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Lola Manners (Character)
from Winchester '73 (1950)

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Winchester '73 (1950)
Waco Johnnie Dean: What was I saying?
Lola Manners: You were talking about yourself.
Waco Johnnie Dean: Where did I stop?
Lola Manners: You didn't. But you can now. I already know all about Waco Johnnie Dean, the fastest gun in Texas.
Waco Johnnie Dean: Texas? Lady, why limit me?

High-Spade Frankie Wilson: Where's that Steve boy? Drinkin' whiskey?
Lola Manners: He's dead.
High-Spade Frankie Wilson: Sudden, wasn't it?
Lola Manners: Very. He was killed by that gentleman standing at the bar. The one that's looking at us.
High-Spade Frankie Wilson: Don't seem right for people to go around killing nice folks like...
Lola Manners: He's not "people". He's Waco Johnnie Dean.

[after Lola and Steve escape from the Indians into the cavalry camp]
Lola Manners: Do you mind if I kiss you?
Sgt. Wilkes: No, ma'am, I'd like it. Providin' your man don't mind.
[she kisses him]
Lola Manners: That's for savin' my life.
Sgt. Wilkes: Now you disappoint me. I thought it was 'cause I'm pretty. Got some coffee boilin' on the fire. Wanna just sorta help yourself?
Lola Manners: Oh, coffee. You know, now that I look at you... you ARE pretty.

Dutch Henry Brown: Haven't I seen you somewhere?
Lola Manners: I've been somewhere.

Lola Manners: You never know when a girl might need a bullet.