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Shawn Hunter (Character)
from "Boy Meets World" (1993)

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"Boy Meets World: And Then There Was Shawn (#5.17)" (1998)
Angela Moore: But that would mean...
Eric Matthews: Dun, Dun, Dun.
Cory Matthews: The killer is one of us.
Shawn Hunter: Like in 'The Killer is One of Us.'
Eric Matthews: Dun, Dun, Dun.
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Enough already!
Shawn Hunter: Why? Do we upset you?
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Yes.
Cory Matthews: Upset you enough... to kill?
Eric Matthews: Dun, dun, dun. I'm done.

Angela Moore: Well, is anyone of us safe?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, Virgins! Virgins never die!
Cory Matthews: [Turns to Topanga] All right! Thanks for saving me.
Eric Matthews: [proud of himself] I'm dead.
Jack Hunter: I'm dead.
Shawn Hunter: I'll get as sick as you can get without actually dying.
Angela Moore: Feeny, he's dead.
Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews: [sing-songy] Go, Feeny! Go, Feeny! Go, Feeny!

Shawn Hunter: Something horrible is about to walk through that door right... NOW!
[Door opens to reveal Jack and Eric]
Eric Matthews: Hidey-Ho!

Shawn Hunter: [everybody hears the squeaking of the janitor's approaching cart] Don-don't say it, don't!
Cory Matthews: The janitor's the killer!
Shawn Hunter: And that's the end of the janitor!

Shawn Hunter: Can you believe this? Feeny locked us in!
Cory Matthews: He can't do that! It's against the Geneva Detention Convention.

Angela Moore: This doesn't make any sense.
Shawn Hunter: It does if you've seen as many horror movies as I have. This is classic. The locked door, the scary janitor, the bloody warning and... our soon to be first victim.
[Everyone looks at Kenny]
Kenny: Me? Why me?
Cory Matthews: Well, Kenny, it's certainly not going to be any of us.

Shawn Hunter: [standing up] Mr. Feeny. I'm sure if you recall the pain of being stabbed in the back by the girlfriend...
Topanga Lawrence: [also standing up] I didn't stab him! He stabbed me!
Cory Matthews: [standing up as well] Oh, I'd stab myself before stabbing you! Kenny, give me your pencil!
Kenny: I don't have one!

George Feeny: Something bad happened, Mr. Hunter, and for the first time, you're not responsible for it.
Shawn Hunter: Then how come I feel so bad?
George Feeny: Well, because you're a troubled young man. I recognize that from the movie "The Troubled Young Man."

Shawn Hunter: Well, Cory and Topanga aren't together anymore.
George Feeny: Yes, I know. I, too, read "Teen Beat," Mr. Hunter.

Shawn Hunter: [Every horror cliche he has predicted has come true] Why won't you believe me? It's all so predictable.
Jack Hunter: Oh, yeah? Then what's going to happen next?
Shawn Hunter: First, there'll be some strange, shrouded figure that none of us will see.
[They all turn around and don't see anybody; the killer creeps across them in front]
Shawn Hunter: Then the lights will flicker and Feeny will pop up and reveal his master plan to us.
P.A. Announcer: [the lights flicker] Here's a knife. Here's a gun. There'll be fun for everyone. Death is on the menu tonight!
[Feeny appears in the hallway; the others laugh]
Cory Matthews: Mr. Feeny, I have got to hand it to you. You have really outdone yourself this time. I mean, killing Kenny, obvious choice. But the pencil! George! I mean, that was genius!
Shawn Hunter: I knew it was you all along. What's the big lesson? What were you trying to teach us?
[He pats Feeny on the back; Feeny falls to his knees, then on his face, a pair of scissors sticking out of his back. Topanga falls to her knees]
Eric Matthews: Oh my gosh! They killed Feeny!
[Everybody runs away]
Shawn Hunter: I was wrong!

Shawn Hunter: [Every horror cliche he has predicted has come true] Why won't you believe me? It's all so predictable.
Jack Hunter: Oh, yeah? Then what's going to happen next?
Shawn Hunter: First, there'll be some strange, shrouded figure creeping behind us that none of us will see.
[They all turn around and don't see anybody; the killer creeps across them in front]
Shawn Hunter: Then the lights will flicker and Feeny will pop up and reveal his master plan to us.
P.A. Announcer: [the lights flicker] Here's a knife. Here's a gun. There'll be fun for everyone. Death is on the menu tonight!
[Feeny appears in the hallway; the others laugh]
Cory Matthews: Mr. Feeny, I have got to hand it to you. You have really outdone yourself this time. I mean, killing Kenny, obvious choice. But the pencil! George! I mean, that was genius!
Shawn Hunter: I knew it was you all along. What's the big lesson? What were you trying to teach us?
[He pats Feeny on the back; Feeny falls to his knees, then on his face, a pair of scissors sticking out of his back. Topanga falls to her knees]
Eric Matthews: Oh my gosh! They killed Feeny!
[Everybody runs away]
Shawn Hunter: I was wrong!

"Boy Meets World: Chick Like Me (#4.15)" (1997)
Shawn Hunter: [Cory comes out dressed as a girl] Okay, bad.
Cory: How bad?
Shawn Hunter: Bad bad.
Cory: I knew it. I look...
Cory: I look fat.
Shawn Hunter: That is the least of your problems, baby.

Shawn Hunter: [walking down the hallway at school] Why is everybody staring? What are they looking at?
Cory: Well, Shawn, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but... you're kind of a babe!
Shawn Hunter: Really?
Cory: Yeah! Do you want me to, like... carry your books for you?

Topanga: So Shawn, how does it feel to wear panty-hose?
Shawn Hunter: Not Shawn.
Cory: No, you're right.
Topanga: Yeah, he needs a girl's name.
Cory: Okay this is easy. How about... Janet.
Shawn Hunter: No no no no. Not Janet.
Cory: What possible difference could it make?
Topanga: Cory!
[turns to Shawn]
Topanga: You've thought about this before, haven't you?
Shawn Hunter: A little.
Topanga: And what name have you thought about?
Shawn Hunter: Well... Veronica.

Gary: [to Shawn/Veronica] Hi there. I'm Gary.
Cory: Gary, this is Veronica. Veronica... Wasboyski.
Shawn Hunter: Hi!
Gary: You know, I've never seen you before. You're new in school?
Shawn Hunter: Yup, I'm just a whole new person!
Gary: Listen...
[stands beside Shawn/Veronica]
Gary: If you want, I'd be happy to, you know, take you to Chubby's and tell you what teachers to avoid, that kind of stuff... You know, unless your boyfriend already did that.
Cory: Oh no, Gary! This one is definately avaliable!

Cory: [after Shawn's date with Gary is settled] Shawnie! Way to go!
Topanga: You got the date!
[Shawn is silent and looks worried]
Cory: What?
Shawn Hunter: I've got nothing to wear!

Gary: This has been a terrific evening, and you are just great. And so, I'm wondering, how is it that someone like you doesn't have a boyfriend?
Shawn Hunter: Well, I haven't really been looking for a boyfriend, 'cause I've just been... going through a lot of changes.
Gary: Listen, anytime you wanna talk, I'm here to listen.
Shawn Hunter: [surprised] Thanks, that's... that's nice, Gary. I gotta have some food.
Gary: Hey, you got it. Waitress!
Cory: [Cory enters dressed as a woman] How you doin', honey?
Shawn Hunter: ...Cory?
Cory: I'm Cora, I'll be your waitress this evening.
Gary: You know, I come here a lot and I've never seen you before.
Cory: Quit hitting on me!
Cory: I'm just kidding! It's my first night. Besides, it looks like you're already taken, cutie!
Shawn Hunter: [shakes his head] You're insane...
Cory: May I take your order, baby?
Gary: My usual. A double chili burger and one chocolate milkshake, with two straws.
Shawn Hunter: I'll have the same... and a steak.
[Cory and Gary looks at him]
Shawn Hunter: What?
Cory: [pinches Shawn's cheek] Well, aren't you the veracious little eater!
Gary: Gary:
[puts his arm around Shawn/Veronica]
Gary: So... are you having a good time?
Shawn Hunter: ...A little trouble breathing... you're crowding me a bit.
Gary: Oh, maybe you're just tense? How about I rub your shoulders?
[starts doing so]
Shawn Hunter: You know, I didn't ask you to do that.
Gary: Yeah, but doesn't it feel good?
Shawn Hunter: [shoves Gary away] You're not listening to me.
Gary: Whoa, you're a strong one!
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, I play a little field hockey...
Gary: I knew that, because the first thing I noticed was your legs...
[touches Shawn's leg, which makes Shawn yell and stand up]
Gary: What's the matter?
Shawn Hunter: You just don't listen! You're too busy planning your next move to hear us say no!

Cory: Where are you going?
Shawn Hunter: He touched me!
Cory: Where?
Shawn Hunter: On my knee! It's MY knee, what makes him think it's HIS knee?
Topanga: Maybe you sent him a signal?
Shawn Hunter: The only signal I sent him was stop!
Topanga: Sounds like he didn't listen.
Shawn Hunter: I'm not like that. I'm not! I never will be again.
Cory: Okay well here he comes.
Shawn Hunter: No, no no! I quit!
Cory: You can't, we have an article to finish!
Shawn Hunter: I should have worn a pants suit!
Gary: Look, uh, sorry I got a little... agressive. You know, nobody respects women more than me! You forgive me?
Cory: [speaking as the waitress he pretends to be] Ofcourse she forgives you! You two are just adorable together! Isn't he just delish?
Gary: [to Shawn/Veronica] Tell you what? How about I teach you how to play foosball?
Shawn Hunter: How about I teach you?
[goes ahead]
Gary: [laughs] Yeah right.
Cory: My hosery is bunching!

Shawn Hunter: [plays foosball] Nice block.
Gary: You liked that? Let me show you how I did it.
[moves to stand behind Shawn, running his hands along Shawn's arm down to his hands]
Gary: Now what you need to have...
[places his hands on Shawn's waist]
Gary: ... is a real light touch.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, hey!
[moves to face Gary]
Shawn Hunter: What is wrong with you?
Gary: I'm just showing you how to play the game!
Shawn Hunter: I know how to play the game.
Gary: Yeah, I can tell by the way you're dressed.
Shawn Hunter: I just wanted to look nice.
Gary: [puts his hands on Shawn/Veronica's shoulders] Well, you do.
Shawn Hunter: I said, don't touch me.
Gary: Okay, don't like to be touched.
Shawn Hunter: Did it ever occur to you that I might be a nice girl?
Gary: No, what I thought was that you'd be into guys! Well I guess you're not, I guess you prefer girls.
Shawn Hunter: As a matter of fact, I do.
Gary: ...what?
Shawn Hunter: I said, as a matter of fact...
[punches Gary in the face, making him fall to the ground]
Shawn Hunter: ... I do!
Gary: What was that for?
Shawn Hunter: For every girl I've ever known!
Cory: [to Gary] Uh, please pay at the register, honey. And tipping is not a city in China!
[drops check on Gary, then turns to Shawn, offering his arm]
Cory: Come on honey, we're out of here.

Shawn Hunter: Cory, that's your next story.
Cory: What?
Shawn Hunter: To understand what girls are talking about, you experience the world from a girl's point of view, by becoming a girl.
Cory: That's crazy talk.
Shawn Hunter: No, no, no. You dress up like a girl and write about it. *Chick Like Me*. That's meaningful. You're writing a real article, not just some silly column.
Cory: It is not a silly column.
Shawn Hunter: Yes, it is.
Cory: Ok. Mr. Feeny, what happened to this guy Griffin after he wrote his book?
Mr. George Feeny: He sold five million copies and won immediate world renown. Why do you ask, Mr. Matthews?
Cory: Miss Matthews.

"Boy Meets World: It's Not You... It's Me (#5.3)" (1997)
George Feeny: And that, Mr. Hunter, is how babies are made.
Shawn Hunter: I still don't believe 'em.

Cory Matthews: Who are you, and what are you doing in my seat?
Shawn Hunter: His name is Andy.
Cory Matthews: Who's Andy?
Shawn Hunter: He's my new...
Cory Matthews: [anxiously] Best friend?
Shawn Hunter: [reluctantly] Friend. Cory, we agreed that were gonna go out and meet new people.
Cory Matthews: [on the verge of crying] Am I not making you happy?
Shawn Hunter: [heartfelt] No, Cory, it's... it's not you. Okay? It's me. And right now, I just need my space.
Cory Matthews: [panicking] But we're still friends?
Shawn Hunter: [gravely] Right now, I don't know what we are. Give me my space.

Shawn Hunter: Look, Mr. Feeny, let's not waste anyone's time. Cory and I broke up.
Cory Matthews: It should've happened sooner!
Shawn Hunter: But we stayed together for the kids.
[Mr. Feeny gives them both an incredulous look]
Cory Matthews: In the class.

