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Tawnia Baker (Character)
from "The A-Team" (1983)

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"The A-Team: The Battle of Bel Air (#2.15)" (1984)
"Hannibal" Smith: [to Tawnia] We don't give autographs, honey. What's going on, Murdock?
Tawnia Baker: I got some very important information for you: Colonel Decker is after you.
"Faceman" Peck: Now there's a hot flash.

Tawnia Baker: You guys are a real trip!
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: We can be a real mean trip, too. You got a lot of explaining to do.
Tawnia Baker: I'm telling you, I am a reporter. I work for L.A. Career Express and I know Amy Allen very well.
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: Which is very difficult for us to confirm on short notice, seeing that Amy's in Jakarta right now.

Tawnia: Amy was right: the word 'commitment' can ward Templeton Peck off faster than a can of mace.

Tawnia Baker: Oh, Face, I almost died when you went out that window!
Face: [sarcastic] You almost died?

Tawnia: Do something, Ron!
Face: Yeah Ron, do something!

"The A-Team: Curtain Call (#2.23)" (1984)
Tawnia Baker: Face, do you think Murdock will be all right? He's lost so much blood...
Faceman": Eh, Murdock, he's tough! Like a piece of rawhide. One that's just got out of therapy. Yeah, he's got the kind of strength that counts.
[points to his forehead]
Faceman": Don't you worry about Murdock. A few weeks and eh, he won't be able to distinguish reality from a couple of breadsticks.

Tawnia Baker: Face, are you listening to me? You go in there and you'll be on the first flight to Leavenworth.
Face: Listen, without those medical supplies, Murdock is dead, so it doesn't matter what the risk is, now does it? And, like you said, the worst that could happen is I go to prison. Not exactly my idea of little fun in the sun, but eh, the hours are regular, the food's plentiful and there's plenty of starch in the shirts.

Tawnia Baker: Face, you're amazing! I can't believe you pulled it off.
Face: Well, green always was my lucky color!

"The A-Team: Chopping Spree (#2.19)" (1984)
Tawnia Baker: You're doing it again, Face. Didn't Hannibal say to leave the keys in the ignition?
Face: Aw, It's one thing to leave the car here in Siberia, but to leave the keys?

Murdock: Two guys, they took it.
Tawnia Baker: Thank heavens!
Face: They took my 'Vette?
Murdock: No, the van.
Face: They took the van AND the 'Vette?
Murdock: No! They took the van and not the 'Vette. Hannibal and B.A. got in the 'Vette to go after the van. And they took my plant!

"The A-Team: The Bend in the River: Part 1 (#3.2)" (1984)
"Hannibal" Smith: And you're engaged to this Brian Lefcourt?
Tawnia: Pre-engaged. We gave each other these St. Christophers. and when he got back from trying to find the lost treasure of Del Rio, we were going to be married.
"Faceman" Peck: When did all this happen?
Tawnia: Last month. When you guys were in South Carolina helping that old sheriff.

"The A-Team: It's a Desert Out There (#2.18)" (1984)
Tawnia Baker: [on the phone] Listen, Face, you guys should pick me up at the nearest airport so I can get a great story on this guy, er, even an interview on this Driscoll guy.
"Faceman": The answer is no, as in foolish, impossible and say hi to Ted.

"The A-Team: The Bend in the River: Part 2 (#3.3)" (1984)
Brian Lefcourt: [about Murdock] You're right, this guys a real... trip.
Tawnia Baker: He sure is.

"The A-Team: Say It with Bullets (#2.16)" (1984)
Hannibal" Smith: [to B.A] You know how to find that adress?
Tawnia: I do.
[Hannibal throws her a surprised look]
Tawnia: I hang out at the beach quite a bit.
Hannibal" Smith: I see...

"The A-Team: Deadly Maneuvers (#2.21)" (1984)
Tawnia Baker: Are you alright?
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: There's a doctor in Bad Rock... Maggie Sullivan, get her... hurry!
[collapses on the floor]

"The A-Team: Pure-Dee Poison (#2.17)" (1984)
Tawnia Baker: I can't tell you guys how included this makes me feel. I mean were like family, practically. I, I mean it's great, don't you think?
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: Tawnia, you may not be thanking us for long.