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Topanga Lawrence (Character)
from "Boy Meets World" (1993)

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"Boy Meets World: Cory's Alternative Friends (#1.4)" (1993)
Cory Matthews: Shawn and I have another project we're working on.
Topanga Lawrence: Really? What is it?
Shawn Hunter: Well, you know how those dolphins get caught in the tuna nets?
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah?
Shawn Hunter: It's got nothin' to do with that.

Topanga Lawrence: Because it would be interesting if all your life you remembered that your first kiss happened when you thought you looked weird. Wouldn't it?

Topanga Lawrence: Why do you care so much what other people think? When people laugh at you, they're depleting their own karmic reservoir.
Cory Matthews: [pauses] You're gonna be one of those girls who doesn't shave her legs, aren't you?

Topanga Lawrence: Give me your hand.
Cory Matthews: Why?
Topanga Lawrence: I want to see if our energies converge.
[Cory reluctantly reaches out his hand. Topanga takes it and looks at it for a few seconds]
Shawn Hunter: [sarcastically] Ooh-ooh!
[Topanga lets go of Cory's hand and turns to Mr. Feeny]
Topanga Lawrence: He's vibrationally acceptable.

Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I got Jedediah to drive me to your house after school.
Cory Matthews: Who's Jedediah?
Topanga Lawrence: My father.
Cory Matthews: Wait. You call your father Jedediah?
Topanga Lawrence: That's his name. What do you call your father?
Cory Matthews: Well, like a lot of normal people, I refer to him as Dad.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, then how do you tell him apart from all the other dads?

[the rest of the class is laughing at him for his hair]
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] Go ahead, laugh.
Topanga Lawrence: [very seriously] Your hair looks different. Why would I laugh?

Cory Matthews: No one's gonna sign your petition.
Topanga Lawrence: Why not?
Cory Matthews: Because you're weird.
[the others look at him]
Cory Matthews: However, I say that respectfully, since I am now one of you.

Stuart Minkus: Are you proposing to help us?
Cory Matthews: Yeah. I guess I am.
Topanga Lawrence: Why?
Cory Matthews: Because life is strange, and now, so am I.

"Boy Meets World: Wake Up, Little Cory (#2.7)" (1994)
Topanga Lawrence: You know what I want Cory? I want my good name back.
Cory: Well, some people would argue that Topanga's not the best name to begin with.

Shawn Hunter: It's better if you like a girl who likes you more than you like her 'cause then she'll pay for stuff and if she's paying, love is way cool.
Topanga Lawrence: That's disgusting!
Cory: [smiling] He's my best friend

Topanga Lawrence: [on phone] Hi, Mom? I'm at Cory's. Yeah we're gonna finish the project over here. They'll give me a ride home as soon as we've finished working. Okay bye.
Topanga Lawrence: [she hangs up and then to Cory]
Topanga Lawrence: This way she won't make me come home for dinner and we can get some more work done.
Cory: Not bad. Now watch the king.
Cory: [on phone] Hi, mom? I'm at Cory's. D'oh!

Topanga Lawrence: [interviewing] How do you know if you're in love?
Shawn Hunter: Well, love is the most amazing, rare and precious thing in the whole world.
Topanga Lawrence: Have you ever fallen in love?
Shawn Hunter: Five times a day.

Cory: [in the video] Hi. Look, I didn't want to be in this documentary, because I didn't have that much to say about sex and all.
Topanga Lawrence: [turns to Cory in the classroom] What's this?
Cory: The special director's cut.
Cory: [in the video] And the reason that I don't have that much to say about sex, is because I don't have a lot of experience in that area. Some people think I do, but I don't. And if let some people think that I have some experience with someone, well... you know, it really isn't fair to that person I didn't have that experience with.
Mr. George Feeny: [in the classroom, to Mr. Turner] Well, perhaps this project is gonna serve some purpose after all. I'm shocked.
Jonathan Turner: Me too.
Cory: [in the video] So I'd like to say I'm sorry to that person. And I should've acted more mature. You know, maybe we haven't come as far as we think in the last 400 years. Okay, cut it, Shawn. Stop the camera, Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: Okay, now, tell her how much you love her.
Cory: Shut up, I do not.
Shawn Hunter: Then why would you do this for her, if you don't love her?
Cory: Because she's my friend.
[Shawn makes sarcastic kissing noises against his hand]
Cory: Stop the camera, Shawn! Shawn!
[Topanga turns to Cory in the classroom]
Cory: Friend?
Topanga Lawrence: Friend.
[they shake hands]

Mr. George Feeny: [on the phone] Yes, yes, they are both fine, Amy. Now, be patient, you'll have your chance with them after I have mine. Take care now.
Cory Matthews: Mr. Feeny, I gotta go change, I gotta go shower. If you don't let me go home, I'm gonna be late for school.
Mr. George Feeny: Sit! Now, the two of you spent the night unsupervised on school property.
Cory Matthews: Oh, Mr. Feeny, what do you think happ... Oh, my God!
Topanga Lawrence: Mr. Feeny, nothing happened. How could you think that? We're totally innocent. Tell him, Cory.
Cory Matthews: Oh, my God!
Topanga Lawrence: Mr. Feeny, we were working late on our documentary. I fell asleep, then Cory fell asleep. That was it.
Mr. George Feeny: Serious violations like this call for swift, decisive action. Uh... While I decide what that is, you're both dismissed for the rest of the day.

Jonathan Turner: You got this innocent young girl and somebody says that she slept with this other guy, right? And her reputation is shot and we think she's killed herself. Now where are you going to find this kind of stuff?
Topanga Lawrence: Melrose Place?
Shawn Hunter: NYPD Blue?
Cory Matthews: Barney?
[Everyone stares at him]
Cory Matthews: My sister says he's gotten edgier.

"Boy Meets World: Chick Like Me (#4.15)" (1997)
Topanga: Do you want me to dress you up like a girl?
Cory: Yes, Topanga. Make Cory pretty!

Topanga: Why are you carrying his books?
Cory: Well, we're trying to create the illusion that Shawn's a girl, so I thought this would help.
Topanga: You never carry my books.
Cory: Well, look at him!
[smiles while checking Shawn out]

Topanga: So Shawn, how does it feel to wear panty-hose?
Shawn Hunter: Not Shawn.
Cory: No, you're right.
Topanga: Yeah, he needs a girl's name.
Cory: Okay this is easy. How about... Janet.
Shawn Hunter: No no no no. Not Janet.
Cory: What possible difference could it make?
Topanga: Cory!
[turns to Shawn]
Topanga: You've thought about this before, haven't you?
Shawn Hunter: A little.
Topanga: And what name have you thought about?
Shawn Hunter: Well... Veronica.

Cory: [after Shawn's date with Gary is settled] Shawnie! Way to go!
Topanga: You got the date!
[Shawn is silent and looks worried]
Cory: What?
Shawn Hunter: I've got nothing to wear!

Cory: Where are you going?
Shawn Hunter: He touched me!
Cory: Where?
Shawn Hunter: On my knee! It's MY knee, what makes him think it's HIS knee?
Topanga: Maybe you sent him a signal?
Shawn Hunter: The only signal I sent him was stop!
Topanga: Sounds like he didn't listen.
Shawn Hunter: I'm not like that. I'm not! I never will be again.
Cory: Okay well here he comes.
Shawn Hunter: No, no no! I quit!
Cory: You can't, we have an article to finish!
Shawn Hunter: I should have worn a pants suit!
Gary: Look, uh, sorry I got a little... agressive. You know, nobody respects women more than me! You forgive me?
Cory: [speaking as the waitress he pretends to be] Ofcourse she forgives you! You two are just adorable together! Isn't he just delish?
Gary: [to Shawn/Veronica] Tell you what? How about I teach you how to play foosball?
Shawn Hunter: How about I teach you?
[goes ahead]
Gary: [laughs] Yeah right.
Cory: My hosery is bunching!