Cory Matthews: Uh, Mr. Feeny? I got a message you wanted to see me? You have two extra tickets to Sunday's Eagles game.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, Mr. Feeny. I heard you had an academic achievement award for me?
[Cory and Shawn notice they are in the same room]
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: You!
[They turn to Feeny]
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: Sting!
George Feeny: Oh, sit down!

Topanga Lawrence: You won't listen to me. You won't listen to each other. Maybe you'll listen to Mr. Feeny.
George Feeny: Well, it hasn't happened yet, but I'll take a shot at it. Okay, who wants to start?
Cory Matthews: I have nothing to say.
Shawn Hunter: Me neither.
George Feeny: Okay! That was my best shot.
Topanga Lawrence: What? Mr. Feeny, these people are about to throw away ten years of friendship and you call *that* your best shot? Shame on you! Shame!
George Feeny: I show up. I teach. Why isn't that enough? Why?

Shawn Hunter: Cory, we agreed we were going to make new friends.
Cory Matthews: No, you agreed. I was perfectly happy with the way things were.
Shawn Hunter: [indicates Lionel] Then explain him!
Cory Matthews: His name is Lionel. We met today and we are getting along just famously. Because I'm young, Hunter. I'm vital and I have a lot to offer.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, well so do I!
Cory Matthews: The difference is I have the dignity to keep my friendships personal and private. Not parade them around in public for your twisted amusement!
Shawn Hunter: You little punk!
Cory Matthews: You dirty man!
Chubbie: Catfight!

Shawn Hunter: Lionel, if you guys ever play basketball make sure there's plenty of water around because Cory tends to dehydrate.
Cory Matthews: [calling from the elevator] Lionel!
Shawn Hunter: And let him once in awhile. He likes that. And Lionel, *never* eat cake in Parambus. That's ours!

[flashback scene, at the zoo where Cory and Shawn first met. Cory and Topanga, then age 8, with others comes running and pass Shawn on their way]
Young Shawn Hunter: [to Cory] Hey! Wanna have lunch with me?
Young Cory Matthews: I don't think I should. Those guys says you live in the trailer park and I shouldn't like you.
Young Shawn Hunter: Oh, well, if you wanna have lunch with me, I'll be right here.
Young Cory Matthews: [climbs up on a fence] Hey, Topanga, look, I'm a llama! I'm a lla-aah!
[falls over to the llama side of the fence]
Young Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I told you not to play with the llamas!
Young Cory Matthews: [off screen] Help! Help!
Young Topanga Lawrence: Somebody, help! Help! Help!
[everyone else runs away. Shawn comes running around the corner, climbs into the llama side, helps Cory up and they climb over again]
Young Cory Matthews: Hey, thanks for pulling me over the llama fence. You're fun. My name is Cory.
Young Shawn Hunter: I'm Shawn.
[they shake hands]
Young Topanga Lawrence: Hi, I'm Topanga.
Young Cory Matthews: The wife. I'm sorry I didn't have lunch with you. My friends were wrong. They're not even my friends.
Young Shawn Hunter: I'll be your friend.
Young Cory Matthews: Really?
Young Shawn Hunter: Just promise me, when we grow up you won't go to college and leave me.
Young Cory Matthews: Okay. Friends forever?
Young Shawn Hunter: Forever.
[they move in for a hug]
Young Topanga Lawrence: [from behind them] Stop it. You're boys!
[flashback ends, and back in Mr. Feeny's office in present time, Cory and Shawn are also hugging, with Topanga standing behind them, just like in the flashback]
Topanga Lawrence: Stop it. You're boys!

"Boy Meets World: An Affair to Forget (#4.11)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: [from behind a book case in the library] Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: Cory? Is that you?
Cory Matthews: No, it's the audio book section, you moron.

Cory Matthews: We gotta meet.
Shawn Hunter: Where?
Cory Matthews: Paris!
Shawn Hunter: That's the first place she'd look!

Jennifer Bassett: So it was your best friend Cory who made you say these bad, bad things, hm?
Shawn Hunter: Like I'd ever tell you.
[Jennifer kisses Shawn]
Shawn Hunter: Cory Matthews, son of Alan and Amy, grandson of Nana and Sam.
Cory Matthews: How could you sell out my Nana!

Topanga Lawrence: Why are all those guys talking to Shawn's girlfriend?
Cory Matthews: Well, Shawn and Jennifer broke up this morning. Look at her. She's already on the prowl.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, how is Shawn taking it?
Cory Matthews: Are you kidding? Shawn is Shawn. You can't keep Shawn down.
[Shawn is revealed to be lying on the floor looking pathetic]
Cory Matthews: Get up Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: She dumped me. She dumped me good. I didn't even see it coming.
Cory Matthews: Look what they done to my boy.

Cory Matthews: I didn't want to say this when you were going out with her but if you ask me Shawn, Jennifer Bassett is one stuck up conceited girl.
Shawn Hunter: You think so?
Cory Matthews: Oh yeah. Nose way up in the air and frankly Shawn I'm not even sure it's her real nose.
Shawn Hunter: What do you mean?
Cory Matthews: Plastic. Just like her personality.

Shawn Hunter: You know what I think Jen? I think you're conceited! Yeah, that's right conceited and stuck up and something about your nose.
Jennifer Bassett: What about my nose?
Shawn Hunter: Um.
Jennifer Bassett: Who said something about my nose?
Shawn Hunter: Um.
Cory Matthews: [Shawn looks at Cory with a "help me" look] Um.
Jennifer Bassett: So it was your best friend Cory who made you say these bad, bad things hmm?
Shawn Hunter: Like I'd ever tell you.
[she kisses him]
Shawn Hunter: Cory Matthews. Son of Amy and Alan. Grandson of Nana and Sam.
Cory Matthews: How could you sell out my Nana?

[Cory and Shawn are in the school library]
Cory Matthews: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: Cory? Is that you?
Cory Matthews: No, it's the audiobook section you moron!

Cory Matthews: I was hoping you'd come alone.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, I tried but you-know-who wouldn't hear of it. I think she suspects.
Cory Matthews: Hey, I understand that she's important to you.
Shawn Hunter: We both know that this would happen eventually.
Cory Matthews: Getting older.
Shawn Hunter: Meeting girls.
Cory Matthews: Having relationships with those girls.
Shawn Hunter: Which means there is less time for...
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: Best friends...
Cory Matthews: To spend time together.
Shawn Hunter: It's only natural.
Cory Matthews: Sure, natural.

"Boy Meets World: Me and Mr. Joad (#2.4)" (1994)
Shawn Hunter: [after finding out they have to take a test] I even read the book!
[everybody gasps]
Shawn Hunter: That's right, my head still hurts!

Cory Matthews: No more macaroni!
Kids: No more macaroni!
Cory Matthews: We want steak!
Kids: We want steak!
Cory Matthews: And what do we want with our steak?
Shawn Hunter: Macaroni!
Cory Matthews: No, we don't like macaroni.
Shawn Hunter: ...Oh!

George Feeny: How do the Joads relate to you?
Cory Matthews: I guess they don't.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah... they were out in the real world... we haven't been out there much.
Cory Matthews: They had no food, nowhere to stay, all they knew was that they deserved a decent wages.

Shawn Hunter: Shows what happens when you stand up for your principles.
Alan Matthews: And what exactly *were* your principles?
Shawn Hunter: ...I remember something about macaroni.

Cory Matthews: Look for the union label - is anyone behind you my Shawn?
Shawn Hunter: I've gotta tell you there's no one with us, were all alone here - I'm gonna bail.
Cory Matthews: You better not.
Shawn Hunter: Oh yes I am.
Cory Matthews: Oh no no no.
Shawn Hunter: Oh yes yes yes!

George Feeny: [speaking into a megaphone throughout this scene] All right, this is your warden speaking. So, you wanna play rough with George Feeny? Fine. We'll take off the gloves.
Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews: Uh-oh.
George Feeny: The seventh-grade dance is hereby canceled.
Cory Matthews: You can't do that.
George Feeny: I can do whatever I want. I have the megaphone. Here's a doozie: the entire football season...
Shawn Hunter: Oh no!
George Feeny: Canceled!
Shawn Hunter: But that means...
George Feeny: That's right, Mr. Hunter - no cheerleaders!
Shawn Hunter: [Dramatically drops to the ground and weeps] No!
Cory Matthews: Shawn, it's a strike! We have to make sacrifices!
Shawn Hunter: [glares at Cory while weeping] But he's taking my girls! Why can't we just sacrifice *you*?

"Boy Meets World: Cory's Alternative Friends (#1.4)" (1993)
Shawn Hunter: Use a mirror, babe.

Cory Matthews: Shawn and I have another project we're working on.
Topanga Lawrence: Really? What is it?
Shawn Hunter: Well, you know how those dolphins get caught in the tuna nets?
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah?
Shawn Hunter: It's got nothin' to do with that.

Topanga Lawrence: Give me your hand.
Cory Matthews: Why?
Topanga Lawrence: I want to see if our energies converge.
[Cory reluctantly reaches out his hand. Topanga takes it and looks at it for a few seconds]
Shawn Hunter: [sarcastically] Ooh-ooh!
[Topanga lets go of Cory's hand and turns to Mr. Feeny]
Topanga Lawrence: He's vibrationally acceptable.

Shawn Hunter: [about the 'weirdo' table] It's like the cast of The Addams Family.

Shawn Hunter: Wow. Feeny must really hate your guts.
Cory Matthews: Could be worse. At least he didn't give me Minkus.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, Minkus doesn't like me, he doesn't trust me, and he doesn't respect me. So he's doing the whole assignment by himself. In my book, Stuart Minkus is a god.

Cory Matthews: What do you think of my hair?
Shawn Hunter: Guys don't ask guys that question.

"Boy Meets World: Career Day (#2.22)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Daddy, forget about all that. Tell them who called last night.
Jedediah Lawrence: Oh, they don't wanna hear about that, Tippy.
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: Tippy?
[Topanga turns to them, literally snarling]
Cory Matthews: Tippy's nice.
Shawn Hunter: It's my new favorite name.

Cory Matthews: Shawn, what does your father do for a living?
Shawn Hunter: Shh, I wanna find out!

Alan Matthews: Hey, Shawn, Cory. Um. Guess how many different kinds of rice we have.
Cory Matthews: Oh, no.
Alan Matthews: Come on, Shawn. Guess.
Shawn Hunter: Ten?
Alan Matthews: Ten. Puh! Twenty-one. And that's not even counting the short grains. Throw them in, fogedda 'bout it!
Shawn Hunter: Cory?
Cory Matthews: Yeah?
Shawn Hunter: I'm glad I'm not you.

Jedediah Lawrence: I'm a luthier.
Shawn Hunter: And I'm a presbyterian, but to each his own I say.
Jedediah Lawrence: A luthier is someone who make musical instruments.
Shawn Hunter: No offense, sir, but that's gotta be the nuttiest religion I ever heard.
[Jedediah looks at Mr. Turner]
Jonathan Turner: Heh. Don't worry it's not you.

Chet Hunter: Adam, I consider you a friend.
Alan Matthews: Alan.
Chet Hunter: I respect you. Yes sir, you're the heartbeat of America. People can count on you. Ya got roots! I like that.
Alan Matthews: Where's this heading?
Chet Hunter: I need a favor. My wife Verna, she's... She's out there. My heart's out there with her. Not to mention my wallet and major credit cards. But she is my wife and go after her I must.
Amy Matthews: And the favor?
Chet Hunter: Take care of my boy. Now, you don't have to answer right now. Well, yes you do.
Cory Matthews: Stay here? That'd be great?
Shawn Hunter: Dad, why can't I just come with you.
Chet Hunter: Oh, come on. The road's no place for a boy. Especially with your momma out there drivin' on it. Your place is here. In school. With Teach over there. In this house. In the company of these fine people.
[smiles at Amy and Alan]
Chet Hunter: No pressure.

Shawn Hunter: Hi, Mr. Turner. Sorry for bugging you. I, um, I had a question. Am I interrupting anything? Hey! Look, it's Miss Tompkins!
Jonathan Turner: Yeah, I know.
Shawn Hunter: Boy, you teachers sure work la-ohhh!

"Boy Meets World: The Grass Is Always Greener (#3.12)" (1996)
Shawn Hunter: Cory, I'm no rocket Scientologist but... I'm sensing there's something wrong.

Shawn Hunter: You, my friend, are in luck. 'Cause, c'mon, what am I the world's biggest expert on?
Cory Matthews: Really not anything.
Shawn Hunter: Okay, okay. But I do know a lot about love.

Shawn Hunter: Word is there's a very hot French girl here who comes from somewhere in Europe.
Cory Matthews: Possibly France?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, France! The gateway to St. Louis!

