Peter Joseph 'Peejoe' Bullis
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Peter Joseph 'Peejoe' Bullis (Character)
from Crazy in Alabama (1999)

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Crazy in Alabama (1999)
[last lines]
Peejoe: I learned a lot of secrets that summer: you can bury freedom but you can't kill it. Taylor Jackson died for freedom. Aunt Lucille had to kill to get it. Life and death are only temporary but freedom goes on forever.

Peejoe: Life and death are only temporary, but freedom goes on forever.

Peejoe: Uncle Dove, do you really think Aunt Lucille stole that car?
Dove Bullis: Absolutely. Baby sister wants a car, she's gonna get one!

Peejoe: You could drive by today and never know there was a pool there at all but I know the secret. There's water trapped underneath all that cement, three inches of water as blue as Lucille's eyes.

Lucille: Would you happen to know how your slingshot wound up in my car?
Peejoe: I figured you could probably use some protection.