[last lines]
Topanga: What's wrong?
Cory: My hosiery is still bunching!

"Boy Meets World: The Eskimo (#5.13)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: Oh you can afford one stinking F in your life.
Topanga: No I can't. I have worked very hard to be perfect up until now.
Shawn Hunter: I am throwing up. I am throwing up all over you.

Topanga: Told you he'd be here.
Cory Matthews: No, you didn't. You were waving a dollar and yawning at me.
Topanga: Bill... board! How much simpler can it be!

George Feeny: Ms. Lawrence, I have an assignment for you as well. Butt out of other people's business for a week. Otherwise, you get an F.
Topanga: But I've never failed before!
George Feeny: There's a first time for everything.
Cory Matthews: That argument doesn't get you anywhere with her.

George Feeny: You better stay too you little control freak!
Topanga: [shocked] You just yelled at me! But I'm Topanga.

George Feeny: Ms. Lawrence, you're butting in.
Topanga: Yeah, so fail me. That's life.
George Feeny: But you won't be perfect anymore.
Topanga: No one should be perfect.
George Feeny: You just yelled at me. But I'm Mr. Feeny.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets the New Teacher (#2.10)" (2015)
Topanga Matthews: Girls, slow down! What is the rush?
Maya Hart: Dinner is keeping us from our homework.
Riley Matthews: The new English teacher wants us to read this.
Topanga Matthews: This looks like a comic book.
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Topanga Matthews: Didn't we have a teacher who taught us...
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Topanga Matthews: Tell me more about this new English teacher.
Riley Matthews: Motorcycle.
Maya Hart: Leather jacket.
Topanga Matthews: Sounds familiar...
[turns to Cory]
Topanga Matthews: Weren't you on the committee to hire the new English teacher?
Cory Matthews: Yes!

Topanga Matthews: Not all history repeats itself, Cory.
Riley Matthews: Why, what happened to you guys?
Topanga Matthews: Well, we had a pretty cool teacher once.
Riley Matthews: Feenay!
Topanga Matthews: No, we actually had *one* other teacher.
Maya Hart: Did that teacher get along with the principal?
Topanga Matthews: Feeny was the principal.
Auggie Matthews: Feeny taught you every year and was also your principal?
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Auggie Matthews: That would never happen today!
Cory Matthews: We'll see!

Topanga Matthews: How was everybody's day today?
Auggie Matthews: It was a good day, and then my friends treated me nicely, and then my teacher measured me, and I'm growing, and then Jenny Lewis loooves me.
Topanga Matthews: Wait a minute! This already happened.
Auggie Matthews: Yeah, I'm out of stuff.
Cory Matthews: He's right! Nothing new happened at all!
Riley Matthews: Dad got fired today.
Cory Matthews: W-well, there's that... You know how you thought there might be trouble between Yancy and the new teacher?
Topanga Matthews: The young idealist who was gonna win him over.
Cory Matthews: She didn't... so much.
Topanga Matthews: But you defended her?
Cory Matthews: I did.
Topanga Matthews: So Yancy fired you.
Cory Matthews: So much.
Topanga Matthews: Yancy can't fire you. According to Statute 30.28, teacher dismissals have to come from the State.
Riley Matthews: Mom, do you know everything?
Topanga Matthews: Yeah.

Auggie Matthews: He was one of your teachers, Mommy?
Topanga Matthews: Yeah. Mr. Turner helped me learn everything I know.
Auggie Matthews: She knows everything.
Mr. Turner: I know.
Auggie Matthews: Was my daddy a good student?
Mr. Turner: He was a wonderful student.
Topanga Matthews: Why would you lie to my kid?
Mr. Turner: He tried his best.
Topanga Matthews: Why would you lie to my kid?
Mr. Turner: He was so bad, he became a teacher so he could go back to school again.
Maya Hart: So... word has it, you took care of Shawn Hunter?
Mr. Turner: Yeah, I did. His dad was a little off and on. No kid should have that.
Maya Hart: Yeah... Did you care about him, though? I mean, you weren't his real father.
Mr. Turner: No, I wasn't.
Maya Hart: But was it possible for you to...
Cory Matthews: Yes, Maya. I loved him like a son. I still do.
Maya Hart: That's good.
Riley Matthews: Dad?
Cory Matthews: Yeah?
Riley Matthews: Thank you for being a good teacher.
Maya Hart: Yeah, thanks.
Cory Matthews: Boy, there's nothing better than hearing that from your students.
[Topanga looks at Cory and then at Turner]
Cory Matthews: Mr. Turner...
Topanga Matthews: Thank you for being a good teacher.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, thanks.

Topanga Matthews: You gave me an A-minus once.
Cory Matthews: Topanga...
Topanga Matthews: I want you to change it!
Mr. Turner: ...Okay.

"Boy Meets World: As Time Goes By (#7.20)" (2000)
Topanga Matthews: Responsibility is not popcorn or cartoons!
Cory Matthews: [mockingly] Wahspons-a-bilwaty ig not popcor' or cartoo's

Rory: We was all relaxed and happy until she came along. You're a very good looking man, by the way.
Cory Matthews: Topanga was a very good person.
Ella Fitzgerald-Kennedy: Yeah, well now she's good and dead.
Receptionist: She ain't gonna bother us no more!
Isaac 'Goodshot' Kelly: She was a stress case man.
Gumshoe: So somebody killed her. Now it's my job to find out whodunit.
[Everyone whistles non-chalantly and heads for the door]
Gumshoe: Hey, hey, hey! Nobody move! You're all suspects.
[They continue]
Gumshoe: Alright, you know, don't leave town.
Cory Matthews: Hold on!
[Everyone turns]
Cory Matthews: Okay, you know maybe Topanga was a little annoying. And maybe sometimes she made me a little exasperated. But I never once thought of doing this! Alright maybe a little. But I never did it! Which is the difference between me
[turns to face Rory]
Cory Matthews: and you. Now, tell me. Why did you do it?
Rory: I did it because she was ruining my good time. She was ruining our entire way of life.
Isaac 'Goodshot' Kelly: Yeah, she was.
Receptionist: Yeah!
Cory Matthews: Why is that? Because in your hearts you knew she was right? Because you knew that even though she'd change you, it'd be for the better? That's why I need her in my life. And you know why she needs me?
Topanga Matthews: I can't. I'm dead.
Cory Matthews: No, you're not. This isn't real.
Gumshoe: I knew that.
Cory Matthews: This whole thing's a cartoon. It's pretend but I think it's what you needed.

Cory Matthews: Cleaning is not relaxation.
Topanga Matthews: Well, it's better than watching a duck with a speech impediment.
Cory Matthews: [angry and defensive] Daffy is doing the best he can with what he has, alright?

Topanga Matthews: Just because something bad happens doesn't mean you can escape into a fantasy world.

Topanga Matthews: Cory, you and I have the exact same paper due tommorrow. How is that I'm sitting here studying and your sitting there watching that stupid coyote fall into the grand canyon again?
Cory Matthews: I wanna make sure he's gonna be alright.
Topanga Matthews: He's *always* alright!
Cory Matthews: What if this is the one time he dies?

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Game Night (#1.17)" (2015)
Topanga Matthews: Why can't we just play with her friends?
Cory Matthews: Because, Topanga, the second she allowed Dr. Turtleneck and Mr. Howdy into our household, our family was compromised by interlopers!
Lucas Friar: Maybe we could just come back another time.
Cory Matthews: [realizes Lucas and Farkle heard everything] Oh, yeah, we don't have walls... I told you we needed walls, Topanga!
Joshua Matthews: [to Farkle] Dr. Turtleneck, I presume.
Farkle Minkus: How could you tell?
Joshua Matthews: Oh, 'cause... Ah, you just seemed like a doctor to me.
Farkle Minkus: Thank you.
Joshua Matthews: Thank you.
[turns to Lucas]
Joshua Matthews: Then you must be...
Lucas Friar: Howdy.
[shakes hands with Josh]

Cory Matthews: See this? "The Family Game. The game for families." Not "The Friends Game. A game for friends." I saw that game. I didn't buy that game. I bought this one. Because I used to have a family.
Topanga Matthews: Will you stop?
Cory Matthews: How could she choose her friends over us? I mean, did they burp her? Did they change her diapers?
Farkle Minkus: We haven't yet, but we will when she's old.