Shawn Hunter: You doubled with your folks again.
Cory Matthews: Only on Friday and Saturday. But Sunday, it was just me and Topanga at the mall. Yep, she bought me slacks.

Shawn Hunter: Oh, Cory, I think you have a problem.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, I think so too.
Shawn Hunter: But you, my friend, are in luck. 'Cause come on, what am I the world's biggest expert on?
Cory Matthews: Really not anything, but...

Topanga Lawrence: Cory, about tonight, um... Can we reschedule? Some of the girls are getting together, and if it's all right...
Cory Matthews: Oh, don't speak, don't speak. If you need to get together with the girls of your gender, I... I completely understand.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, have you been reading Couples Magazine?
Cory Matthews: I took the quiz on the back. 95!
Topanga Lawrence: Ooh!
[she kisses him before she leaves]
Shawn Hunter: 95? Is that your score or your age?

"Boy Meets World: Band on the Run (#2.8)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: Apparently it's not a good time to be a grandmother. Her grandmother is coughing up phlegm. Her grandmother is hacking blood. And her...
Shawn Hunter: Whoa. I happen to know she *has* no grandmother.
Cory Matthews: Yes and somehow she blames me for her death.

Cory Matthews: Shawn, look who they got to play at the dance.
Shawn Hunter: The Exits. They're great.
Cory Matthews: They're us.
Shawn Hunter: Ooh. They're not so good.

Alan Matthews: Where are you guys going, looking so "cool"?
Shawn Hunter: Our first gig.
Alan Matthews: Your first gig? What, you just started playing two days ago.
Norm: Kids learn fast today, Alan.
Alan Matthews: Not mine.
Cory Matthews: We gotta go, bye.
Gordy: Break a leg.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, that's our backup plan.

Shawn Hunter: You know, there was one point there where I thought we really had them. They were screaming: "Exits. Exits."
Cory Matthews: Shawn, they were looking for a way out.

Jonathan Turner: Ok, man, you guys set? I'm ready to intro you.
Shawn Hunter: We're not going on, man.
Jonathan Turner: What are you talking about?
Cory Matthews: I'll tell you what he's talking about. He's talking about the lack of respect for artists. You see this turkey? This turkey is pressed. We were very specific that the band only eats fresh, hand-carved turkey. No fresh turkey, no music.
Jonathan Turner: You got it, guys.
[Mr. Turner goes onstage]
Jonathan Turner: John Adams High, it is with great pleasure I give you... The Exits!
[the curtains open to reveal Cory and Shawn, dumbfounded with turkey hanging from their lips]
Jonathan Turner: Oops, my mistake.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Home for the Holidays (#1.16)" (2014)
Shawn Hunter: Hey, Mrs. Cory.
Topanga Matthews: Hey, Mr. Cory.

Shawn Hunter: Cory and I finish each other's...
Cory Matthews: ...sentences!

Shawn Hunter: [shocked] Minkus reproduced?

Shawn Hunter: Cor, this is real life, not a TV show. I'm not your wacky neighbor.
Cory Matthews: But, you could be!

Cory Matthews: It's the Cory and Shawn Show!
Cory Matthews: Cory and Shawn in the big city, and nobody talks but them.
Shawn Hunter: [joining in, singing] I'll be a cop, and you'll run the deli...
Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews: [singing] And nobody talks but them!

"Boy Meets World: Wrong Side of the Tracks (#2.19)" (1995)
[talking about a biography project]
Cory Matthews: So it can be about anyone?
Jonathan Turner: Anyone real.
Cory Matthews: I pick Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: I pick Cory!
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: You know you walked right into that.
Jonathan Turner: I did, didn't I?

Jonathan Turner: All right you two. You wanna tell me what the problem is here?
Cory Matthews: No problem.
Shawn Hunter: Everything's great.
Jonathan Turner: Who're you kidding? I mean, what's with you Hunter? Why do you want to hang out with these low-lifes?
Shawn Hunter: Hey, maybe I'm a low-life too okay?
Jonathan Turner: Is that what you think?
Shawn Hunter: That's what everybody else thinks.
Jonathan Turner: I want to know what you think!
Shawn Hunter: Hey, I'm out here with a bat aren't I?
Jonathan Turner: Yeah! But you didn't swing it!
Shawn Hunter: That's just cause Cory came along.
Jonathan Turner: Oh you think that was an accident? Huh? That you have a friend who thinks so much of you that he's willing to put his own neck on the line? No I don't think low-lifes have friends like that do you?
Shawn Hunter: I don't know.
Cory Matthews: They don't!
Shawn Hunter: I don't know anything! I don't even know who I am!
Cory Matthews: Well Shawn, I know who you are! You're Shawn Hunter. You were raised by Wolves. You're my friend. It says so in your biography. I mean what else do you need to know?
Shawn Hunter: I need to know what's going to happen to me and you can't tell me that!
Jonathan Turner: Hey Hunter, all Matthews can do is be your friend. And so far he's been doing a real good job. All I can do is teach you whatever I can and hope that you leave my class a little better than when you came in.
Shawn Hunter: You mean drag the trailer park trash up to decent society?
Jonathan Turner: Hey, if you don't know that deep down inside you're alright... Then I haven't taught you anything at all.
Shawn Hunter: You think I'm alright?
Jonathan Turner: I think *you* need to think you're alright.
Shawn Hunter: *You* think I'm alright?
Jonathan Turner: I think if you put your mind to it and get back inside that school and never, never go near this Harley or that Harley, yeah I think you'll be alright.

Amy Matthews: You staying for dinner, Shawn?
Shawn Hunter: No, not tonight. Cor, why don't you come over to my place. My dad's broiling fish.
Cory Matthews: On the engine of his pickup?
Shawn Hunter: I thought you liked it last time.
Cory Matthews: Well, I did. It was just a little... oily and anti-freezy.

Cory Matthews: Shawn, I've been looking all over for you. Where you been?
Shawn Hunter: Nowhere man.
Cory Matthews: Come on, Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: Listen, man. I've been thinking. It's time we just face the facts.
Cory Matthews: What facts?
Shawn Hunter: Cory, you and I are different and sooner or later we're gonna end up in different places.
Cory Matthews: Says who?
Shawn Hunter: Why don't we both just do us a favor and call it quits right now, okay?
Cory Matthews: What has gotten into you?
Shawn Hunter: You just don't get it, do you?
Cory Matthews: Get what?
Shawn Hunter: Look at your house, Cory. Look at where you live. Look at where I live. Look at your parents. Look at my parents. I know where I'm going to end up! Just let me get there now!
Cory Matthews: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: Just let me get there now!

Shawn Hunter: Can I take a couple practice swings first?
Frankie Stechino: You know what I'm thinking?
Joseph 'Joey the Rat' Epstein: What are you thinking, Frankie?
Frankie Stechino: I'm thinking he ain't got the guts, Joey.
Joseph 'Joey the Rat' Epstein: Yeah, I'm smelling chicken. A big one, extra crispy. I say we take him to the Colonel. He'll pluck ya, fry ya and serve ya in a bucket with biscuits!
Frankie Stechino: Ooh I just remembered something.
[He leaves]

"Boy Meets World: Wake Up, Little Cory (#2.7)" (1994)
Shawn Hunter: You're in this class?
Harvey 'Harley' Keiner: I'm in the movie.

Shawn Hunter: It's better if you like a girl who likes you more than you like her 'cause then she'll pay for stuff and if she's paying, love is way cool.
Topanga Lawrence: That's disgusting!
Cory: [smiling] He's my best friend

Topanga Lawrence: [interviewing] How do you know if you're in love?
Shawn Hunter: Well, love is the most amazing, rare and precious thing in the whole world.
Topanga Lawrence: Have you ever fallen in love?
Shawn Hunter: Five times a day.

Cory: [in the video] Hi. Look, I didn't want to be in this documentary, because I didn't have that much to say about sex and all.
Topanga Lawrence: [turns to Cory in the classroom] What's this?
Cory: The special director's cut.
Cory: [in the video] And the reason that I don't have that much to say about sex, is because I don't have a lot of experience in that area. Some people think I do, but I don't. And if let some people think that I have some experience with someone, well... you know, it really isn't fair to that person I didn't have that experience with.
Mr. George Feeny: [in the classroom, to Mr. Turner] Well, perhaps this project is gonna serve some purpose after all. I'm shocked.
Jonathan Turner: Me too.
Cory: [in the video] So I'd like to say I'm sorry to that person. And I should've acted more mature. You know, maybe we haven't come as far as we think in the last 400 years. Okay, cut it, Shawn. Stop the camera, Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: Okay, now, tell her how much you love her.
Cory: Shut up, I do not.
Shawn Hunter: Then why would you do this for her, if you don't love her?
Cory: Because she's my friend.
[Shawn makes sarcastic kissing noises against his hand]
Cory: Stop the camera, Shawn! Shawn!
[Topanga turns to Cory in the classroom]
Cory: Friend?
Topanga Lawrence: Friend.
[they shake hands]

Jonathan Turner: You got this innocent young girl and somebody says that she slept with this other guy, right? And her reputation is shot and we think she's killed herself. Now where are you going to find this kind of stuff?
Topanga Lawrence: Melrose Place?
Shawn Hunter: NYPD Blue?
Cory Matthews: Barney?
[Everyone stares at him]
Cory Matthews: My sister says he's gotten edgier.

"Boy Meets World: Brothers (#5.1)" (1997)
Cory Matthews: Shawn, I've been waiting for this my whole life. Eric has gone to college and the room is mine. All mine.
Shawn Hunter: What's with all the candles?
Cory Matthews: Oh, those are for Topanga. They set the mood.
Shawn Hunter: Hmm. Kinda looks like a church in here.
Cory Matthews: You're ruining the mood. Finally, you know? I'm no longer a guest in this room. It's mine. Do you see that picture? Mine. You see that wallpaper? Mine!
Delivery Man: [comes in carrying a mattress] Whose queen size bed is this?
Cory Matthews: Mine!
Delivery Man: First room to yourself, huh?
Cory Matthews: Maybe.
Delivery Man: This comes with the industry standard twenty year warranty. And remember. No means no.

Cory Matthews: Finally something good happens for Cory. The world is my friend.
Shawn Hunter: [to Jack] What are *you* doing here?
Cory Matthews: No, don't ruin this for me. Shawn, listen, whoever this guy is. Whatever minor personal infraction happened between the two of you, let it go. Because the world knows that this one is gonna be Eric's roommate and the world is *my* friend.
Topanga Lawrence: How do you two know each other?
Shawn Hunter: He's my brother.
Cory Matthews: Of course he is! He is *not* your brother!

Jack Hunter: Look, Shawn. I think we need to talk, okay?
Shawn Hunter: You turned your back on your father! And on me! There we talked.

Chet Hunter: How was your day, boy?
Shawn Hunter: Just another day.
Chet Hunter: Anything out of the ordinary?
Shawn Hunter: Just another day.
Chet Hunter: I like this talking we're doing. It's good.

Shawn Hunter: Did you finally get up enough guilt about Dad to pay him a little pity call?
Jack Hunter: That's not it. I wanted to come here. I have a brother here. I came here to see you too!
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, right.

"Boy Meets World: This Little Piggy (#3.6)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: Hey, Cory! Remember that goldfish I used to have?
Cory Matthews: The turtle?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah!

Shawn Hunter: Oh, principal Feeny!
Cory Matthews: No farm animals here!
[Shawn and Cory laugh nervously]
George Feeny: Yes, well, the day is young.

Shawn Hunter: I don't know why Topanga has a problem with this. I mean, nobody else does.
Jonathan Turner: Hunter, I've got a problem with your pig.

Topanga Lawrence: Look, Shawn, I'm not trying to be mean. I just don't think it's fair for him to be living in your apartment. He's a farm animal.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, well, according to my new book, "Farm Animals Make Great Pets"... Farm animals make great pets.

"Boy Meets World: The Thrilla' in Phila' (#2.21)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Okay guys yearbook time. As you look back on your first year at John Adams what do you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?
Cory Matthews: Let's see. I mean there's so many.
Shawn Hunter: It's hard to pick just one.
Cory Matthews: There was the time we...
Shawn Hunter: No. No, that wasn't us.
Cory Matthews: What about the time we...
Shawn Hunter: Also not us.
Topanga Lawrence: You guys are the two most pathetic students in this school.
Shawn Hunter: That's an accomplishment.

Shawn Hunter: Hey, are you okay?
Cory Matthews: Yes, Pat, but I would like to solve the puzzle.

Shawn Hunter: Hey, Topanga, you wanted to ask me some more questions for the yearbook?
Topanga Lawrence: [distracted by looking at Cory] Uh, yeah... Where do you think Cory's gonna end up in ten years?
Shawn Hunter: You mean me, don't you?
Topanga Lawrence: That's what I said.
Shawn Hunter: No, you said Cory.
Topanga Lawrence: I did not!
Shawn Hunter: [teasingly] You like him!
Topanga Lawrence: [grabs his shirt] I do not!
Shawn Hunter: You like him a lot!

