Stu Simmons
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Stu Simmons (Character)
from The War (1994)

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The War (1994)
Stu: For what? To get our hopes up? To promise us we was gunna have a big house with a tire swing, vanity, and a picket fence, and then just leave, again? What the hell kinda loused up angel is that?
Lois: Don't you know nothing would have kept him from you. He's just gone home.
Stu: We're his home ma. The stupid lord can have him later. Why? Why does he have to take evrything, bad enough our home and all our things. Why'd he have take my daddy? What did I do so wrong that he had to take my daddy?
Lois: Oh no honey.
Stu: He could've taken anyone Charles Manson super old people that already been around a hundred years. My daddy was only 34 years old.
[looking up]
Stu: I needed him more than you God, I needed him more.

Stephen: You otta call um the Limpkickies.
Stu: I like the Limpdickies.

Lidia: What are you thinking?
Stu: If dad's watching... he can go now.
Lidia: He is watching.

Stu: Hey, why don't you leave him alone? Pick on somebody your own size. What's the matter, you guys afraid of a fair fight, one on one?
Leo Lipnicki: Maybe you git a point. Ebb...
Marsh: Stu... Stu... don't get yourself killed Stu.

Amber: You guys wanted that up there, then why didn't ya ask me?
Stu: Put that thing up there.
Amber: That the way you ask me? Ain't you not heard the word please?
Stu: Please?
Amber: Move outta my way, lightweight.

Stephen: Lidia hit him in the face with a rock? I think I'm gonna have to have a talk with that girl. Is she doing anything else I should know about?
Stu: Well yeah. She's doing a lot of things. But I don't think you should know about them.

Stu: What the hell. Dad. He's hitting our car.
Stephen: I see that.

Stu: I hope you know them's the kids who just beat me up.
Stephen: I know who they are son.
Stu: Then why'd you give them Ma and Lidia's cotton candy?
Stephen: Because they look like that hadn't been given anything in a long time.

Stu: My daddy says that people can do anything they want to as long as they believe they can. Please, God, let him live. You took my dad, don't take Billy. He's just a little kid.
[to Billy]
Stu: You gotta wake up now, you gotta live. You gotta!

Stephen: I'm afraid I can't allow you to put your hands on my son. You don't see me correcting your children. I don't mind so much you plowing into my car and I don't take offense at you calling me names. But you go after my child, you're going to push a button on me and then I'm going to lose control and kill you. Now apologize to my son.
Mr. Lipnicki: I apologize.
Stephen: That's mighty kind of you. My son has something to tell you. Apologize to Mr. Lipnicky, Stu. Tell him you're sorry for insulting him.
Stu: I'm sorry, Mr. Lipnicki.

Stu: Are you guys seriously bailing?
Marsh: Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?