Cory Matthews: You and me.
Topanga Matthews: You and me. Let's win this thing.
Maya Hart: [to Riley] You and me. Let's win this thing.
Farkle Minkus: [to Lucas] You and me.
Lucas Friar: I just wanna go home.

Cory Matthews: Someone has to get a 12. Anything but a 12. Nobody throw a 12.
Riley Matthews: [throws the dice] 12!
Lucas Friar: Oh, thank goodness, it's over!
Riley Matthews: No, it's not. I'm not going for the success square. I'm going for the circle in the middle. We are going to play the Long Game.
Lucas Friar: What?
Topanga Matthews: But, you could win!
Joshua Matthews: Dude, why would you do that?
Riley Matthews: Because tonight, the Family Game is not about winning.
Topanga Matthews: Uhhh, say what?
Riley Matthews: Mom, I was only trying to beat you because I want you to be proud of me.
Topanga Matthews: You do?
Riley Matthews: Yeah, I want to be like you.
Topanga Matthews: You do?
Riley Matthews: A killer shark who always wins?
Topanga Matthews: That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!
Riley Matthews: So tonight, let's find out what happens when you play the Long Game.
Lucas Friar: I'm never gonna see my mama again.

"Boy Meets World: She's Having My Baby Back Ribs (#7.17)" (2000)
Topanga: Eric, do you think I'm fat?
Eric: Yeah.
Eric: [points to pizza] You gonna finish that slice?
Topanga: You know, you've packed on a few pounds too, Eric.
Eric: That's alright, you know its college. You've heard of the freshman 15.
Topanga: You're a senior.
Eric: Wait a minute. 4 years times 15 pounds, that's like
Eric: ... That's 500 EXTRA POUNDS?
Topanga: You're not that overweight, Eric.
Eric: Oh come on, I see the way the girls flock to Jack and his 6% body fat and ignore me and my 70% flab. What am I gonna do? I mean I feel so alone.
Topanga: You're not alone.
Eric: Oh that's right, YOU'RE FAT TOO!
[hugs Topanga]
Topanga: Well Eric, maybe we can help eachother.
Eric: Well how? We're pigs.
Topanga: I'll set up the healthy eating plan and we'll give each other moral support. Like, if I want a candy bar I'll come to you.
Eric: And then, we can share it.
Topanga: Nooo, you'll tell me not to eat it.
Eric: And then, I get the whole thing!
Topanga: No, you'll grab it away from me and you'll throw it in the trashcan. Eric, are you with me or not?
Eric: Alright, alright but you can't tell anybody that we're dieting, alright? It's embarrassing.
Topanga: Absolutely I promise, not a word.
Eric: Not a word.
Topanga: [gets up to leave]
Eric: See ya, fatty.

Angela Moore: You're not pregnant.
Topanga: I'll get pregnant; get out of my way!

Topanga: Eric, okay Eric, we've only been on this diet for twelve hours, toughen up!
Eric: [straining his eyes] Is that you Topanga?
Topanga: Come on, it's not that hard - I smell Danish!
Eric: Topanga, I can't do this, okay? Women reject me based on who I am, not what I look like.
Topanga: This isn't only about you! I want to be as slim and slender as the day Cory met me.
Eric: You were two years old!
Topanga: I'm telling you, there's Danish in this room!

Topanga: Eric, do you think I'm fat?
Eric: Yeah.

"Boy Meets World: Brothers (#5.1)" (1997)
Topanga Lawrence: You have a picture of your brother in your wallet?
Cory Matthews: Yeah, why?
Topanga Lawrence: Oh, nothing, I just think it's sweet. I'm in there too, right?
Cory Matthews: [hesitates] You will be.

Topanga Lawrence: How come you're not kissing me?
Cory Matthews: Because the second our lips touch, he's coming in here. Watch.
Topanga Lawrence: Look, Cory, this is your room now and Eric knows it. He's not just going to walk in here and take over. Kiss.
[They kiss and, true to Cory's prediction, Eric enters]
Eric Matthews: Hello!

Cory Matthews: I must've shown Eric like ten places. He doesn't like anything. Okay, one place has a white fridge. He wants avocado. Then he insists on something with an ocean view so he can relax his nerves.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, an ocean view sounds nice.
Cory Matthews: We live in Philadelphia!
Topanga Lawrence: Stop snapping. I'm the girlfriend.
Cory Matthews: Say kiss.
Topanga Lawrence: Kiss
[they do]
Cory Matthews: Sorry. It's just I don't understand Eric. He's got this great opportunity to be out of the house and instead he returns home to give *me* the business.
Topanga Lawrence: You know what you need? You need some college guy to walk down those stairs, announce that he's new in town and that he needs roommates.
Cory Matthews: If you love me, you could make that happen.
Jack Hunter: Excuse me. New guy in town. Going to Pennbrook. Just got a three bedroom apartment and I'm looking for roommates
Topanga Lawrence: I heard him talking outside but I do love you though.

Cory Matthews: Finally something good happens for Cory. The world is my friend.
Shawn Hunter: [to Jack] What are *you* doing here?
Cory Matthews: No, don't ruin this for me. Shawn, listen, whoever this guy is. Whatever minor personal infraction happened between the two of you, let it go. Because the world knows that this one is gonna be Eric's roommate and the world is *my* friend.
Topanga Lawrence: How do you two know each other?
Shawn Hunter: He's my brother.
Cory Matthews: Of course he is! He is *not* your brother!

"Boy Meets World: A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2 (#4.17)" (1997)
Amy Matthews: Okay Cory, you educate me. You tell me what love means to you.
Cory Matthews: Mom listen, I haven't been with Topanga for 22 years but we have been together for 16. Ok, that's a lot longer than most couples have been together. I mean, when we were born you told me that we used to take walks in our strollers together around the block. When we were 2 we were best friends. I mean I, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, I knew her favorite food. Then we got to be 6 and Eric made fun of me because it wasn't cool to have a best friend that's a girl, or even know a girl.
Eric Matthews: Yeah, and you listened to me. Idiot.
Cory Matthews: So for the next 7 years I threw dirt at her. I like to call those years the lost years.
Topanga Lawrence: You were the one who made him throw dirt me?
Eric Matthews: You were a girl, noogie head.
Cory Matthews: Then when I was 13 Mom, she put me up against my locker, she kissed me. I mean she, she gave me my first kiss. She taught me how to dance, she always was talking about these crazy things and I never understood a word she said, all I understood was that she was the girl I sat up every night thinking about. And when I'm with her I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything. Even talk to you like this. So that's, that's what I think is love Mom. When I'm better because she's here. And now she won't be. So I'm finished.
Topanga Lawrence: I think it's a good thing that Cory is the only boy I've ever loved. And I was looking forward to doing all of the things that people do who are in love. With Cory. And not just with some guy in Pittsburgh because I'm there.

Amy Matthews: Topanga, your parents don't know you're here, do they?
Eric Matthews: No. No, they don't.
Alan Matthews: Topanga, your parents are gonna be very worried about you.
Topanga Lawrence: Why would they be worried about me now? They weren't worried about me when they decided to move. I told them how much Cory meant to me and how I couldn't be away from him. I guess I was too young to say things like that, that I didn't know.
Alan Matthews: So you ran away from them?
Topanga Lawrence: I ran away to Cory.
Alan Matthews: Okay... It just got serious now.
Amy Matthews: Topanga, I'm gonna have to call them.
Cory Matthews: No, Mom! Didn't you hear what she just said? Her parents don't understand her. Just like you two don't understand me. We want to be together, okay? That's what we want!
Amy Matthews: Topanga, I know you miss Cory. But to come here, without your parent's permission, that's just wrong!
Cory Matthews: How could it be wrong, Mom, if she loves me enough to do that? I mean, I'm sorry I didn't do it myself.