Cory Matthews: Shawn, you think if I stayed in the ring I would've had a shot?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, and you also had a shot at dating Yasmine Bleeth.
Cory Matthews: Really? Did she say something?
Shawn Hunter: You break my heart sometimes, Cor.
Savage: Heard you wanted to see me, Matthews.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, I don't really need this anymore. Thanks for the shot.
Savage: You're OK, Matthews.
Shawn Hunter: He always was.

"Boy Meets World: Life Lessons (#3.18)" (1996)
Denny: What's Feeny ever done for you?
Shawn Hunter: You see those bolt-cutters in your hands?
Denny: Yeah, so?
Shawn Hunter: You see I don't have any in mine?
Denny: Yeah?
Shawn Hunter: *That's* what he's done for me.

Cory Matthews: Mr. Feeny, about this final schedule, there's gotta be a mistake or a joke.
Shawn Hunter: And let's face it, you're not really funny.

Denny: Man, I wish I could've seen his face when he saw his house.
Cory Matthews: I did.
Jake: So, Matthews, d'you kiss up? What'd you tell him?
Shawn Hunter: [breaks in] Woah, woah, woah, easy. Easy. Look, Cory's cool, okay? He wouldn't have squealed.
Cory Matthews: [laughs sarcastically] Does that make me cool, Shawn? Is that what makes you so cool?
Shawn Hunter: Woah, woah, woah, Cory. Cory! Why are you mad? Okay, you're the one who said we should stand up to Feeny.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but, Shawn, I didn't say: "Vandalize his home!"
Shawn Hunter: Hey, I wasn't there, okay? I didn't do anything.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but you knew about it!
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, but what was I supposed to do? Stand up and say: "Stay away from Feeny's house!"?
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but you didn't stop them, Shawn. And I think that makes you responsible.
Shawn Hunter: Me? You're the one that started the whole thing!
Cory Matthews: Then I think that makes me responsible too.

Cory Matthews: So? So? Schedule changed?
Jonathan Turner: He's ready to listen to one of you, so point a leader.
[nobody moves, until... ]
Cory Matthews: Look, a quarter!
[picks up a coin from the ground, while all the other students step back]
Students: [applauds] Yeah!
Shawn Hunter: All right, Cory, you're our leader!
Cory Matthews: Well, you guys have to be the cheapest gang I've ever seen.

"Boy Meets World: The Uninvited (#2.5)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: So you think I'm a geek?
Shawn Hunter: Of course not.
Cory Matthews: So you think I'm cool?
Shawn Hunter: Of course not.
Cory Matthews: Then what am I?
Shawn Hunter: You're Cory, I'm Shawn, just like it's always been. What else do you need to know?

George Feeny: [reading a note that Cory tried to pass during class] Mr. Matthews wants to know, "is this going to be a make-up party"
Melissa: Sure Cory. You can borrow my lip gloss.
Cory Matthews: Out not up! A make-out party!
George Feeny: Ah, so it is. Mr. Matthews wants to know if this is going to be a make-out party
Shawn Hunter: Not for him.

Cory Matthews: Shawn, there's been a miracle!
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, whatever. Come on, let's go. We're gonna be late for class.
Cory Matthews: Class? We don't need no stinkin' class. Our futures are set. We are high-school gods. Come, let us repair to the gym and rejoice in our invitations.
Shawn Hunter: It's gonna be kinda hard, since I didn't get one.
Cory Matthews: What?
Shawn Hunter: I didn't get an invite. No biggie.
Cory Matthews: There's gotta be a mistake. You're the coolest guy in class. You've gotta be invited.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, well, looks like I'm not.
Cory Matthews: I'm gonna find out what happened.
Shawn Hunter: Let it go, OK? Just let it go.
Cory Matthews: You want me to ask her?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, would you?

Cory Matthews: From what I gather, in the last three seconds, everything in the world has changed.
Shawn Hunter: What do you mean?
Cory Matthews: I'm not sure. I mean, Shawn, you're much cooler than I am. At least I *thought* you were.
Shawn Hunter: Trust me, I am.

"Boy Meets World: Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf? (#2.6)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: [writing a letter] So I hope that you will all forgive me, so that I now can escape my destiny. Fondly, Cory A.O. Matthews.
Shawn Hunter: What does A.O. stand for?
Cory Matthews: Ah-ooh.

Cory Matthews: Listen, I gotta tell somebody. Shawn, I am one of the undead creatures of the night!
Shawn Hunter: Cory, you can't fool your best friend. Something's bothering you isn't it?

Shawn Hunter: There's no way you were bitten by a wolf.
Cory Matthews: Shawn, what else could it have been? I mean, look at the bite.
Shawn Hunter: I don't see anything.
Cory Matthews: Of course you don't. Everybody knows werewolf bites heal overnight.
Cory Matthews: Wow. Then you're covered with 'em.

Shawn Hunter: Hey, since you're becoming a werewolf, can I have your autographed Lenny Dykstra ball?
Cory Matthews: Not my ball!
Shawn Hunter: Cory, you don't need it. You're a wolf.
Cory Matthews: I can still fetch.

"Boy Meets World: Torn between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool) (#5.16)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: Oh don't try to butter me up, Yoko.

Cory Matthews: We're not gonna decide the rest of my life with jelly beans, Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: Then who's gonna decide the rest of your life? You?

Shawn Hunter: It's a tie. You like Lauren as much as you like Topanga and you can't live without either of them. Well, this was a bad idea.
Cory Matthews: No, no, this was a good idea. Shawn, yeah, I like Lauren. I like spending time with her. But I can live without her. I-I can't live without Topanga.
[he smiles happily while putting the rest of jelly beans bag on Topanga's end of the scales]
Cory Matthews: It's no contest.

Cory Matthews: Topanga! Hi, I'm glad you're here. Sit, sit. I want to tell you everything that happened. Okay, I went out with Lauren, and I'm not gonna lie to you. We had a great time.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, Lauren's a nice girl, Cory. I knew you'd have fun.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but I-I didn't know I was allowed to. See, when I first met Lauren, she was the first girl besides you that I ever thought I could like. And that made me feel bad because I thought if I liked another girl, that it somehow meant that I liked you less.
Topanga Lawrence: I'm sorry you felt bad.
Cory Matthews: No, no, no. I-it was good that I went through this. Because it taught me that liking someone else could never, ever take away from loving you, and I don't have to be afraid of what I feel for anybody else because I know that it could never take away from loving you and I always will, and I know that completely now.
Topanga Lawrence: You know that now?
Cory Matthews: Yeah.
Topanga Lawrence: Is there anything else you have to tell me?
Cory Matthews: [mumbles to himself] Love you completely, know that now...
[to Topanga]
Cory Matthews: No, that's it. So, uh, listen can you put me in your jacket 'cause I only want to be in your jacket.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I can't see you anymore.
Cory Matthews: What?
Topanga Lawrence: Do you have any idea how many guys hit on me?
Cory Matthews: What are you talking about?
Topanga Lawrence: I never needed to test my feelings for you. I moved away from my parents in Pittsburgh to be close to you. Ever since we were little kids, I felt like I belonged with you and I would have given you everything, Cory.
Cory Matthews: Topanga, I'm-I'm so sorry.
Topanga Lawrence: I forgive you. I forgive you for lying at the lodge. I forgive you for kissing her. And I forgive you for the letter, which I read. I know how intimately she felt about you. But that you needed to see her, to test how you felt about me.
Cory Matthews: No.
Topanga Lawrence: I don't forgive you for that, Cory.
Cory Matthews: [He stands up] No! You told me to see her, Topanga! You told me to see how I felt!
[Topanga stands up and hugs Cory]
Topanga Lawrence: And you listened.
[She walks away and passes Shawn on the stairs]
Shawn Hunter: Topanga, what's wr-
[She ignores him and continues up the stairs. He walks over to Cory, who is in a state of shock]
Shawn Hunter: It's gonna be okay.
Cory Matthews: No. No, it won't.

"Boy Meets World: Cult Fiction (#4.21)" (1997)
Shawn Hunter: [Jon Turner is in a coma] Jon, how could you be in here? How could you screw up on your bike? I have never seen you screw up on anything. I'm the screw-up, remember? C'mon you remember...Don't do this to me, Jon. I don't do alone real good...I know you're in there but it's like you're not really here. You're not talking but I know you're here. So I'm just gonna talk, you can listen. Jon, even when I was at the Centre, it was all the things you taught me that made me wonder if it was the right place for me or not. But you didn't teach me enough. You, and Cory, and my parents, and the Matthews and the handful of people who really care about me, so don't blow me off, Jon! Don't blow me off, God! I never asked you for anything before and I never wanted to come to you like this, but don't take Turner away from me; he's not yelling at me yet. God, you're not talking but I know you're here, so I'm gonna talk, and you can listen. God, I don't wanna be empty inside anymore.

Shawn Hunter: Okay, everyone have a peaceful night. I'm going back to The Centre.
Alan Matthews: Oh, no. Whoa, whoa. No, you're not. While your parents are out of town you are our responsibility.
Amy Matthews: That means you're staying here in this house.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah. Mr. Mack told me that people like you would try to talk me out of my beliefs.
Amy Matthews: Shawn, we love you.
Shawn Hunter: He said you'd say that.
Alan Matthews: All right, fine. That's enough. Get him in the house and tie him up.
George Feeny: Shawn, these aren't beliefs. This is just a way to escape a life that doesn't have beliefs.
Shawn Hunter: That's a judgment.
George Feeny: You're damn right it is.

Jonathan Turner: Y'know, you're a junior in high school, now, Shawn. You have no goals as far as I can see. Have you even thought about college?
Shawn Hunter: I'm going to college.
Jonathan Turner: Oh, you are? Where?
Shawn Hunter: Hawaii. I figure I have a better shot outside the country.
Jonathan Turner: You know, Shawn, the people who care about you in this life you can count on one hand. So don't blow me off, okay?
Shawn Hunter: John, I got people who care about me.
Cory Matthews: You know, Shawn, I think Mr. Turner's right. Okay, I mean you got one more year of high school and the humidity in Hawaii is gonna make my hair go "Whoo!"
Topanga Lawrence: Well, I wanna go to Penn State.
Cory Matthews: And I wanna go where she goes. Anyone surprised by that?
Jonathan Turner: Whoa, whoa, okay?
[to Shawn]
Jonathan Turner: Tick tock. The clock is moving and you are running out of time to figure out your life.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, John, you're not my guardian anymore, I'm back with my parents, I'll be fine.
Jonathan Turner: Yeah, Shawn, but I'm one of the handful of people that cares about you, you know? Now your parents are busy trying to work our their marriage...
[gestures to Cory & Topanga]
Jonathan Turner: So are they...
Topanga Lawrence: [to Cory, all cutesie] Study hall?
Cory Matthews: Make out?
Topanga Lawrence: Cory!
Cory Matthews: Topanga!
[they leave, grinning and holding hands]
Jonathan Turner: And y'know, you have four years of security in these halls, but they throw you out next year, Shawn. What're you gonna do, then, huh? Who're you gonna be?

Jonathan Turner: So Shawn, what is this "Centre" you're hanging out at?
Shawn Hunter: No.
Jonathan Turner: Why not?
Shawn Hunter: Because I am not gonna talk to you about something that you're never gonna understand.
Jonathan Turner: Oh, you can understand it but somehow it's beyond me?
Shawn Hunter: You're as judgmental as everybody else in my life.
Jonathan Turner: Well, first of all, you judge me, remember? You said I couldn't understand it.
Shawn Hunter: I'm centered, you're not. End of story.
Jonathan Turner: Boy, this sounds like a real enlightened, open-minded group.
Shawn Hunter: Judging.
Jonathan Turner: Okay, why do you feel you need to be a part of this place, Shawn?
Shawn Hunter: Okay. All my life, I've felt like there's some part of me missing. And I felt like everybody could tell. Y'know, like there was some hole in me and everyone could see through it. Like I wasn't finished or something.
Jonathan Turner: I never saw that, Shawn. I mean, if you would've just told me I could've done something about it.
Shawn Hunter: Let's not dwell on what people did or did not do for...
Jonathan Turner: Yeah, Shawn, let's dwell on that! That's what makes you a person, how you relate to the people who really care about you.
Shawn Hunter: The Centre is filled with people who care about me and who make me feel like a person.
[Shawn goes to hug him, but Turner stops him with an authoritative look]
Jonathan Turner: The Centre is filled with lost souls who have no belief system. Who are targets for some guy to bring over to his way of thinking. The Shawn Hunter that I know is one of the most unique individuals I've ever met. And if you let this place take away who you really are, Shawn, then you've made the worst judgment you can make. You made the judgment.

