Mrs. Austen
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Mrs. Austen (Character)
from Becoming Jane (2007)

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Becoming Jane (2007)
Mrs. Austen: Affection is desirable. Money is absolutely indispensable!

Jane Austen: If I marry, I want it to be out of affection. Like my mother.
Mrs. Austen: And I have to dig my own damn potatoes!

Mrs. Austen: JANE!
Lady Gresham: What is she doing?
Mr. Wisley: Writing.
Lady Gresham: Can anything be done about it?

Mrs. Austen: That girl needs a husband. But who's good enough? Nobody. Thanks to you.
Rev Austen: Being so much the model of perfection.
Mrs. Austen: I've shared your bed for 32 years and perfection I have not encountered.
Rev Austen: Yet.

Mrs. Austen: Hurry along, Jane! We'll be late!
Jane Austen: When Her Ladyship calls, we must obey.

Mrs. Austen: How many times did you stand up with that gentleman, Jane?
Lucy Lefroy: Was it twice?
Henry Austen: Twice would have been partial. Thrice would have been absolutely...
Lucy Lefroy: Flagrant.

Rev Austen: Her heart is stirred.
Mrs. Austen: It's a summer squall. Mr. Lefroy will soon be gone. And Mr Wisley will still be waiting, I hope.

Mrs. Austen: You could persuade her.
Rev Austen: To sacrifice her happiness? Jane should have not the man who offers the best price, but the man she wants.

Mrs. Austen: [after Jane had run away and come back] You came back to us.