Lily Bart
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Lily Bart (Character)
from The House of Mirth (2000)

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The House of Mirth (2000)
Lawrence Selden: Isn't marriage your vocation? Isn't it what you're all brought up for?
Lily Bart: You speak as if I should marry the first man who came along.

Lily Bart: Why is it when we meet we always play this elaborate game?

Lily Bart: You never speak to me.
Lawrence Selden: I'm never near you long enough.

Lily Bart: I thought that I could manage my own life, but I have been foolish, foolish to the point of being compromised.

Lily Bart: I have been about too long. People are tired of me.

Lily Bart: Sometimes, I think a man understands a woman's motives better than her own sex does.

Lily Bart: If obliquity were a vice, we should all be tainted.
Mrs. Peniston: Only someone without family could make such a vulgar remark.
Lily Bart: Aunt Julia, you are my family.

[to Lawrence]
Lily Bart: Love me. But don't tell me so.

Lily Bart: I am a very useless person.