Mr. George Feeny: Even though this isn't a classroom at the moment, would you mind if I taught you a lesson anyway?
Topanga Lawrence: Please.
Mr. George Feeny: Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when I cared for someone as deeply as you two care for each other now.
Cory Matthews: You believe we love each other?
Mr. George Feeny: And for no reason I understood, my wife was taken from me, and I haven't been so deeply in love since.
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] Feeny believes we love each other!
Mr. George Feeny: I believe that when you find love, you hold on to it, and cherish it! Because there is nothing finer, and may never come again. And that, my dears, is the most important thing I could teach you.

"Boy Meets World: Graduation (#5.24)" (1998)
[Graduation week, Topanga walks up to Cory and Shawn in the hallway]
Topanga: I finished my valedictorian speech. You guys wanna hear it?
Stuart Minkus: Oh? What makes you so sure you're valedictorian, little missy?
Topanga: Cause I'm Topanga.
Stuart Minkus: Well, I'm Minkus, and last time I checked, I had 699 As, which by my count, is that same number as you.
Cory: You counted As? What kind of sick person would count As?
[Topanga looks at him]
Cory: Oh.
Topanga: I'll tell you what to do, Stuart. You can go get Feeny's gradebook and count them AGAIN.
Stuart Minkus: You did something, didn't you?
[to Cory]
Stuart Minkus: She did something, didn't she?
Cory: Take it easy, Minkus. You never had a chance.
Stuart Minkus: Oh, she's an evil little girl, Cory. She's an evil little girl.
Cory: Yeah, but every time I kiss her, it don't care.

Topanga: Should I go to Yale?
George Feeny: If you're asking me if Yale is one of the finest academic institutions in the country, then I would have to say... Duh.

Topanga: Cory, I know what I wanna do with my life...
Cory: Shh... Shawn's speaking in public. This will never happen again in our lives.

"Boy Meets World: My Best Friend's Girl (#3.1)" (1995)
Cory Matthews: Hello.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, hi! We have all the same classes again!
Cory Matthews: Yeah, I-I had a nice summer too, thanks.

Cory Matthews: What are you looking at me for?
Topanga Lawrence: Cory Matthews, what is your problem?
Cory Matthews: You.
Topanga Lawrence: What did I do?
Cory Matthews: Topanga, you only went out with my best friend!
Topanga Lawrence: Well, you didn't ask me. And besides, you came to the make out movies with my best friend too.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but only to... make you think... I mean, I was just...
[gives up and walks towards the door]
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, would you just talk to me?
Cory Matthews: [turns around again] I can't! Don't you think I want to? I mean, in my head, this is so easy! I said it all summer long, a million times.
Topanga Lawrence: Say what?
Cory Matthews: I can't say it now! Here. With all these...
[looks around, realizing]
Cory Matthews: ... empty chairs around.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, it's just you and me. We've known each other our whole lives. We've always been able to talk.
Cory Matthews: That's what's making this so hard now.
Topanga Lawrence: It doesn't have to be.
Cory Matthews: Look, Topanga... If I had to dream up the perfect woman... she wouldn't even come close to you.
[slight pause, where Topanga smiles, knowing where this is going]
Cory Matthews: Would you be my girlfriend?
[she leans in and they kiss]
Cory Matthews: Yes or no?
[she smiles and kisses him again]

Cory Matthews: Now, where were we?
[He and Topanga kiss]
Topanga Lawrence: You little badger.

"Boy Meets World: And Then There Was Shawn (#5.17)" (1998)
Angela Moore: But that would mean...
Eric Matthews: Dun, Dun, Dun.
Cory Matthews: The killer is one of us.
Shawn Hunter: Like in 'The Killer is One of Us.'
Eric Matthews: Dun, Dun, Dun.
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Enough already!
Shawn Hunter: Why? Do we upset you?
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Yes.
Cory Matthews: Upset you enough... to kill?
Eric Matthews: Dun, dun, dun. I'm done.

Shawn Hunter: [standing up] Mr. Feeny. I'm sure if you recall the pain of being stabbed in the back by the girlfriend...
Topanga Lawrence: [also standing up] I didn't stab him! He stabbed me!
Cory Matthews: [standing up as well] Oh, I'd stab myself before stabbing you! Kenny, give me your pencil!
Kenny: I don't have one!

Cory Matthews: Topanga... do we upset you?
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Yes!
Cory Matthews: Upset you enough... to kill?

"Boy Meets World: Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf? (#2.6)" (1994)
Topanga Lawrence: If something's wrong, you can tell me. It's not like I don't care about you.
Madame Ouspenskaya: [in Cory's head] You will kill the one girl who cares for you.
Cory Matthews: Listen to me, you can't care for me, okay? If you do, only harm will come to you. It will never work out between the two of us!
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, get a grip. We're only going to a Halloween party.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, that's how it starts! Then we get married, have kids, and I eat them!

Cory Matthews: Topanga, I warned you not to...
[He notices her costume]
Cory Matthews: ... Oh, boy, why'd you have to wear that?
Topanga Lawrence: Because I'm a damsel. But not the distressed kind. One who is very together and in complete control of her own destiny.

Cory Matthews: Look at me. Tell me what you see.
Topanga Lawrence: I see you.
Cory Matthews: No you don't. You see hair and teeth and the beast within me.
Topanga Lawrence: No! I see Cory. The same Cory I've known since I was three.
Cory Matthews: I'm not a wolf? I'm not a wolf! I'm not a wolf!
[they kiss deeply]
Topanga Lawrence: Yes, you are.
Cory Matthews: AAAAH-OOOOH!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Triangle (#3.5)" (2016)
Topanga Matthews: [about Maya] What's wrong with her?
Riley Matthews: She's been getting good grades, she's behaving all over the place... What is that?
Topanga Matthews: Well, we like to believe that we helped contribute to the perfectly civilized lovely young lady we see sitting before us.
Riley Matthews: [beat] It's Maya!
Topanga Matthews: Oh, yeah... We broke her.

Topanga Matthews: We've got a problem.
Cory Matthews: I see twins.
Katy Hart: Why is that a problem?
Topanga Matthews: We only raise Rileys. Katy, I need you to be a strong parent...
Katy Hart: [laughs] Sorry...
Topanga Matthews: Okay. Can you play a strong parent? I'm gonna cast you in the role of Strong Parent.
[Katy gets up, trying to get into character]
Katy Hart: Maya!
Katy Hart: That's all I got.

[last lines]
Lucas Friar: [races into the Matthews' living room] I've made my decision!
Cory Matthews: What are you doing in my house?
Lucas Friar: I came in through the window with a big and important announcement. But... no one was there. Where are they?
Katy Hart: They're gone. Forget 'em. Tell us.
Lucas Friar: NO!
[runs out of the room]
Topanga Matthews: Sit down and spill it, Chocky!
[Lucas comes back into the room again. He sits down with Cory, Topanga and Katy]
Lucas Friar: Okay... Here's who I picked.
[everyone pays close attention. Before Lucas says something, the screen goes to black]

"Boy Meets World: They're Killing Us (#7.6)" (1999)
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I'm beginning to think you'd be okay if we spent our honeymoon in any old hotel!
Cory Matthews: Or in the road!

Topanga Lawrence: There's no way we'll make it until June - just no way. I'll do something very bad to Eric... I will.
Cory Matthews: Honey...
Topanga Lawrence: I'm twiching. I know. Back off!