"Boy Meets World: On the Air (#2.17)" (1995)
Jonathan Turner: Look, the only way you guys get back on the air is if I talk to Feeny.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, like you can talk to Feeny. He doesn't think straight, Mr. Turner. He doesn't even believe in the Constitution.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah. He totally ignores the first commandment.

Cory Matthews: I've got a radio voice.
Shawn Hunter: And I've got a radio face.

Jonathan Turner: Why was it so important to get back on the air, that you were willing to shaft me?
Cory Matthews: You wouldn't understand.
Jonathan Turner: Well, pretend I'm stupid.
Shawn Hunter: [slowly] We... went... on... the radio.
Jonathan Turner: Pretend I'm smarter!

"Boy Meets World: Pop Quiz (#2.20)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: A twelve? How do you get a twelve?
Mr. George Feeny: I don't know. You ever open a book?
Shawn Hunter: What?
Mr. George Feeny: A book! Do you ever open a book?
Shawn Hunter: What?
Cory: Don't ask me, I got a sixteen.
Mr. George Feeny: Gentlemen, do you ever go home and open a book?
Shawn Hunter: What?
Mr. George Feeny: I want you to go home this afternoon and open a book! I don't care what you had otherwise planned, I order you, nay, I command you. Go home and open a book.
Jonathan Turner: George.
Mr. George Feeny: What?
Jonathan Turner: Watch this. Hi boys. Nice boys. Nice boys. Now listen did you hear anything Mr. Feeney just said?
Shawn Hunter: No.
Cory: [Whispering to Jonathan] He's real mad.
Jonathan Turner: Do you have any idea why?
Shawn Hunter: No. He just started yelling like a crazy man.

Cory: You know what I can't figure out, Shawn? How do these other kids get their work in on time and get such good grades?
Shawn Hunter: Well, I got a theory, Cor. See, it runs in the family. Our ancestors were all slackers and goof-offs and now we're paying the price.
Cory: That's a good theory.

Cory: I wish there was some way to do a book report without reading the book.
Shawn Hunter: They can put a man on the moon, but you still gotta read.
Cory: I got it! We rent the movie and copy the junk on the back of the box.
Shawn Hunter: You're a genius!
Cory: What, you think that 16 was an accident?

"Boy Meets World: It's About Time (#7.7)" (1999)
Topanga: I wasn't sure this day would ever come, but you were. I wasn't sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were. You were always strong and always sure. And now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That's what I'm sure of.
Cory: I have to talk to her now, ok.
[to Shawn]
Shawn Hunter: Go ahead.
Cory: Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That's all I've ever known and that's enough, that's enough for me, for the rest of my life. Topanga, we gonna get married?
Topanga: Yea, we are.
Cory: Good, cause, umm I have these rings... I love you Topanga.
Topanga: I love you too, Cory.

[Topanga is choking him]
Shawn Hunter: [looks upward] Dad! I'm comin', dad!

Shawn Hunter: You know what? I shouldn't have even come. Have a wonderful life, jerk.
Cory: You too, trailer trash!
Eric Matthews: Oh! Shawn's poor! Ha ha ha!

"Boy Meets World: The Truth About Honesty (#6.20)" (1999)
[repeated line]
Shawn Hunter: Trap.

Shawn Hunter: [trying to convince Angela that he doesn't love her after he tells her that he does] Nope you mean nothing.
Angela Moore: [kisses him again] Good for you.
Shawn Hunter: [Angela leaves and he looks at Topanga] Cold Shower! NOW!

Shawn Hunter: I Cory'd this up, didn't I?

"Boy Meets World: Boys II Mensa (#1.6)" (1993)
Shawn Hunter: You didn't tell them you were a genius, Feeny did.
Cory Matthews: And I didn't tell Feeny I was a genius.
Shawn Hunter: The test did! And you didn't ask to take the test.
Cory Matthews: They gave it to me!
Shawn Hunter: And you wouldn't even have seen the answers.
Cory Matthews: If they didn't give us...
Shawn Hunter: Detention!
Cory Matthews: We're innocent victims.
Shawn Hunter: Nothing we do is actually our fault.
Cory Matthews: It's good to be kids.

Shawn Hunter: They're putting you in another school?
Cory Matthews: Yes! The lady's going to be here in half an hour, and they're going to give me another genius test, and then they're going to take me away. So I just called you over to say goodbye, or as geniuses say, goodbye in Latin.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, idiot.
Cory Matthews: What?
Shawn Hunter: Are you a genius?
Cory Matthews: No.
Shawn Hunter: Do you have the answers to this test?
Cory Matthews: No.
Shawn Hunter: You kind of see where I'm going with this?
Cory Matthews: You want me to throw the test?
Shawn Hunter: Oh no no, I want you to take the test, and to the best of your ability, and no guessing, I wouldn't want you to stumble onto a right answer.

Cory Matthews: Where're you spending your next recess? Playground, shooting hoops, playing ball?
Shawn Hunter: So?
Cory Matthews: So let me tell you want I'm doing, I'm searching for Bobby Fischer!
Shawn Hunter: What're you talking about?
Cory Matthews: Geniuses go to a special school, did you know that? You've killed me. I'm going to be in a class full of Minkuses. Wait, what am I talking about? These kids make Minkus look like Fabio.

"Boy Meets World: Pairing Off (#2.2)" (1994)
Ms. Kelly: Good afternoon, class. I'm Ms. Kelly, and I'll be filling in for Mr. Dubin for the next few days.
Shawn Hunter: On behalf of the entire class, I'd like to say... stay as long as you like.
Ms. Kelly: Now, right now, you seem to be covering...
Shawn Hunter: CPR, and I'm today's dummy.
Ms. Kelly: No, actually, we seem to be up to human reproduction, which I hope we can discuss in a mature fashion.
[Some students in the class giggle]
Shawn Hunter: Oh, stop being so young. You know, I'm not as young as they are. I've stayed back, like, 50 times.
Ms. Kelly: Really? How old are you?
Shawn Hunter: 24?
Ms. Kelly: Really? What are you doing in a seventh-grade classroom?
Shawn Hunter: I'm a cop.
Ms. Kelly: Sit down.
Ms. Kelly: All right, but I'm watching you.

Shawn Hunter: Stop obsessing, man. You're gonna pop a lobe.
Cory Matthews: You're right. I should relax, 'cause this coupling thing, it's just a phase. I mean, how long can it last... a few weeks?
Jonathan Turner: [Enters walking with Ms. Kelly] The cafeteria's right this way. They know me there. I'll get us a good table.
Ms. Kelly: You would do that for me?
Jonathan Turner: Oh, yeah. I'm very tight with Bertha, the lunchroom lady. Yeah, I once rescued a dolphin from her hair net.
Cory Matthews: OK, maybe it'll last a few years.
George Feeny: [Enters walking with an older, female teacher] Yes, I'm acting principal now, and the pressures would be daunting for a man half my age. Fortunately I have a vitality that belies my years.
Cory Matthews: I'm the only one who doesn't know how it's done.

Jonathan Turner: So we find, in Fielding's novel, the character Tom Jones is absolutely irresistible to women. Isn't that right, Matthews?
Cory Matthews: Uh, yeah, that's right.
Jonathan Turner: What's right?
Cory Matthews: What you just said.
Jonathan Turner: What'd I just say?
Cory Matthews: You weren't listening, either?
Jonathan Turner: Matthews, keep your head facing this way. Shawn, tell your buddy what I was saying.
Shawn Hunter: Uh, he was saying, "Matthews, you're not listening."
Jonathan Turner: Thank you. Did either of you guys do the reading assignment?
Cory Matthews: Some of it.
Jonathan Turner: What did you read?
Cory Matthews: I read the page you handed us with the reading assignment on it.
[bell rings]
Jonathan Turner: Yay! Yay!

"Boy Meets World: City Slackers (#3.11)" (1996)
Ranger Mark: Which one of you is Feeney's grandson?
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: [at the same time, pointing at each other] He is.
Cory Matthews: Well, I am.
Shawn Hunter: We both are.
Cory Matthews: We're brothers.
Shawn Hunter: We're cousins... brother... cousins.
Ranger Mark: No need to explain, son. I'm from mountain people myself!

Cory Matthews: Aight, Shawn, not to put a damper on our plans or anything, but it occurred to me in a moment of clarity that WE DON'T SKI!
Shawn Hunter: Hey, we don't learn, but we go to school, don't we?

Shawn Hunter: Mr. Feeny, you've got no right trespassing on your own property!

"Boy Meets World: Pilot (#1.1)" (1993)
Nicholas: How late did *you* stay up last night?
Cory Matthews: Monologue
Nicholas: Monologue, first guest.
Shawn Hunter: Monologue, first guest, bad sketch.
Cory Matthews: Monologue, first guest, bad sketch, funny zoo animal.
Nicholas: Monologue, first guest, bad sketch, funny zoo animal... Steve Lawrence!
Cory Matthews: Woah!
Shawn Hunter: Steve Lawrence?

Shawn Hunter: Cory.
Cory Matthews: Huh?
Shawn Hunter: What's the score?
Cory Matthews: Bottom of the third. Two outs. Dykstra's on second. Kruk's on first. three and two to Daulton.
Mr. George Feeny: [Mr Feeny appears and moves Cory's hand out of the way to reveal his earbud. Feeny then pulls it all the way out] What's this Mr. Matthews?
Cory Matthews: Huh? What'd you say, Mr. Feeny? You took my hearing aid.
Mr. George Feeny: [He puts the earbud in his ear] Smoltz delivers. Daulton swings Oh, he got a piece of that one. It's a long drive deep to center. Otis Nixon back, back to the warning track. Climbs up the wall and...
Mr. George Feeny: [Mr. Feeny pulls the earbud out before hearing the outcome and turns off the radio] Mr. Matthews, "Romeo and Juliet" is Shakespeare's ultimate test of love between a man and a woman.

Cory Matthews: Hey, how about we go to game Friday night?
Nicholas: I thought the game was sold out.
Cory Matthews: It is. So we go down early. There's always guys with extra tickets.
Shawn Hunter: Don't you have detention Friday?
Cory Matthews: Don't worry about detention. I can handle Feeny. Feeny loves me.
Shawn Hunter: Feeny hates you.
Cory Matthews: Well, it's one of the two.

"Boy Meets World: What I Meant to Say (#3.3)" (1995)
Eric Matthews: Christy's gonna expect me to tell her that I love her. Aw man, I gotta do something now.
[to self]
Eric Matthews: Think, you gotta think, Eric. Ow.
Shawn Hunter: Thinking cramp?
Eric Matthews: Yeah.
Shawn Hunter: I get those too.

Shawn Hunter: [learning that Topanga didn't say "I Love You" to Cory] This is great! You left out the most important piece of the puzzle!
Cory Matthews: So you can help me?
Shawn Hunter: Are you kidding? It's over.

Jonathan Turner: Hunter, who's your best friend?
Shawn Hunter: You are, sir!
Jonathan Turner: Matthews, who's your best friend?
Cory Matthews: Shawn is.
Jonathan Turner: And what do we do to people who mess with our best friends?
Cory Matthews: Kill 'em.

"Boy Meets World: Turkey Day (#4.10)" (1996)
George Feeny: I'm sure you're all familiar with the conflict in Burundi, which is now spilling over to Rwanda and Uganda.
Cory Matthews: He's making these names up.
Shawn Hunter: He's running out of stuff to teach.

Cory Matthews: It's up to us to hold this thing together.
Shawn Hunter: Lose the purse, and I'll take you seriously.
Cory Matthews: But it goes with my shoes!

Cory Matthews: I told you this would be great.
Shawn Hunter: It's an episode of Cops waiting to happen.

"Boy Meets World: If You Can't Be with the One You Love... (#5.18)" (1998)
Cory: I always thought that Topanga was the one person I could never live without. But she's gone, and, and you're here, and I'm alive, so it must be you!
Shawn Hunter: I'd take a bullet for you.
Cory: Shawnie, I love you!
[hugs him]
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, I love you too Cory, and I'm not ashamed.
[homeless man stares at them]
Shawn Hunter: Now I'm ashamed.

Shawn Hunter: Nobody wants to be around Cory the downer. Three... two... one...
[Cory bursts into tears, right on cue]
Cory: Including you?
Shawn Hunter: I'm getting there.
[Shawn walks out on Cory]
Cory: Shawn, listen, you think I like myself like this, I don't! Okay? I don't blame everyone for not wanting to be around me. I don't wanna around me either. I'm done with me.

Shawn Hunter: [pointing at the whiskey bottle] Is that yours?
Cory: This was given to me when I stole it from my father.

