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Army Col. Lynch (Character)
from "The A-Team" (1983)

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"The A-Team: One More Time (#1.10)" (1983)
Major Briggs: You know, Colonel Lynch, chasing Hannibal Smith as much as we have, I've come to appreciate his sense of humor.
Army Col. Lynch: Sence of humor? You think that's funny, then? Hannibal Smith working under the name of Lynch?

Major Briggs: Excuse me, we're looking for an actor named Lynch.
Army Col. Lynch: His real name is John Smith. He's using Lynch as an alias.
Film crew member: Lynch? You'd think he could do better than that!

Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: What kind of a rock did they find you under?
Army Col. Lynch: Not nearly as big as the one I'm going to use to crush you, Smith.

"The A-Team: Showdown! (#3.9)" (1984)
Lieutenant Wilson: Sir.
Army Col. Lynch: [sighs] Do you have anything to report, sergeant?
Lieutenant Wilson: The fake A-Team showed up this morning and leanen real hard on Winnetka and his daughter to sell.
Army Col. Lynch: I am not interested in the fake A-Team! The military gave me one more shot at the real A-Team and I am not going to fail.

Colonel Lynch: [to himself] Smith... after all this time.

Army Captain Royce: We have 'em, sir. The plan worked perfectly! We have the A-Team locked in the truck.
Army Col. Lynch: No one else could do it, Captain. But I did.

"The A-Team: Mexican Slayride (#1.1)" (1983)
Army Col. Lynch: I'm gonna press him hard and see what happens. Now that won't snap him, will it?
Mental Hospital Charge Nurse: No, he's usually a lot of fun, however if he starts talking about ammonia, that's a clue he may become violent.
Army Col. Lynch: Violent?
Mental Hospital Charge Nurse: It hardly ever happens, but, eh, watch out. It's a trigger word for his aggressive cycle.
Army Col. Lynch: Ammonia?

Army Col. Lynch: Well, who are we today? Harold Lloyd? King Kong? Napoleon's parrot?
Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock: I'm not nuts. I keep telling everybody. Don't you think I wanna get out of here and see E.T., just like everybody else?