Topanga Lawrence: Cut the crap. At least Morgan was honest. Well that's it. If you guys can't put on these dresses and get caught up in the magic of my southern belle wedding then... Who needs y'all?
Morgan Matthews: You're from Philadelphia, stupid!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Texas: Part 3 (#2.22)" (2015)
Cory Matthews: I don't want this.
Maya Hart: We're confused.
Topanga Matthews: I don't want this either.
Riley Matthews: We're going into high school!
Topanga Matthews: You know what your priority is in high school?
Cory Matthews: High school.
Topanga Matthews: It's where you further your minds, and you get an education.
Cory Matthews: You know why?
Topanga Matthews: So you're smart enough not to find yourself in a situation like this!
Riley Matthews: We're not in a situation, everything's fine!
Topanga Matthews: Maya?
Maya Hart: We're in a situation.
Riley Matthews: Why do we have to have feelings?
Cory Matthews: You don't! Get rid of 'em!
Topanga Matthews: You think you like Lucas?
Maya Hart: How can you not like him?
Cory Matthews: I didn't think you liked anybody!
Maya Hart: It's my facade.
Cory Matthews: Don't use big words correctly. It's not who you are.
Riley Matthews: We're Riley and Maya.
Maya Hart: We know our priorities.
Riley Matthews: And nothing and nobody could ever come between us.
Topanga Matthews: You are two confused kids who think you know what you're doing.
Cory Matthews: But you don't. So don't do anything.
Topanga Matthews: Nothing is as easy as it seems when feelings are involved.

Cory Matthews: Oh, no. They're gonna figure it out. What do we do?
Topanga Matthews: We trust them.
Cory Matthews: That's the worst idea I've ever heard.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets the New Year (#2.25)" (2015)
Cory Matthews: Does it have to be next year already?
Topanga Matthews: [checks her watch] Actually, we've still got an hour until it's next year. Let's recap what we have thus far. You and me, Riley and Auggie, all of these friends and family... You and me. No matter what happens. Next year, bring it on.
Cory Matthews: Happy new year, Topanga.
Topanga Matthews: Happy new year, Cory Matthews.

Maya Hart: You're right again, aren't you, Matthews?
Cory Matthews: Yes, I am. About what?
Maya Hart: How easy it is to get torn apart by feelings you don't understand. It's gonna be a tough year, isn't it?
Topanga Matthews: Oh, it doesn't get any easier. That's why you have to stick close to the people you trust so they can put you back together again.
Maya Hart: Yeah. They're all right here, aren't they?
Cory Matthews: They all are.
Topanga Matthews: So why don't you go join them?
Cory Matthews: Happy new year, Maya.
Maya Hart: Happy new year.
[kisses Topanga on the cheek and hugs Cory before standing up to go join the others on the roof. She closes the door behind her]
Topanga Matthews: You and me. Next year...
Cory Matthews: Bring it on.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Maya's Mother (#1.7)" (2014)
Riley Matthews: Do you have a talent?
Cory Matthews: Does she? Does she? Your mom...
Topanga Matthews: Don't you dare.
Cory Matthews: Your mom's hips don't lie!

Cory Matthews: Minkus.
Stuart Minkus: Topanga!
Topanga Matthews: Stuart.
Stuart Minkus: Topanga!
Farkle Minkus: Father.
Stuart Minkus: Farkle.
Lucas Friar: Wait a minute...
Farkle Minkus: Yes?
Lucas Friar: He is your father?
Farkle Minkus: Look at us!
Lucas Friar: Your name is Farkle Minkus?
Farkle Minkus: Don't wear it out.
Lucas Friar: I don't know how you could.

"Boy Meets World: A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss (#3.14)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I gotta tell you something. The other day when you said you didn't wanna be my friend... You really hurt me.
Cory: Yeah, and I felt great when I saw you kissing that guy.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, Nick has nothing to do with you.
Cory: Must you use his name?
Topanga Lawrence: What do you want me to call him?
Cory: Sally! I want you to call him Sally!

Topanga Lawrence: Cory? Thanks for coming.
Cory: I'd never not be there for you.

"Boy Meets World: It's Not You... It's Me (#5.3)" (1997)
[flashback scene, at the zoo where Cory and Shawn first met. Cory and Topanga, then age 8, with others comes running and pass Shawn on their way]
Young Shawn Hunter: [to Cory] Hey! Wanna have lunch with me?
Young Cory Matthews: I don't think I should. Those guys says you live in the trailer park and I shouldn't like you.
Young Shawn Hunter: Oh, well, if you wanna have lunch with me, I'll be right here.
Young Cory Matthews: [climbs up on a fence] Hey, Topanga, look, I'm a llama! I'm a lla-aah!
[falls over to the llama side of the fence]
Young Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I told you not to play with the llamas!
Young Cory Matthews: [off screen] Help! Help!
Young Topanga Lawrence: Somebody, help! Help! Help!
[everyone else runs away. Shawn comes running around the corner, climbs into the llama side, helps Cory up and they climb over again]
Young Cory Matthews: Hey, thanks for pulling me over the llama fence. You're fun. My name is Cory.
Young Shawn Hunter: I'm Shawn.
[they shake hands]
Young Topanga Lawrence: Hi, I'm Topanga.
Young Cory Matthews: The wife. I'm sorry I didn't have lunch with you. My friends were wrong. They're not even my friends.
Young Shawn Hunter: I'll be your friend.
Young Cory Matthews: Really?
Young Shawn Hunter: Just promise me, when we grow up you won't go to college and leave me.
Young Cory Matthews: Okay. Friends forever?
Young Shawn Hunter: Forever.
[they move in for a hug]
Young Topanga Lawrence: [from behind them] Stop it. You're boys!
[flashback ends, and back in Mr. Feeny's office in present time, Cory and Shawn are also hugging, with Topanga standing behind them, just like in the flashback]
Topanga Lawrence: Stop it. You're boys!

Topanga Lawrence: You won't listen to me. You won't listen to each other. Maybe you'll listen to Mr. Feeny.
George Feeny: Well, it hasn't happened yet, but I'll take a shot at it. Okay, who wants to start?
Cory Matthews: I have nothing to say.
Shawn Hunter: Me neither.
George Feeny: Okay! That was my best shot.
Topanga Lawrence: What? Mr. Feeny, these people are about to throw away ten years of friendship and you call *that* your best shot? Shame on you! Shame!
George Feeny: I show up. I teach. Why isn't that enough? Why?

"Boy Meets World: An Affair to Forget (#4.11)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: Why are all those guys talking to Shawn's girlfriend?
Cory Matthews: Well, Shawn and Jennifer broke up this morning. Look at her, she's already on the prowl!
Topanga Lawrence: Well, how's Shawn taking it?
Cory Matthews: Are you kidding? Shawn is Shawn. You can't keep Shawn down. Get up, Shawn.
[the camera pans out to reveal Shawn laying down against his locker]

Topanga Lawrence: Why are all those guys talking to Shawn's girlfriend?
Cory Matthews: Well, Shawn and Jennifer broke up this morning. Look at her. She's already on the prowl.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, how is Shawn taking it?
Cory Matthews: Are you kidding? Shawn is Shawn. You can't keep Shawn down.
[Shawn is revealed to be lying on the floor looking pathetic]
Cory Matthews: Get up Shawn.
Shawn Hunter: She dumped me. She dumped me good. I didn't even see it coming.
Cory Matthews: Look what they done to my boy.

"Boy Meets World: Pairing Off (#2.2)" (1994)
Topanga: [Cory is trying very hard to run his fingers through his hair to attract girls] Cory, what is it?
Cory: You were just drawn to me, weren't you?
Topanga: No, I thought you had head lice.

