Ralph Furley
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Ralph Furley (Character)
from "Three's Company" (1976)

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"Three's Company: The New Landlord (#4.3)" (1979)
Janet Wood: You can't kick us out! You wouldn't be able to sleep at night!
Ralph Furley: I can't sleep anyway, you sold my bed!

"Three's Company: Handcuffed (#4.18)" (1980)
Ralph Furley: [seeing the handcuffs Jack and Chrissy are wearing] This is a clean, family building... I won't put up with anything kinky!

"Three's Company: Bob and Carol and Larry and Terri (#7.13)" (1983)
Ralph Furley: [Mr. Furley is after mistakenly wiring the doorbell to a lightbulb switch and the light blinks as the doorbell is pressed] I'll get that.