Tom Lefroy
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Biography for
Tom Lefroy (Character)
from Becoming Jane (2007)

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Tom Lefroy is studying to be a lawyer, but would rather be fighting and kissing on every girl he sees. He is sent to stay deep in the country with his Uncle Lefroy. He finds Jane Austen's writing boring the first time he meets her. When he goes on a walk in the woods at his uncle's suggestion to beat cabin fever, he finds Jane walking in the woods and introduces himself. At a dance, Tom requests a dance with Jane, after walking upon her having a conversation with her brother, Henry about himself being arrogant. She accepts the dance and continues to tell him off as she sees fit. Not offended by her words, he continues to be discorrigable in her company. At a cricket game, Tom pitches the ball to the team Jane and her cousin are rooting for. When the team looks to be losing, Jane joins the game and hits the ball a long ways scoring several points for the losing team and wins the game. Tom runs into the woods with Jane and her cousin on his and Henry Austen's heels and dives in the river stark naked. Later, Tom Lefroy is found in the library by Jane Austen reading to her surprise, but he admits the book is too forward. He then continues to read a romantic novel page to her of a woman's cry of ecstasy. He smirks at his pleasure of seeing Jane uncomfortable, tells her she needs to write about more things from experience, and leaves her alone with the Tom Jones book. After church, Jane finds Tom staring out at the horizon. She explains how crude the book Tom Jones seemed to her and he discusses the book with Jane. Jane later invites him to a gypsy's fair and they are amazed together with Jane's cousin at the sights the gypsies offer with their magic and fire tricks on stilts. Tom Lefroy finds pleasure in what Jane calls "beating a man to a pulp". Henry Austen soon joins the crowd watching his friend's back. When Jane's sister, Lucy calls out to Tom he turns to look at her and gets punched in the nose and goes down. Jane comforts him and then smarts him off at his own sarcastic lines. He walks off with his bloody nose to see how much Henry lost in his bet.

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