Cory Matthews: Topanga! Topanga, my honey. May I call you honey?
Topanga Lawrence: No.
Cory Matthews: Topanga, my girl, my friend, my girly friend. Believe me, I don't want this any more than you do, but everybody around here is pairing off, and I think you and I should spare ourselves a lot of uncoolness and walk through life together.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, my dear little butthead... May I call you butthead?
Cory Matthews: Sure.
Topanga Lawrence: I can't walk through life with you.
Cory Matthews: Is there someone else?
Topanga Lawrence: There's everybody else.

"Boy Meets World: The Thrilla' in Phila' (#2.21)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Okay guys yearbook time. As you look back on your first year at John Adams what do you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?
Cory Matthews: Let's see. I mean there's so many.
Shawn Hunter: It's hard to pick just one.
Cory Matthews: There was the time we...
Shawn Hunter: No. No, that wasn't us.
Cory Matthews: What about the time we...
Shawn Hunter: Also not us.
Topanga Lawrence: You guys are the two most pathetic students in this school.
Shawn Hunter: That's an accomplishment.

Shawn Hunter: Hey, Topanga, you wanted to ask me some more questions for the yearbook?
Topanga Lawrence: [distracted by looking at Cory] Uh, yeah... Where do you think Cory's gonna end up in ten years?
Shawn Hunter: You mean me, don't you?
Topanga Lawrence: That's what I said.
Shawn Hunter: No, you said Cory.
Topanga Lawrence: I did not!
Shawn Hunter: [teasingly] You like him!
Topanga Lawrence: [grabs his shirt] I do not!
Shawn Hunter: You like him a lot!

"Boy Meets World: Life Lessons (#3.18)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: Okay Mr. Turner. Now we go to school all year and I'll be honest we don't like it. Now it's the end of the year and we gotta take all these finals about stuff we already learned and naturally have forgotten about. I mean why does Feeny like torturing us?
Jonathan Turner: You got a point Matthews?
Cory Matthews: Well yeah. We're very upset.
Students: Yeah.
Jonathan Turner: So it's a tough schedule. That's what school's all about.
Cory Matthews: Yeah but not this tough. I mean people are starting to crack.
Topanga Lawrence: [walking by carrying a textbook] Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Flourine...
Cory Matthews: She's not even in chemistry.

Topanga Lawrence: So tell me about "The Great Gatsby."
Cory Matthews: The best hockey player of all time. Next!

"Boy Meets World: Resurrection (#6.17)" (1999)
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I feel like we're really distant.
[next picture shows Cory on the other side of the room]

Topanga Lawrence: Would you rather I be like the old strange Topanga?
Cory Matthews: [Topanga makes the dance moves] No, it's not like I don't like... the new strange Topanga... I mean, it's important for us to grow, but I just... I don't wanna lose what's so special about you.
Topanga Lawrence: You never will.
[puts lipgloss all over her face, shaped like a heart]
Topanga Lawrence: Because, I've made you memories. And they will always be here to remind me.
Shawn Hunter: Use a mirror, babe.

"Boy Meets World: Wrong Side of the Tracks (#2.19)" (1995)
[talking about a biography project]
Cory Matthews: So it can be about anyone?
Jonathan Turner: Anyone real.
Cory Matthews: I pick Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: I pick Cory!
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: You know you walked right into that.
Jonathan Turner: I did, didn't I?

Jonathan Turner: Okay, Topanga, you're writing your biography on who?
Topanga Lawrence: Someone I really admire. Katie Couric.
Cory Matthews: Oh, please. "I'm so perky! I have such a big smile!" She's a phony! At least pick someone real.
Topanga Lawrence: Okay, Cory, who are you picking?
Cory Matthews: Captain James T. Kirk of USS Enterprise.

"Boy Meets World: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow (#4.2)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: *As Cory and Shawn stare lack-jawed at her* Well, isn't somebody gonna say something?
Shawn Hunter: *To himself, trying to convince* She's my best friend's girl... She's my best friend's girl... *Giving in* *To Topanga* Oh, the heck with that, marry me! I live in a trailer park and I have no education, but my hair does this... *Waves his hands through his hair*
Shawn Hunter: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: *Not caring, still gawking at Topanga* Shut up, man, I'm going for it! *Cory sprays Shawn with a nearby spray bottle* Thanks, thanks. I'm back.
Cory Matthews: Good. Alright, Topanga. *Puts down the bottle* *Shawn mimes the "call me" gesture to Topanga behind Cory's back* I want... *Looks suspiciously at Shawn, who stops* the name of the guy who did this to you.
Topanga Lawrence: You don't like it?
Cory Matthews: No, no, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm in love with this girl who was never interested in what she looked like before. *Shawn begins staring at Topanga's feet* And now I see makeup on your face and polish on you nails and toes and... *To Shawn* Stop looking at her toes.
Shawn Hunter: *Entranced* But they sparkle!
Cory Matthews: *To Topanga* I want the name of the guy who did this to you!
Topanga Lawrence: My stylist's name is Mr. Cellini. Cory, it's just a haircut, it's just some makeup. It's not gonna change me. *Checks watch* Gotta go. *Begins walking away*
Cory Matthews: Well, where are you going?
Topanga Lawrence: This outfit with this hair? Hello? Buh-bye, I am *so* at the mall.

Topanga Lawrence: [as Cory and Shawn stare lack-jawed at her] Well, isn't somebody gonna say something?
Shawn Hunter: [to himself, trying to convince] She's my best friend's girl... She's my best friend's girl...
[Giving in]
Shawn Hunter: [to Topanga] Oh, the heck with that, marry me! I live in a trailer park and I have no education, but my hair does this...
[Waves his hands through his hair]
Shawn Hunter: Shawn!
Shawn Hunter: [Not caring, still gawking at Topanga] Shut up, man, I'm going for it!
[Cory sprays Shawn with a nearby spray bottle]
Shawn Hunter: Thanks, thanks. I'm back.
Cory Matthews: Good. Alright, Topanga.
[Puts down the bottle]
Cory Matthews: [Shawn mimes the "call me" gesture to Topanga behind Cory's back] I want...
[Looks suspiciously at Shawn, who stops]
Cory Matthews: the name of the guy who did this to you.
Topanga Lawrence: You don't like it?
Cory Matthews: No, no, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm in love with this girl who was never interested in what she looked like before.
[Shawn begins staring at Topanga's feet]
Cory Matthews: And now I see makeup on your face and polish on you nails and toes and...
[to Shawn]
Cory Matthews: Stop looking at her toes.
Shawn Hunter: [Entranced] But they sparkle!
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] I want the name of the guy who did this to you!
Topanga Lawrence: My stylist's name is Mr. Cellini. Cory, it's just a haircut, it's just some makeup. It's not gonna change me.
[Checks watch]
Topanga Lawrence: Gotta go.
[Begins walking away]
Cory Matthews: Well, where are you going?
Topanga Lawrence: This outfit with this hair? Hello? Buh-bye, I am *so* at the mall.

"Boy Meets World: Career Day (#2.22)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Daddy, forget about all that. Tell them who called last night.
Jedediah Lawrence: Oh, they don't wanna hear about that, Tippy.
Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter: Tippy?
[Topanga turns to them, literally snarling]
Cory Matthews: Tippy's nice.
Shawn Hunter: It's my new favorite name.

Chet Hunter: What I sell best are ideas. That's what I am. I'm an idea man. Well, a few years ago I had an idea for an all news tv station, going all the time, all over the world.
Topanga Lawrence: You invented CNN?
Chet Hunter: That's exactly what I called it! CNN. Chet's News Network. But I made the mistake of yapping to a southern fella about it on an elevator. Wait.
[He turns to Mr. Turner and eyes him suspiciously]
Chet Hunter: What'd you say your last name was?
Jonathan Turner: Turner. No relation.

