Cindy Snow
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Cindy Snow (Character)
from "Three's Company" (1976)

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"Three's Company: Chrissy's Cousin (#5.7)" (1980)
Janet Wood: What's the boat for?
Cindy Snow: It's for the swimming pool.
Jack Tripper: We don't have a pool.
Cindy Snow: I thought Chrissy said everyone down here had a pool.
Jack Tripper: Ours was stolen.

Cindy Snow: Still, I'm glad to see my luck hasn't changed.
Janet Wood: What do you mean?
Cindy Snow: Well, back home, I used to play second fiddle to Chrissy because she was so beautiful. I finally leave home only to have a gorgeous roommate.
Janet Wood: [totally flattered] Well, we hope you'll be very happy here.
Jack Tripper: [appearing in the bedroom door] Janet, can I speak to you for a second?
Jack Tripper: [in the living room] How long is she staying here?
Janet Wood: As long as she likes.
[returns to Cindy]
Jack Tripper: [camera zoom in] What?

"Three's Company: Eyewitness Blues (#6.8)" (1981)
Terri Alden: My last blind date was a disaster.
Cindy Snow: What happened?
Terri Alden: He showed up.

"Three's Company: Jack to the Rescue (#5.8)" (1981)
Cindy Snow: [about her husband] You know he cheated on his first wife with his secretary?
Harriet Hadley: He told you that?
Cindy Snow: I was his secretary...