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Colonel Roderick Decker (Character)
from "The A-Team" (1983)

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"The A-Team: There's Always a Catch (#2.9)" (1983)
Col. Roderick Decker: Rendevouz there A.S.A.P. You obey the speed signs, captain, and I'll bust you down to your socks.

Doug Mayer: Have you got a search warrant?
Col. Roderick Decker: Son, when you can get a warrant as quick as I can, you don't need one.

Col. Roderick Decker: [the Team has been caught by Decker] By tomorrow morning you'll be eating breakfast with 500 guys just like you.
Templeton Peck: Eh, there is nobody just like us.

Col. Roderick Decker: [to Garber] I never agree with Colonel Smith but I find your protection racket to be about as low as he does.

"The A-Team: Incident at Crystal Lake (#3.25)" (1985)
Col. Decker: I'm through losing you guys. If you they do anyting, if they even twitch, shoot to kill.
Hannibal: Now if you had been that way last year, you'd have gotten a lot further, a lot quicker.

Hannibal: [imitating Decker] This is it, Smith!
[normal voice]
Hannibal: Isn't that what you always say right about now?
Col. Decker: I shouldn't ever have to say it again.

Gavin: [posing as Roy Sherman] We're also the men who're going to help ourselves to your chopper.
Col. Decker: What?
[he and Crane get ambushed by the gang]
Col. Decker: They were right!
Captain Crane: The A-Team?
Col. Decker: Escaped criminals.

"The A-Team: The Battle of Bel Air (#2.15)" (1984)
Col. Decker: Freeze, Smith!
Hannibal: I'm sorry, our store Santa Clause has gone for the day. You'll have to come back, if you want to tell him what you want for Christmas.
Col. Decker: My Christmas present is you, Smith.
Hannibal: You have expensive taste.

Col. Decker: All of ya, hands up.
[noticing Tawnia]
Col. Decker: Miss Allen takes an overseas assignment, you don't waste any time replacing her, do ya?

"The A-Team: Bounty (#3.22)" (1985)
Sheriff Bellows: I'll tell you something, Colonel. A church mouse couldn't get across my backyard without us knowing about it.
Col. Decker: Never underestimate the A-Team.

"The A-Team: Trial by Fire (#5.2)" (1986)
Col. Roderick Decker: I pursued Colonel Smith and the A-Team for three long years. I lost track of how many laws they broke and how much military property they destroyed. I can tell you this: Rules mean nothing to these men, and they're loyal to no one but themselves. I have no doubt that they're capable of the crimes for which they're accused.
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: What a guy.

"The A-Team: Breakout! (#3.13)" (1984)
Col. Decker: This has Hannibal Smith written all over it. First he impersonates me, then he starts a prison break.

"The A-Team: Curtain Call (#2.23)" (1984)
Col. Decker: Captain, have you ever wondered why the A-Team manages to slip past us?
Capt. Crane: They're good, sir.
Col. Decker: Ah, they're the best. They think as one, feel as one and act as one. But... with a wounded man in their midst, they cease to be that. The good of the united becomes the good of an individual. And that will be they're undoing.

"The A-Team: Judgement Day: Part 1 (#4.1)" (1985)
Colonel Roderick Decker: [as Hannibal parachutes off the top of the building] I don't believe it!

"The A-Team: Body Slam (#4.7)" (1985)
Col. Decker: Mr. DeBerg, I want these men turned over to me immediately.
Special Agent DeBerg: Hey pal, the FBI nailed these guys.
Col. Decker: These men are military fugitives.
Special Agent DeBerg: That were apprehended by the F.B.I.
Col. Decker: The army's been chasing them for ten years.
Special Agent DeBerg: And we've been chasing them for ten minutes.

"The A-Team: The White Ballot (#2.12)" (1983)
Col. Roderick Decker: What is it, Captain? I'm real busy.
Capt. Crane: I got something happening on the A-Team, sir.
Col. Roderick Decker: Where?
Capt. Crane: Parkland, New Mexico. Picture in the local daily shows a man who looks just like Templeton Peck.
Col. Roderick Decker: He'd never let his picture be taken. Who's he claiming to be?
Capt. Crane: Name under the photo says Joe Morgan, and here's the twist: Morgan is running for Sheriff.