"Boy Meets World: Everybody Loves Stuart (#6.7)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: My soap opera name is Patrick Trailer Park.
Angela Moore: Well, mine is Shawnene Martin Luther King Boulevard.
[Everyone stares]
Angela Moore: Gosh, I gotta get some black friends.
Rachel McGuire: So, Topanga what's your middle name?
Topanga Lawrence: I don't wanna play.
Jack Hunter: Why not?
Topanga Lawrence: I have a weird middle name.
Jack Hunter: Your first name's Topanga. What could your middle name be? Shmaboogie?

Stuart: Cory Matthews wakes up one morning. He kisses his lovely wife. He leaves his nice suburban home and then he gets hit by a bus.
Shawn Hunter: I'll miss you buddy!
Cory Matthews: No, I don't get hit by a bus.
Stuart: Why not?
Cory Matthews: Because I use the crosswalks, memorize the bus schedule and, if I got a wife like Topanga, I ain't leaving the house!
Stuart: Bus hits you anyway. Now, what's that called?
Angela Moore: It's fate. Doesn't matter if you stay in or go out, your life is pre-destined and there's nothing you can do about it.
Cory Matthews: So you mean that bus is going to drive right through my house to get to me?
Angela Moore: Yes, it is.
Shawn Hunter: I'll miss you buddy!

Cory Matthews: He made a move on Topanga. On my fiance. He used his power and authority to take advantage of her and he told me that there was nothing I could do and he was never going to stop. So, I did something. I mean I-I-I realize Dean that this wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do but it was all I could come up with at the time.
Dean Lila Bolander: Striking a member of this faculty is inexcusable. No matter what the provocation.
Shawn Hunter: Can I just say something real quick?
Dean Lila Bolander: Yes?
Shawn Hunter: Cory, it's okay with me that you hit him.
Cory Matthews: Thanks, Shawn.
[to Dean Bolander]
Cory Matthews: It's okay with Shawn.
Dean Lila Bolander: Well, it's not okay with me. According to the bylaws of this university I am bound to expel or suspend any student for striking an educator for any reason whatsoever.
George Feeny: Dean, I beg you to reconsider this.
Dean Lila Bolander: George. Sit down. You can't protect them anymore. Cory Matthews, I hereby suspend you from this university for a period of one day.
Stuart: One day?
Dean Lila Bolander: You are, however, under probation for the remainder of this term and I will not take kindly to your solving any more problems with anything but words.
Cory Matthews: No, you don't have to worry about it Dean. Thank you.
Stuart: Dean, he hit a teacher!
Dean Lila Bolander: A teacher must be someone a student can trust. The second a teacher uses pressure on a student for any reason whatsoever, other than academic... that trust is destroyed.
Stuart: Well, there must be some misunderstanding because as a teacher I...
Dean Lila Bolander: Stuart!
[points at Mr. Feeny]
Dean Lila Bolander: *This* is a teacher Stuart. I'm not sure what you are but you can be certain I'm going to find out.

"Boy Meets World: Her Answer: Part 2 (#6.2)" (1998)
Eric Matthews: Wait a second, what are you guys doing up? The only people up now are creeps and weirdos.
Shawn Hunter: [comes in] How you doin'?

Shawn Hunter: Can I crash on your guys' couch? I don't wanna be out this late with all the creeps and weirdos.
George Feeny: [comes in] How you doin'?

"Boy Meets World: My Best Friend's Girl (#3.1)" (1995)
Cory Matthews: What just happened over there, Shawn? I mean, I'm talking with you, fine, but over there with Topanga, I became a... a sea monkey.
Shawn Hunter: It's a bad animal, man.

Shawn Hunter: [seeing Cory and Topanga kiss] And it was about time!
Trini: You're lucky this whole thing worked, Hunter. I almost had to kiss him.
Cory Matthews: Wait, this whole thing was a setup?
[all of them nod]
Cory Matthews: Come here.
[drags Shawn away from the others, then pauses]
Cory Matthews: Oh, thank you!
[hugs him tightly]

"Boy Meets World: A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss (#3.14)" (1996)
Cory: [sees Topanga kiss another guy after their break-up] Why doesn't Topanga just rip my heart out and stomp on it?
Shawn Hunter: She can't. She's busy making out.
Cory: Maybe I'm dreaming. Pinch me!... Not on the butt!
Shawn Hunter: Sorry. It was just, right there.

Cory: Why doesn't Topanga just rip my heart out and stamp on it?
Shawn Hunter: She can, but she's busy making out.

"Boy Meets World: You Light Up My Union (#7.5)" (1999)
Rachel McGuire: We were going to watch a movie.
Cory Matthews: Movie?
Shawn Hunter: Dark.
Cory Matthews: Good. Movie good.
[Cory picks up a stack of videos on the coffee table]
Cory Matthews: All right. Let's see what you got. "Estrogen on Parade", "Put Down The Seat" and "These Shoes or These Shoes". Well, these are very lovely. However, no.
Shawn Hunter: Perhaps the girls are unaware of Jennifer Lopez vs. Carmen Electra on Celebrity Deathmatch. In pudding. On ponies.

Rachel McGuire: They went through my underwear drawer!
Cory Matthews: Oh Rachel, that's just ludicrous now!
Topanga: Did you?
Cory Matthews: [pointing at Shawn] He made me!
Shawn Hunter: My name is Shawn and I have a problem.

"Boy Meets World: Honesty Night (#5.21)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: Well, maybe we're just going to have to accept the fact that you and Topanga aren't going to get back together.
Cory: You big stupid idiot!
Shawn Hunter: That's great! Let it out!
Cory: You don't understand. We were back together. We just wanted to make you feel like you had something to do with it.
Shawn Hunter: What? You mean, you didn't need my help? Really?
Cory: Hey, you'll forgive me If I don't feel bad for you right now.
Shawn Hunter: Well, what kind of stupid thing was it for you to care whether I put you back together or not? What are you, humpty-dumpty?
Cory: No, no, no, Shawn. You do not understand. We told Feeny first. Okay? You would have been very very upset?
Shawn Hunter: Wait, wait, wait a minute. You told Feeny before you told me?
Cory: Yes.
Shawn Hunter: Who cares? The main thing is you're back together.
Cory: But we're not now. You just broke us up again.
Shawn Hunter: You're just telling me that so I can put you back together again. I don't like your sick games Cory the mind-bender.
Cory: You know we really should have taken more classes doing our senior year. We have entirely way too much time on our hands.

Shawn Hunter: To Jack, Eric, Cory and Topanga: Okay, I've gathered you all here today to ask one question. By a show of hands how many of us are sick over the Cory and Topanga issue? Eric you're the only one not raising your hand.
Eric: That's right.
Shawn Hunter: Why is that Eric?
Eric: Because I'm the extension.
Jack: You mean exception? Was today's word exception?
Eric: No today's word was pertinent but I didn't think that was... having anything to do with this situation.
Jack: Alright, by a show of hands how many people are tired of Eric?
Eric: Cool. It's ubiquitous.

"Boy Meets World: Resurrection (#6.17)" (1999)
Shawn Hunter: Hi, Josh. I'm Shawn. Well, this is the second time I've been in a hospital this year, and I don't really like the way the first one turned out, so I want you to listen to me. I've been out of town. See, I was in a real bad way and looking to see what's important in my life. I met a lot of people out of town looking for the same thing. And now you're in a real bad way. And I came back here 'cause I wanna tell you something: Don't go out of town. Don't go anywhere. Life is right here with these people. With your family. And my family. We got the greatest family there is, Josh. I want you to be with us so we can watch you grow and see you change and make great memories together.

Topanga Lawrence: Would you rather I be like the old strange Topanga?
Cory Matthews: [Topanga makes the dance moves] No, it's not like I don't like... the new strange Topanga... I mean, it's important for us to grow, but I just... I don't wanna lose what's so special about you.
Topanga Lawrence: You never will.
[puts lipgloss all over her face, shaped like a heart]
Topanga Lawrence: Because, I've made you memories. And they will always be here to remind me.
Shawn Hunter: Use a mirror, babe.

"Boy Meets World: I Love You, Donna Karan: Part 1 (#5.7)" (1997)
Cory Matthews: Okay, so what we got here is a purse losing, lips protective, poetry reading, Van Damme loving gal.
Shawn Hunter: Well, I'd give her two weeks.

Shawn Hunter: That Angela was alright. I'm gonna miss her.
Topanga Lawrence: Look, then why did you break up with her?
Shawn Hunter: As they say south of the border: "Dos semanas."
Topanga Lawrence: Shawn, you guys were really getting along! You know, your two week rule is dumb.
Cory Matthews: No, no, his one week rule was dumb. His two week rule shows growth.
Topanga Lawrence: Shawn, just face it. You're afraid of making commitment.
Shawn Hunter: I'm not afraid of making commitm... I've been with Cory for fifteen years!
Cory Matthews: Ah, they've been good years.
Shawn Hunter: You worked very hard for them.
Cory Matthews: Well, it takes two. Do you think...?
Topanga Lawrence: Stop! You're afraid to get to know someone. You're afraid of letting someone get to know you. And unless you get over this, you're gonna go through life, all alone. Except for Cory, who will bring you magazines and pudding. There, I think I got through to him.
[turns around to find Shawn making out with another girl]
Cory Matthews: Sure you did, honey, and now he wants to hear what she has to say.

"Boy Meets World: Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do (#2.15)" (1995)
Old Cory Matthews: Who?
Old Shawn Hunter: What?
Old Cory Matthews: They want you to take the rolls!

Jonathan Turner: The first one up is Shawn Hunter. His poem is called "Welfare". Okay. You want me to read this out loud or just forward it to the guidance counseler?
Shawn Hunter: Read it. It's some of my best work.
Jonathan Turner: Okay everybody. Buckle up. "My uncle Ralph he does not care. Cause twice a month he gets welfare. My uncle Chuck has nylon hair, he bought the rug with his welfare. Old Corvair. Long nose hair. Electric chair." That's a very colorful family you got there Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: I didn't use their real names, that's okay right?
Shawn Hunter: Oh yeah. The less I know the better.

"Boy Meets World: On the Fence (#1.2)" (1993)
Cory Matthews: Say you could pick any superhero to be your dad. Who would you choose?
Ellis: Batman, no question. Live in a cool cave, borrow the Batmobile.
Shawn Hunter: He lets Robin hang out with him and play with all his stuff. And Robin's not even his real kid. He's his ward.
Ellis: How do you get to be a ward?
Cory Matthews: Batman? Is he faster than a speeding bullet? I don't think so. Is he more powerful than a locomotive?
[wiggles his finger]
Cory Matthews: Uh-uh. I'd want Superman.
Shawn Hunter: Sees through walls. You'd never get away with anything.
Ellis: Because I'd make somebody a very cool ward.
Cory Matthews: I'd like to have Superman for a dad.

Cory Matthews: You kids and your water wars. I'd love to join you, but I'm having way too much fun here.
Shawn Hunter: You're bailing on the water war?
Ellis: To paint a fence?
Cory Matthews: You say paint a fence, I say par-ty. And by the way, even if you wanted to, I wouldn't cut you in on this action.
Shawn Hunter: Why not? I thought we were friends.
Ellis: Yeah, how come you're cutting us out?
Stuart Minkus: People, people, am I the only one who read the summer reading list?
[pauses when nobody answers]
Stuart Minkus: Tom Sawyer?
[pauses again]
Stuart Minkus: He's sucking you in to do the work for him.
[Ellis points his water gun at Cory]
Cory Matthews: [referring to Minkus' yellow Paddington Bear rainsuit] Guys, who are you gonna listen to, me or the banana?
Shawn Hunter: Well, let's see. The banana says play. You say work. We're gonna hang with the big yellow guy.

"Boy Meets World: Home (#2.23)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: It's a very cool dog. You see it, down by the corner. No leash, no caller. Just having a great time barking at the moon.
Cory Matthews: No, I know that dog. It's a stray. It's probably barking 'cause he doesn't have a home.
Shawn Hunter: He doesn't need a home.
Cory Matthews: Well, that's what he's saying. I need a hoooo-ooooome.
Shawn Hunter: Nah, you didn't hear him right. He's happy out there. Because he's free. No one's rubbing his nose in a carpet, saying: "Don't do that!"
Cory Matthews: You know, he looks lonely to me. And cold. And he looks like he doesn't have a friend in the world.

Jonathan Turner: Now, see, why can't you be this sharp in class?
Shawn Hunter: Math's not my best subject.
Jonathan Turner: ...I'm your English teacher.
Shawn Hunter: Then why you teachin' math?
Jonathan Turner: Are you kidding me?