"Boy Meets World: The Grass Is Always Greener (#3.12)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, about tonight, um... Can we reschedule? Some of the girls are getting together, and if it's all right...
Cory Matthews: Oh, don't speak, don't speak. If you need to get together with the girls of your gender, I... I completely understand.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, have you been reading Couples Magazine?
Cory Matthews: I took the quiz on the back. 95!
Topanga Lawrence: Ooh!
[she kisses him before she leaves]
Shawn Hunter: 95? Is that your score or your age?

Eric Matthews: Listen to me. You and Topanga spent the last three Friday nights at home, tearing up at chick flicks.
Cory Matthews: Excuse me, last Friday night, if you recall, Topanga and I spent a lovely evening at home, watching no TV whatsoever.
Eric Matthews: You made jam!
Cory Matthews: It was preserves, Eric. It was preserves. It was a nifty little recipe in this Couples magazine, see? I told them I was married to get a subscription discount.
Eric Matthews: Are you blind in the eyes, man? Huh? You and Topanga are turning into an old, boring couple.
Cory Matthews: Eric, Topanga and I have been going out for five months, all right? And in our circle we are considered young and hip
Topanga Lawrence: [calling from the living room] Hon, how are the muffins doing?
Cory Matthews: I'll stick a fork in 'em, hon.
Eric Matthews: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! If you go near that oven, I'll stick a fork in you!
Cory Matthews: You wouldn't.
Eric Matthews: Ohm I'd be doing you a favor.
Cory Matthews: Oh, stop being such a weisenheimer. Who said that?
Eric Matthews: You did, Pops!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels (#2.5)" (2015)
Auggie Matthews: Uncle Eric, how come you look like this?
Cory Matthews: Because they elected him mayor.
Riley Matthews: Who would do that?
Topanga Matthews: The good people of Stupidtown.
Eric Matthews: It's not pronounced Stupidtown!
Topanga Matthews: How is it pronounced?
Eric Matthews: St. Upidtown!
Topanga Matthews: Oh. How St. Upid of me.

Eric Matthews: I have been summoned. Why have I been brought here?
Topanga Matthews: Because Cory thinks when it comes to helping people, you somehow turn into a genius.
Riley Matthews: I'm in a fight with my best friend.
Eric Matthews: There will be no losing friends. Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself.

"Boy Meets World: Everybody Loves Stuart (#6.7)" (1998)
Shawn Hunter: My soap opera name is Patrick Trailer Park.
Angela Moore: Well, mine is Shawnene Martin Luther King Boulevard.
[Everyone stares]
Angela Moore: Gosh, I gotta get some black friends.
Rachel McGuire: So, Topanga what's your middle name?
Topanga Lawrence: I don't wanna play.
Jack Hunter: Why not?
Topanga Lawrence: I have a weird middle name.
Jack Hunter: Your first name's Topanga. What could your middle name be? Shmaboogie?

George Feeny: How did you know what dormitory Topanga was in?
Stuart: She told me. She told me she lived in the McCay Dorms. She offered it to me un-prompted. Isn't that right, Topanga?
Topanga Lawrence: Yes, that's true but that wasn...
Stuart: Thank you.
George Feeny: Did you really think it was proper? I mean, I'm talking about simple, human propriety. To be in a young female student's bedroom?
Stuart: A dorm room. Also serves as a living room, or a TV room or a study. It was not a bedroom when I was in there.
George Feeny: Stuart! Do you believe as college professor that it's okay to be alone in a dorm room with a young, female student?
Stuart: The door was open. I even asked her roommate to stay. In fact it was Topanga who shooed Angela away. Isn't that right, Topanga?
Topanga Lawrence: She was on her way to the student union. I didn't feel the ne...
Stuart: Thank you. Anymore questions, George?
George Feeny: Just one. Is it okay if I rip off your head and roll it down the hallway?

"Boy Meets World: Cult Fiction (#4.21)" (1997)
Jonathan Turner: [to Shawn] I'm one of the handful people that cares about you. You know? I mean, your parents are busy, trying to work out their marriage. So are they.
[referring to Cory and Topanga]
Topanga Lawrence: Study hall?
Cory Matthews: Make out?
Topanga Lawrence: [playfully firm] Cory!
Cory Matthews: [imitates Topanga's tone] Topanga!

Jonathan Turner: Y'know, you're a junior in high school, now, Shawn. You have no goals as far as I can see. Have you even thought about college?
Shawn Hunter: I'm going to college.
Jonathan Turner: Oh, you are? Where?
Shawn Hunter: Hawaii. I figure I have a better shot outside the country.
Jonathan Turner: You know, Shawn, the people who care about you in this life you can count on one hand. So don't blow me off, okay?
Shawn Hunter: John, I got people who care about me.
Cory Matthews: You know, Shawn, I think Mr. Turner's right. Okay, I mean you got one more year of high school and the humidity in Hawaii is gonna make my hair go "Whoo!"
Topanga Lawrence: Well, I wanna go to Penn State.
Cory Matthews: And I wanna go where she goes. Anyone surprised by that?
Jonathan Turner: Whoa, whoa, okay?
[to Shawn]
Jonathan Turner: Tick tock. The clock is moving and you are running out of time to figure out your life.
Shawn Hunter: Hey, John, you're not my guardian anymore, I'm back with my parents, I'll be fine.
Jonathan Turner: Yeah, Shawn, but I'm one of the handful of people that cares about you, you know? Now your parents are busy trying to work our their marriage...
[gestures to Cory & Topanga]
Jonathan Turner: So are they...
Topanga Lawrence: [to Cory, all cutesie] Study hall?
Cory Matthews: Make out?
Topanga Lawrence: Cory!
Cory Matthews: Topanga!
[they leave, grinning and holding hands]
Jonathan Turner: And y'know, you have four years of security in these halls, but they throw you out next year, Shawn. What're you gonna do, then, huh? Who're you gonna be?

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Rileytown (#2.17)" (2015)
[Riley and Maya are about to have an ice cream fight]
Cory Matthews: Why would you let them do this?
Topanga Matthews: Well, it's a slow day, and the ice cream expires tomorrow.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Ski Lodge: Part 2 (#3.9)" (2016)
Cory Matthews: You been up all night.
Topanga Matthews: She gets this from you.
Riley Matthews: How long have you guys been there?
Topanga Matthews: We stayed up all night talking too! Wanted to see what the big deal was.

"Boy Meets World: Santa's Little Helpers (#6.11)" (1998)
Topanga Lawrence: You invited Shawn?
Cory Matthews: Wait a minute. Why?
Topanga Lawrence: I invited Angela.
Cory Matthews: You invited Angela? Who said you could invite Angela? She's gonna kill me!
Topanga Lawrence: Oh my God. Shawn's gonna blame me for this. Hey. Why would Angela kill you?
Cory Matthews: Hey. Why would Shawn blame you?
Topanga Lawrence: You know something about Angela.
Cory Matthews: You know something about Shawn!
Topanga Lawrence: Alright. On the count of three.
Topanga Lawrence, Cory Matthews: One, two, three!
Cory Matthews: Angela's still in love with Shawn!
[realizes he's been set up]
Cory Matthews: I hate that!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Father (#1.4)" (2014)
Topanga Matthews: Wait, your dance is Friday?
Riley Matthews: You're doing that thing with your voice.
Topanga Matthews: But Friday is the last night of the Coney Island Cyclone.
Riley Matthews: But it's our first dance! And Dad takes me to ride the rollercoaster a bunch of times, right?
Topanga Matthews: Your father thinks of it as a tradition.
Riley Matthews: How bad is this?
Topanga Matthews: Your father thinks of it as the reason he wakes up in the morning.
Riley Matthews: Maybe he won't remember it this year.
Cory Matthews: [bursting through the door] Three days 'til Cyclone Day!
Topanga Matthews: When is my birthday?
Cory Matthews: A hundred-and-forty-eight days from Cyclone Day!
Topanga Matthews: [to Riley] Good luck to you.

