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Ben Bowman (Character)
from The Eiger Sanction (1975)

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The Eiger Sanction (1975)
Ben Bowman: What got into Jean-Paul?
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: I don't know. A little jumpy, I guess.
Ben Bowman: You been jumping his wife?
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: No, why?
Ben Bowman: You sure?
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: Well, I think it's something I'd know.

[Bowman watches the climb through his telescope]
British Tourist: I say, old boy, are you using your scope? Do you mind if my wife has a peek.
British Tourist's Wife: Darling, tell him we'll pay for it.
British Tourist: We can pay for it, you know.
Ben Bowman: Get out of here. Either of you friggin' vampires ever touch this telescope, you're gonna need surgery to get it out of your ass!

Woman Journalist: Tell me, Mr. Bowman, in your opinion do these men climb to prove their manhood, or is it more a matter of compensating for inferiority feelings?
Ben Bowman: Lady, why don't you go get yourself screwed. It would do you a lot of good.

Ben Bowman: He looks like he could change a nine-dollar bill in threes.

Jonathan Hemlock: Why did she do it?
Ben Bowman: Oldest reason in the world.
Jonathan Hemlock: Love?
Ben Bowman: Money!

Ben Bowman: john, do what I tell you. cut the rope above you!

Ben Bowman: Wanna Beer?
Jonathan Hemlock: You gonna call room service?
Ben Bowman: We got beer.
Jonathan Hemlock: If you hauled beer up this rock you're insane!
Ben Bowman: I may be insane, but I'm not stupid. I didn't carry it, you did! It's in your pack.
Jonathan Hemlock: Christ, I ought'a throw you off this pillar! Besides, it's warm.
Ben Bowman: Oh I'm sorry, I thought you'd draw the line on haulin' ice.

Ben Bowman: This is were I turn back.
Jonathan Hemlock: Thank God.
Ben Bowman: Not you, you need the work. George there will take you on up.
Jonathan Hemlock: It's a girl.
Ben Bowman: A lot of people notice that.

Ben Bowman: You know what? Way down deep you've got the makings of a real bad ass. I don't know that I'd like to be alone on a desert island with you if there was a shortage of food.
Jonathan Hemlock: No worry, you're a friend.
Ben Bowman: You ever had any enemies?
Jonathan Hemlock: A few.
Ben Bowman: Any of them still around?