fukkatsu: Resurrection (#1.24)" (2007)
Light Yagami: "Dear Misa, by the time you read this letter, you should have remembered everything."
Misa Amane: Oh, a letter from Light.
Light Yagami: "Do you remember my friend at To-ho University? He went by the name Hideki Ryuga. I want you to write his real name in the notebook and kill him, then burn this letter right away. Take a number of pages from the notebook and re-bury it where you found it. The next time that we see each other, casually touch me with a piece of the notebook. If you do this for me, I promise I will love you for the rest of my life."

Light Yagami: Misa, all I want is to enjoy a long life with you in an ideal world. That's just how I feel.
Misa Amane: Light, I'm so happy.
Light Yagami: Let's create a new world together. It'll be a place with no crime, where only kind people live, okay?
Misa Amane: Yeah.

"Death Note: Yûkai: Abduction (#1.27)" (2007)
Misa Amane: I'll be a good girl and go to bed by myself, okay?

"Death Note: Saisei: Reincarnation (#1.26)" (2007)
Misa Amane: Yey! Victory is mine! Misa wins!

"Death Note: Choushou: Ridicule (#1.33)" (2007)
Kiyomi Takada: Miss Amane.
Misa Amane: Yes?
Kiyomi Takada: I find this unpleasant.
Misa Amane: Oh, yeah? I feel the same.
Kiyomi Takada: Obviously this was a bad idea. I should have waited until you grew up and learned a few manners before I invited you to dinner. I suppose I'll know better next time.

"Death Note: Matsuda: Matsuda (#1.19)" (2007)
Misa Amane: Uh, Mr. Director, I can't do this. I have a boyfriend. Can we cut the love scenes, please?

"Death Note: Ijou: Transfer (#1.31)" (2007)
Shuichi Aizawa: Mogi, why don't you go back to headquarters? I'll stay and guard here.
Misa Amane: Huh? I'm with Monchi-chi instead of Mochi?
Shuichi Aizawa: Hm? What's wrong? Don't you trust me?
Misa Amane: No, you're just not Monchi-chi without your old haircut. You're not cute anymore!
Kanzo Mogi: Ha ha!
Shuichi Aizawa: Hmmm, Mogi?
Kanzo Mogi: Yes, sir, my apologies!

"Death Note: Chinmoku: Silence (#1.25)" (2007)
Misa Amane: [singing] Careful what you do, 'cause God is watching your every move.

"Death Note: Ketsudan: Determination (#1.16)" (2007)
L: It's only been four minutes since you last went to the bathroom. I'm afraid you'll have to hold it.
Misa Amane: You have to. It's the only time you'll untie me and let me move - plus you'd be able to watch. Isn't that what you want? Isn't it? You pervert!

Death Note: The Last Name (2006)
Misa Amane: How could I ever face Light?
Ryuuk: Face? He likes your face.

"Death Note: Tomodachi: Friend (#1.14)" (2007)
Light Yagami: I thought you said it was okay if I used you. A minute ago you swore you'd do anything I asked.
Misa Amane: Yeah, I did, but I never said you could date other girls. I mean, those are two totally different things.

"Death Note: Shikkou: Enforcement (#1.17)" (2007)
Misa Amane: Honestly, all this time I never pictured you as an old man, Mr. Stalker.
Soichiro Yagami: I am not your stalker. I'm a detective with the NPA.
Misa Amane: What? Hey, wait. I remember now. You told me I was being arrested for being the second Kira. You mean that was for real? You know, you're a stalker. There's no way the police would blindfold me and tie me up all fetishy like that. Anyways, it's kinda weird that you have my hands and feet all tied up even though you're planning to let me go.
Soichiro Yagami: Please, just keep quiet.