"Boy Meets World: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow (#4.2)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: *As Cory and Shawn stare lack-jawed at her* Well, isn't somebody gonna say something?
Shawn Hunter: *To himself, trying to convince* She's my best friend's girl... She's my best friend's girl... *Giving in* *To Topanga* Oh, the heck with that, marry me! I live in a trailer park and I have no education, but my hair does this... *Waves his hands through his hair*
Shawn Hunter: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: *Not caring, still gawking at Topanga* Shut up, man, I'm going for it! *Cory sprays Shawn with a nearby spray bottle* Thanks, thanks. I'm back.
Cory Matthews: Good. Alright, Topanga. *Puts down the bottle* *Shawn mimes the "call me" gesture to Topanga behind Cory's back* I want... *Looks suspiciously at Shawn, who stops* the name of the guy who did this to you.
Topanga Lawrence: You don't like it?
Cory Matthews: No, no, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm in love with this girl who was never interested in what she looked like before. *Shawn begins staring at Topanga's feet* And now I see makeup on your face and polish on you nails and toes and... *To Shawn* Stop looking at her toes.
Shawn Hunter: *Entranced* But they sparkle!
Cory Matthews: *To Topanga* I want the name of the guy who did this to you!
Topanga Lawrence: My stylist's name is Mr. Cellini. Cory, it's just a haircut, it's just some makeup. It's not gonna change me. *Checks watch* Gotta go. *Begins walking away*
Cory Matthews: Well, where are you going?
Topanga Lawrence: This outfit with this hair? Hello? Buh-bye, I am *so* at the mall.

Topanga Lawrence: [as Cory and Shawn stare lack-jawed at her] Well, isn't somebody gonna say something?
Shawn Hunter: [to himself, trying to convince] She's my best friend's girl... She's my best friend's girl...
[Giving in]
Shawn Hunter: [to Topanga] Oh, the heck with that, marry me! I live in a trailer park and I have no education, but my hair does this...
[Waves his hands through his hair]
Shawn Hunter: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: [Not caring, still gawking at Topanga] Shut up, man, I'm going for it!
[Cory sprays Shawn with a nearby spray bottle]
Shawn Hunter: Thanks, thanks. I'm back.
Cory Matthews: Good. Alright, Topanga.
[Puts down the bottle]
Cory Matthews: [Shawn mimes the "call me" gesture to Topanga behind Cory's back] I want...
[Looks suspiciously at Shawn, who stops]
Cory Matthews: the name of the guy who did this to you.
Topanga Lawrence: You don't like it?
Cory Matthews: No, no, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm in love with this girl who was never interested in what she looked like before.
[Shawn begins staring at Topanga's feet]
Cory Matthews: And now I see makeup on your face and polish on you nails and toes and...
[to Shawn]
Cory Matthews: Stop looking at her toes.
Shawn Hunter: [Entranced] But they sparkle!
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] I want the name of the guy who did this to you!
Topanga Lawrence: My stylist's name is Mr. Cellini. Cory, it's just a haircut, it's just some makeup. It's not gonna change me.
[Checks watch]
Topanga Lawrence: Gotta go.
[Begins walking away]
Cory Matthews: Well, where are you going?
Topanga Lawrence: This outfit with this hair? Hello? Buh-bye, I am *so* at the mall.

"Boy Meets World: The Pink Flamingo Kid (#3.17)" (1996)
Cory: A brother? You have a brother?
Shawn Hunter: A half-brother.
Cory: Sh-Shawn, what else have you been hiding? A wife? You got kids?

Shawn Hunter: They broke your camera. Sorry about that.
Cory: They didn't get the tape.
Shawn Hunter: You know, Mr. Williams was right. You are a pretty good reporter.
Cory: [pauses] Take it. It's your family.
Shawn Hunter: No, no, you take it. Go win that contest.
Cory: What about protecting your family?
Shawn Hunter: I just did. Eddie's only blood. You're my family.

"Boy Meets World: The Happiest Show on Earth (#3.21)" (1996)
Jonathan Turner: All right you guys. Remember the papers I had you write for the Environmental Essay Awards at the beginning of the year?
Shawn Hunter: [Hands Jonathan a paper] Oh yeah. Finished mine last night Mr. Turner. Enter this puppy
Jonathan Turner: [He throws Shawn's paper to the side] And here are the winners.

Cory Matthews: The problem is no matter how many girls I go out with I still end up thinking about Topanga.
Shawn Hunter: So why'd you break up with her in the first place?
Cory Matthews: I don't know. I made a mistake. I mean I thought we could be friends like you and I are but, you know when I see Topanga I want to hug her, hold her, kiss her. When I see you I have no interest in any of those things.

"Boy Meets World: Turnaround (#2.12)" (1994)
Morgan Matthews: Here she comes!
Shawn Hunter: Wow, she looks just like Becky.
Becky Scholtz: I am Becky.

George Feeny: Mr. Hunter, the girl in the white turtleneck, is that Ingrid Iverson?
Shawn Hunter: That's her.
George Feeny: What on earth has she done to herself?
Shawn Hunter: Oh, she didn't do it. We did it. Cory and me.
George Feeny: "Cory and I," Mr. Hunter.
Shawn Hunter: Oh yeah, sure, now everybody wants to take credit.

"Boy Meets World: Angela's Men (#7.3)" (1999)
Angela Moore: There is no relationship! You don't know what you're talking about.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, he told me, okay?
Angela Moore: Oh, no. How could you do that?
Shawn Hunter: How could *you've* not tell me?
Angela Moore: That my mother walked out on me just like your mother walked out on you?
Shawn Hunter: Yes! Don't you think I would've understood? Don't you think that that would have brought us closer together?
Angela Moore: Yes! I don't want to be closer together!
Shawn Hunter: Why not?
Sergeant Moore: Yeah, why not?
Angela Moore: Because I don't want to hurt you.
Shawn Hunter: What are you talking about? You're already killing me. How are you going to hurt me more if you love me?
Angela Moore: I can't love you.
Shawn Hunter: Why not?
Angela Moore: [crying] Because.
Shawn Hunter: Because why?
Angela Moore: Because I'll leave you!
[She starts moving towards the stairs but Sergeant Moore stops her by grabbing her arms]
Sergeant Moore: No. Nuh-uh, nuh-uh no. Do *not* surrender to this! I did not raise a daughter to surrender!
[He takes her hands in his]
Sergeant Moore: You are not your mother. You're you! The difference between your mother and you, is that she was not in love. And you are.
Angela Moore: Daddy, I'm so sorry.
Sergeant Moore: It's okay. *I'm* okay. But this is about you. I just want you to be happy, but how can you ever be happy if you're afraid to tell the man you love that you love him?
[Angela walks back over to Shawn]
Angela Moore: I love you! I love you so much! I just don't want to hurt you anymore.
Shawn Hunter: I love you too. I always have.
Sergeant Moore: You take care of my daughter, young man.
Shawn Hunter: Sir, yes sir.

Sergeant Moore: What are you trying to prove, Hunter? Everybody else quit! One of your buddies is surrendering in the garbage can! You know, you are the one who dropped my daughter! Why are you working so hard to impress me? Why don't you impress your own father!
Shawn Hunter: My father's dead, sir!
Sergeant Moore: Well, impress your mother then!
Shawn Hunter: My mother's gone too, sir!
Sergeant Moore: Both your parents died, boy?
Shawn Hunter: My mother abandoned us, sir!
Sergeant Moore: What?
Shawn Hunter: Two times!
Sergeant Moore: Your mother walked out on your family?
Shawn Hunter: Yes, sir! She had some issues, sir!
Sergeant Moore: Relax, kid. We're just talking.
Shawn Hunter: It really tore my father up. We never really recovered. I-uh-I haven't trusted a relationship since then. Until Angela, sir.
Sergeant Moore: [exasperated] But she doesn't seem to like you, son.

"Boy Meets World: Kid Gloves (#1.19)" (1994)
Mr. George Feeny: Mr. Hunter, perhaps you could tell us what SCUBA means?
Shawn Hunter: Something... Creepy... Under... Boat... Andy

Cory Matthews: You wearing a wet suit, too, Mother Nature?
Topanga Lawrence: No.
[takes off robe to reveal a bathing suit as Cory and Shawn stare]
Topanga Lawrence: What's the matter? No funny remarks?
Cory Matthews: [to Shawn] Uh, you got anything?
Shawn Hunter: I got nothing.
Cory Matthews: [to Shawn again] Uh, you got anything?
Shawn Hunter: Snap out of it, she's just a girl in a bathing suit!

"Boy Meets World: Santa's Little Helper (#1.10)" (1993)
Stuart Minkus: May I sit down?
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: No.
Stuart Minkus: Well, since you're ambivalent.
[He sits]
Stuart Minkus: Ah, Christmas. Season of togetherness. Season of brotherhood.
Cory Matthews: Season of wool. Nine out ten Christmas gifts? Wool. It doesn't matter if it's shaped like socks or a sweater, it's wool and it's itchy.
Stuart Minkus: The gift isn't as important as the thought behind it.
Cory Matthews: What's the thought behind wool? This kid doesn't scratch enough?

Cory Matthews: Fish and sticks. Two things nature wouldn't have put together. What'd you get?
Shawn Hunter: Peanut butter and jelly. Two things nature couldn't keep apart.
Cory Matthews: Since when does your mom pack you lunch? I thought you liked fish sticks.
Cory Matthews: I do, but I think it's cruel how the little fish scream when they rip their sticks off.

"Boy Meets World: The Eskimo (#5.13)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: Oh you can afford one stinking F in your life.
Topanga: No I can't. I have worked very hard to be perfect up until now.
Shawn Hunter: I am throwing up. I am throwing up all over you.

"Boy Meets World: Santa's Little Helpers (#6.11)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: Shawn, the dorms are closing. Your father is missing again. Why wouldn't you come to my house for Christmas?
Shawn Hunter: Because I hate being the third wheel.
Cory Matthews: Oh, please. You know, you've been the third wheel with me and Topanga so long I think of us as a tricycle. You know, without our third wheel, what would we be?
Shawn Hunter: A bicycle?

"Boy Meets World: Cyrano (#2.13)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: This is hard for me to say.
Frankie Stechino: This is hard for me today.
Shawn Hunter: Because I've watched you for so long and I've always dreamed of telling you how I feel about you.
Frankie Stechino: Because I've watched you. So long. And I've always dreamed of something

"Boy Meets World: We'll Have a Good Time Then (#6.13)" (1999)
Jack Hunter: [Chet just had a heart attack and is resting in a room at a hospital] Uh... I thought it'd be nice if he had his own room.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, well, whatever this nice room costs, I'm paying half.
Jack Hunter: Aw, look, don't worry about it, man. My, my stepfather's willing to help out. You know, it's...
Shawn Hunter: My dad and I do not need charity from your family.
Jack Hunter: Shawn, you know...
Shawn Hunter: No, no - -how much does this room cost?
[Jack sighs]
Shawn Hunter: How much does the room cost?
Jack Hunter: $2,000...
Shawn Hunter: Oh. Okay.
Jack Hunter: ...a day.
Shawn Hunter: What? Are they out of their freaking minds?

"Boy Meets World: What a Drag! (#7.11)" (1999)
Eric Matthews: [dressed as a girl] So, babe what do you think?
Shawn Hunter: Umm, yes to the dress no to the face.
Eric Matthews: What? Too much makeup?
Shawn Hunter: Too much ugly

"Boy Meets World: He Said, She Said (#3.4)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: Look, Cory, I'm not angry...
Cory Matthews: Oh, you're not angry? Well, I'm not apologizing! Now I know I did the right thing. I've been doing a lot of reading, and I can no longer be responsible for your actions.
Shawn Hunter: I got it. So I guess I missed the biology test this morning, huh?
Cory Matthews: Oh, don't worry. I took it for ya.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Hurricane (#2.8)" (2015)
Cory Matthews: You know, a little discipline isn't a bad thing, Maya.
Maya Hart: Oh, thanks, Mr. Matthews, I'll ponder on that.
[Riley does a head movement towards Cory while looking at Shawn]
Shawn Hunter: I'm sorry, what?
[Riley does the same movement again]
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, just because you do the same weird gesture twice, doesn't mean I get it.

"Boy Meets World: Hometown Hero (#3.5)" (1995)
[Cory and Shawn have snuck into the chem lab to turn in their papers, but have accidentally set something there on fire]
Cory: Shawn, we have to go back. Chemicals explode!
Shawn Hunter: [shocked] Oh, no!
Cory: Yeah, come on!
Shawn Hunter: No, I ended my paper: "In conclusion, chemicals don't explode!"
Cory: I'm going back up there.
Shawn Hunter: Well, while you're up there, could you change the ending of my paper?

"Boy Meets World: Quiz Show (#4.19)" (1997)
George Feeny: Ms. Lawrence, Mr. Matthews, Mr. Hunter. You're early for my class. Why are you early for my class?
[Shawn raises his hand]
George Feeny: Mr. Hunter?
Shawn Hunter: Johann Gutenberg. Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450.
George Feeny: Yes, I believe I taught you that.
[Cory raises his hand]
George Feeny: Mr. Matthews?
Cory Matthews: Can you teach us something else?

