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Quotes for
Eliza De Feuillide (Character)
from Becoming Jane (2007)

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Becoming Jane (2007)
Jane Austen: [regarding Mr. Wisley] His small fortune will not buy me.
Eliza De Feuillide: What will buy you, cousin?

Eliza De Feuillide: What trouble we take to make them like us when we like them.

Eliza De Feuillide: Flirting is a woman's trade, one must keep in practice

Henry Austen: What do you make of Mr. Lefroy?
Jane Austen: We're honoured by his presence.
Eliza De Feuillide: You think?
Jane Austen: He does, with his preening, prancing, Irish-cum-Bond-Street airs.
Henry Austen: Jane.
Jane Austen: Well, I call it very high indeed, refusing to dance when there are so few gentleman. Henry, are all your friends so disagreeable?
Henry Austen: Jane.
Jane Austen: Where exactly in Ireland does he come from, anyway?
Tom Lefroy: [coming up behind Jane] Limerick, Miss Austen.

Eliza De Feuillide: I never feel more French than when I watch cricket.

Lady Gresham: Monsieur le Comte is not here to pay his respects?
Eliza De Feuillide: A prior engagement, ma'am, Monsieur le Comte was obliged to pay his respects to Madame le Guillotine.

Mrs. Lefroy: [referring to Ton Lefroy] Lucy would marry him tomorrow, and what a terrible husband he would make.
Eliza De Feuillide: I suppose you mean his reputation. Experience can recommend a man.

Eliza De Feuillide: [referring to Jane] She is lovely, Tom.