"Boy Meets World: Boy Meets Girl (#1.21)" (1994)
Shawn Hunter: You know what's cool? We made it through our first dates and we're still best friends.
Cory Matthews: And we're gonna stay best friends - through second dates, proms, engagements, marriages.
Shawn Hunter: Second marriages.
Cory Matthews: Whatever comes along, we're gonna stand here and face it together, shoulder to shoulder.
Hilary: [as she rushes past them towards the hall] Hi, Shawn.
Topanga Lawrence: [as she rushes past them in the opposite direction] Hi, Cory.
Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews: Later!

"Boy Meets World: Singled Out (#4.7)" (1996)
Shawn Hunter: It's the New York Times.
Cory: The New York Times Trailer Park edition.
Shawn Hunter: It's the same thing, except you can eat it!

"Boy Meets World: I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad (#7.14)" (2000)
Cory Matthews: Well, as you all know, I just came from the doctor.
Topanga Matthews: You have something?
Cory Matthews: Yes. I have something. You all made fun of me, but I have something, alright.
[Holds up a piece of paper]
Cory Matthews: It's all right here. Right here...
[to Topanga]
Cory Matthews: You're my wife. 'kay? You have the right to know first.
[He hands Topanga the paper then goes to the window and broods]
Shawn Hunter: What's it say?
Topanga Matthews: He has hypochondria. Chronic and severe hypocohondria.
Cory Matthews: That's right.
[He turns to face everyone, near tears]
Cory Matthews: I'm a hypochondriac.
Topanga Matthews: Cory, it means that there's nothing wrong with you! It means you create stuff in your head!
Cory Matthews: Yes, well.
[He holds up a prescription bottle]
Cory Matthews: He gave me these placebos.
Shawn Hunter: Placebos are what they give to crazy people like you to make them think they're being cured of something they don't have!
Cory Matthews: Hey!
Cory Matthews: I have to be on these for the rest of my life!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Master Plan (#1.18)" (2015)
Topanga Matthews: Wait a minute, who let you in?
Shawn Hunter: I have a key.
Topanga Matthews: [to Cory] You gave him a key?
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] Fine, I'll give you a key.

"Boy Meets World: Better Than Average Cory (#6.5)" (1998)
George Feeny: Miss Nechita, I'm a great admirer of yours. I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts about classic versus modern technique and the impact of the renaissance on the modern palette.
Shawn Hunter: Feeny. You're drooling, man!
George Feeny: I'm sorry, Mr. Hunter, but I get carried away when I see a young person with such extraordinary gifts.
Cory Matthews: Are you saying we don't have extraordinary gifts?
George Feeny: No, of course not, Mr. Matthews. You also have extraordinary gifts.
Cory Matthews: Like what?
George Feeny: [searches for a moment for the right answer] You have your health. Good for you.

"Boy Meets World: Eric Hollywood (#5.19)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: What are you looking for?
Eric Matthews: Well, I'm supposed to shoot hoops and I can't find them anywhere.
Cory Matthews: Can't find what?
Eric Matthews: My tube socks! My lucky tube socks! Have you seen them anywhere?
Cory Matthews: Oh, uh, you're gonna find this kind of hard to believe Eric but, uh, last night for no logical reason that you could possibly think of, I did the wash instead of Mom and well... This is so funny.
Eric Matthews: Where are my lucky tube socks?
Cory Matthews: [Producing a tiny pair of tube socks] Well, I don't think they're so lucky anymore.
Will Friedle: ["Eric" breaks character now revealing that he is, in fact, Will Friedle] That's not the line!
Ben Savage: What?
Will Friedle: The line was, "Honey, I shrunk the tube socks".
Ben Savage: Oh, uh, I know. I'm sorry, Will. I was trying something new.
Will Friedle: Ohhhh! You were just trying something new? Here why don't you try this?
[he begins throwing laundry at Ben Savage]
Will Friedle: Is this new?
[He continues throwing things, breaking dishes and screaming]
Will Friedle: Is this new to you? New! YAAAAH! I quit! I'm outta here!
[He storms off the set. Shawn enters]
Shawn Hunter: Cory, Eric. Guess what? I blew up another mailbox.
[He looks around at the trashed set and breaks character]
Rider Strong: What? Did Will flip out again?
Ben Savage: Yeah, yeah he did. What are we gonna do? I mean, he's gonna be hard to replace.
Rider Strong: Yeah, you're right.
[They look around]
Rider Strong: Hey banana boy! Wanna be a star?
Ben Savage: Huh?

"Boy Meets World: Danger Boy (#2.16)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: So you're not mad at me?
Cory Matthews: No.
Shawn Hunter: So you're mad at Eric?
Cory Matthews: No, I'm not mad at anybody. See, everybody did what they were supposed to do. I mean, you guys went out with cool girls from New York, and I stayed at home playing Candy Land with my sister. And lost.

"Boy Meets World: Family Trees (#7.12)" (1999)
Shawn Hunter: [to himself] I hate you.

"Boy Meets World: A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 1 (#4.16)" (1997)
Cory Matthews: Shawn, you know that pain that everyone's talking about?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah?
Cory Matthews: I think I'm starting to feel it.

"Boy Meets World: The Beard (#2.11)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: I miss Linda already.
Shawn Hunter: I miss Stacy. And Linda.
Cory Matthews: And Debbie?
Shawn Hunter: And Debbie.
Cory Matthews: There is no Debbie!
Shawn Hunter: Then how come I miss her so much?
Cory Matthews: Because you're nuts.

"Boy Meets World: Train of Fools (#3.10)" (1995)
Shawn Hunter: Cory! Cory, guess what? For New Year's Eve, I got us a limousine.
Cory Matthews: A limousine?
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, yeah, that's short for limo.

"Boy Meets World: Things Change (#5.23)" (1998)
[after trying to convince Shawn to go to Pennbrook]
Shawn Patrick Hunter: Cool.
Cory Matthews: What?
Shawn Patrick Hunter: My picture... it looks really good.
Cory Matthews: You haven't listened to a word I've been saying.
[Leaves angrily]
Cory Matthews: [hangs up a picture of Cory]

"Boy Meets World: Easy Street (#4.12)" (1996)
[Shawn and Cory are sleeping in Turner's class, Shawn is snoring and Cory is making a yipping noise.]
Mr. George Feeny: Interesting. In my class, Mr. Hunter handles the yipping.
Cory: [wakes up] Shawn! It's both of 'em!
Shawn Hunter: [wakes up and looks around, nervous] Oh I don't know which class I slept through.

"Boy Meets World: Prom-ises, Prom-ises (#5.22)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: Okay, so after the prom, romance in the air, you and Angela, you're gonna look in each other's eyes, and...
Shawn Hunter: Me and Angela? I don't know. Maybe. What do you think, we sat down and discussed it? How dorky do you think we are? What about you and Topanga?
Cory Matthews: We sat down and discussed it.

"Boy Meets World: Teacher's Bet (#1.8)" (1993)
Cory Matthews: Shawn, what was your mother's maiden name?
Shawn Hunter: Cordini.
Cory Matthews: Cordini, so that would make you a WOP, right?
Shawn Hunter: What did you call me?
Cory Matthews: You heard what I called you.
Shawn Hunter: [to Feeny] Did you hear what he called me?
George Feeny: I heard what he called you.
Shawn Hunter: What're you going to do about it?
George Feeny: He's the teacher, what're YOU going to do about it?
Shawn Hunter: I'm gonna knock his head off!
Cory Matthews: What if you couldn't? What if you couldn't do anything about it?
Shawn Hunter: What?
Cory Matthews: What if you lived in a country where I could KILL you just because of your mom's last name.
Shawn Hunter: Cory, what're you talking about?
Cory Matthews: A 15 year old girl is DEAD! Doesn't anybody care? She was really smart and totally cool. Her name was Anne Frank, she wrote this book. They say she died of typhus but they killed her, BECAUSE her name was Anne Frank.

"Boy Meets World: Back 2 School (#2.1)" (1994)
Topanga Lawrence: [realizes Shawn is looking at her behind] What are you staring at?
Shawn Hunter: Uhmm... nothing. New blouse?
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah, I got it over the summer.
Shawn Hunter: [checking out Topanga] Summer was... very good to you.
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah, well at least what I grew is real.
[rips off Shawn's fake sideburns]

"Boy Meets World: Raging Cory (#5.12)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: [Shawn and Jack begin wrestling on the bed] You come in here! You criticize my room! You spook my pig, and you turn out my light!
Jack Hunter: So?
Shawn Hunter: So, maybe I like the way I live! Maybe I wasn't born with my life on a silver spoon! Yeah. I like the way I was brought up! I like the way I was brought up. The only thing I didn't like is I didn't get to know my brother.
Jack Hunter: [Overpowers Shawn] Now say, "uncle".
Shawn Hunter: I don't know who my uncle is! I would've liked to know him, too.
[Gets on top of Jack]
Jack Hunter: His name's Dave! His name's Dave. He's in the corrugated box business. I can't breathe.
Shawn Hunter: [Gets off of Jack. Both sit up] We weren't fighting about the messy room, were we?
Jack Hunter: Just think, all those years we didn't know each other, we could've been beating the crap outta each other.
Shawn Hunter: I've waited 17 years to do this.
Jack Hunter: Oh, yeah? Well, back at you.
[Both start wrestling. Jack gets on top of Shawn]
Jack Hunter: Now say, "uncle'.
Shawn Hunter: Uncle!
Jack Hunter: Say "uncle" to your big brother!
Shawn Hunter: Uncle! Uncle Dave in the box business!

"Boy Meets World: Notorious (#2.3)" (1994)
Shawn Hunter: Who are we?
Cory Matthews: We are lowly seventh-grade sewer scum who name rats after ourselves to feel important
Shawn Hunter: And how do we feel about that?
Cory Matthews: Better than the guys with no rats.

"Boy Meets World: His Answer: Part 1 (#6.1)" (1998)
Mr. George Feeny: You can't tell Cory and Topanga what to do. I've been trying to do that since the first grade. I remember when I tried to separate their desks. She kicked me. He bit me. And some little punk kept saying "Leave 'em alone. They should get married."
Shawn Hunter: I was cute then, huh?
Mr. George Feeny: Precious.

"Boy Meets World: I Was a Teenage Spy (#3.19)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: Shawnzie?
Shawn Hunter: [uncomfortable] Yessy?
Cory Matthews: You're always there for me aren't ya?
Shawn Hunter: [Puts up his thumb] Hey.

"Boy Meets World: She's Having My Baby Back Ribs (#7.17)" (2000)
Cory Matthews: Pregnant? How can she be pregnant?
Shawn Hunter: Okay, Cory, let me explain this to you. When a man loves a woman...
Cory Matthews: I know about that, okay? We were very careful.
Shawn Hunter: Did you use a...
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Shawn Hunter: Was she on the...
Cory Matthews: Uh-huh!
Shawn Hunter: Well, did you try the...
Cory Matthews: Everything! I'm not even sure we had sex!

"Boy Meets World: Sister Theresa (#2.10)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: That girl. She wrote seven numbers on my hand. What could that possibly mean?
Shawn Hunter: It means call her.
Cory Matthews: Shawn, how can I call her when I don't even ever...
Cory Matthews: Oo-oh!

"Boy Meets World: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (#3.15)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: Shawn, needless to say, I'm a little upset.
Shawn Hunter: You're always upset.
Cory Matthews: Well, more than usual.

"Boy Meets World: Grandma Was a Rolling Stone (#1.7)" (1993)
Jessica: Who's Graziella Terziana?
Eric Matthews: What?
Jessica: Her name, it's written on your arm.
Eric Matthews: Uh, that - I can't stop every girl who wants to sign my body.
Jessica: Oh, Mr. Charming.
Eric Matthews: I could loan you a pen.
Jessica: And smart too. Using his little sister as date bait like that.
Jessica: That obvious, huh?
Jessica: Oh, yeah.
Eric Matthews: Big mistake?
Jessica: Did I say that?
Eric Matthews: So I didn't have to work so hard.
Jessica: Who said you had to work at all?
[They kiss. Cory, who has been up in his tree house, is shocked. Alan and Shawn come strolling into the backyard and Jessica and Eric break off their kiss]
Alan Matthews: Nice night, huh?
Eric Matthews: Yeah.
Alan Matthews: Well, we're just, uh, passing through.
Eric Matthews: Good. Pass.
[Alan walks away and Shawn nudges Eric]
Shawn Hunter: Eric, the lipmaster!
[He walks away]
Eric Matthews: Yeah. Sure. Look, anybody else, or are we all done here?
Cory Matthews: [still in his tree house] Everyone have a great day without me?
Eric Matthews: How long have you been up there?
Cory Matthews: Long enough to watch you swap spit with a Feeny!