"Boy Meets World: This Little Piggy (#3.6)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Look, Shawn, I'm not trying to be mean. I just don't think it's fair for him to be living in your apartment. He's a farm animal.
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, well, according to my new book, "Farm Animals Make Great Pets"... Farm animals make great pets.

"Boy Meets World: It's About Time (#7.7)" (1999)
Topanga: I wasn't sure this day would ever come, but you were. I wasn't sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were. You were always strong and always sure. And now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That's what I'm sure of.
Cory: I have to talk to her now, ok.
[to Shawn]
Shawn Hunter: Go ahead.
Cory: Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That's all I've ever known and that's enough, that's enough for me, for the rest of my life. Topanga, we gonna get married?
Topanga: Yea, we are.
Cory: Good, cause, umm I have these rings... I love you Topanga.
Topanga: I love you too, Cory.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Ski Lodge: Part 1 (#3.8)" (2016)
Topanga Matthews: [after spotting an old lady working at the lodge] Lauren... did not age well.

"Boy Meets World: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (#1.13)" (1994)
Eric Matthews: [addressing Cory's class] You've all known each other since kindergarten, but next year there's gonna be maybe 9 or 10 other 6th grade classes from different schools making up your 7th grade class and you're not gonna know all those kids. A lot of them are going to think differently than you.
Stuart Minkus: What do you mean?
Eric Matthews: Well, do you smoke cigarettes?
Stuart Minkus: No.
Eric Matthews: Lot of kids in your new school will, lot of them will try and pressure you into it, telling you how cool it is to smoke. You want to be cool, don't you?
Stuart Minkus: More than you can ever know.
Eric Matthews: Maybe you'll smoke.
Stuart Minkus: I don't think so.
Eric Matthews: Why not?
Stuart Minkus: Because according to the New England journal of medicine, smoking reduces lung capacity, leads to emphysema and causes heart attack and lung cancer.
Eric Matthews: What if...
[points at Topanga]
Eric Matthews: she thought it was cool, then would you smoke then?
Stuart Minkus: In a heartbeat.
Eric Matthews: WELCOME to the world of peer pressure.
[to Topanga]
Eric Matthews: So, he smokes, you think that's cool?
Topanga Lawrence: I think anyone who smokes is a disgusting pig!
Stuart Minkus: I'm trying to quit!
Eric Matthews: It's not that easy, Minkus, there's all kinds of pressures. What about alcohol?
Stuart Minkus: Could you use someone else as an example, please?
Eric Matthews: [to Cory] What about alcohol?
Cory Matthews: What about it?
Eric Matthews: [to Shawn] What about drugs?
Cory Matthews: Hey, calm down, Eric, we're not into that stuff, what we like is baseball and comic books.
Eric Matthews: Yeah, that's what you like NOW, but that's going to change, just like you're changing schools, just like you're gonna start feeling a lot of new stuff inside of you you're not really gonna understand.
Cory Matthews: How do you know?
Eric Matthews: Because you're growing up.
[to Topanga]
Eric Matthews: Some of you have already started.

"Boy Meets World: The Provider (#7.13)" (2000)
Topanga Matthews: Guess what happened to me at work today!
Cory Matthews: I can't talk now, Schanazzi; my wife's home. I'll call you later.
[removes headset]
Topanga Matthews: Cory, I have the best news! I can't wait to tell you!
Cory Matthews: This... is gonna be the kind of job... where I take aspirin... a lot! How you doin'?
[walks away to the back while Topanga puts on the headset and dials]
Topanga Matthews: Hello? Hi! Is this, uh, Donna Santiangelo? Oh! Great! This is Topanga!
Topanga Matthews: Oh, you're so sweet. Donna's a great name, too! Uh, anyway, I'm one of those annoying magazine people who call at the worst time I know. Don't you just hate us?
[Cory walks back in behind Topanga with an aspirin bottle]
Cory Matthews: Yeah! LIke you're gonna sell a magazine! I couldn't sell one magazine, and I'm in the business!
Topanga Matthews: [ignoring Cory] What? Um... yeah! That's one of our magazines! Uh-huh. And that.
[jots down something with a pencil]
Topanga Matthews: All of them? Fantastic! We'll bill you.
[removes headset]
Topanga Matthews: That was fun.
[Topanga is joyful while Cory is the opposite]
Cory Matthews: [deadpanned disbelief] You sold a magazine?
Topanga Matthews: Eight! You must have sold like 800! How many did you sell?
[gets up and goes to Cory]
Topanga Matthews: Tell me; tell me!
Cory Matthews: Perhaps you didn't hear me when I said "I didn't sell one magazine and I'm in the business," seventeen seconds ago.
Topanga Matthews: Right. So Judy - she's my boss - she calls me into her office today with two other associate editors. She asks me for my opinion on what our first cover should be! Apparently the other two hated the one I picked but Judy loved the one I picked and we're gonna use the one I picked! Can you believe it? Me! The one I picked!
Cory Matthews: [trying to open aspirin] So, she promoted you?
Topanga Matthews: Yes! Isn't that something?
[Topanga, having sat on the couch again while talking to Cory, gets up and immediately opens the aspirin he is struggling with and he sheepishly takes it]

"Boy Meets World: Starry Night (#5.20)" (1998)
Topanga: Just tell me what you see in the painting, Cory.
Cory: [peers at Starry Night] I see an attack.
Topanga: An attack?
Cory: An attack from another world.
Topanga: An attack from another world. All right, let's look again. What about the relationship between God and man?
Cory: Oh, okay. I was about to get there. See, God, unhappy with how some particular humans treat other particular humans who love them, has decided it's the end of the world. And I think he's right.
Topanga: God is protecting the people in this little town! They live their lives and they come out of their houses, and they see this sky and they know God's protection and love. And that everything will be all right.
Cory: Listen, how do you expect me to see good in anything when I feel so bad in here?
[indicates heart]

"Boy Meets World: Hometown Hero (#3.5)" (1995)
Cory: Well, so much for the perks.
Topanga Lawrence: Come on, Cory. Would you rather go back to being a hero again?
Cory: Nah. I'm happy just being plain old Cory. I mean, look.
[puts his arm around Shawn and Topanga]
Cory: I got my best friend, I got my girlfriend...
Jock: Hey kid, move!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Belief (#2.24)" (2015)
Auggie Matthews: Daddy, you always protect me, right?
Cory Matthews: Don't you have faith in us, Bubba?
Auggie Matthews: I do. So I'm safe?
Topanga Matthews: You are. You live in a place where no one is gonna hurt you for saying your prayers out loud.
Auggie Matthews: What? Oh... I wasn't praying. I mean, I do pray. I pray, in the bathtub, I pray that I won't get sucked down the drain.
Cory Matthews: Well, it's working for ya.
Topanga Matthews: Wait, so Auggie, who have you been talking to?
Auggie Matthews: Mrs. Svorski. I'm worried she doesn't have anyone to talk to anymore.
Cory Matthews: Auggie, you know what? She's got people up there that love her. And she's got you down here. Don't worry, she's covered.
Auggie Matthews: So I can still talk to her? It helps me not miss her so much.
Cory Matthews: Any time you want.
Topanga Matthews: Please say hi for us.
Auggie Matthews: I will.

"Boy Meets World: Quiz Show (#4.19)" (1997)
Topanga Lawrence: It's good to be queen.

"Boy Meets World: Boy Meets Girl (#1.21)" (1994)
Shawn Hunter: You know what's cool? We made it through our first dates and we're still best friends.
Cory Matthews: And we're gonna stay best friends - through second dates, proms, engagements, marriages.
Shawn Hunter: Second marriages.
Cory Matthews: Whatever comes along, we're gonna stand here and face it together, shoulder to shoulder.
Hilary: [as she rushes past them towards the hall] Hi, Shawn.
Topanga Lawrence: [as she rushes past them in the opposite direction] Hi, Cory.
Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews: Later!

"Boy Meets World: I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad (#7.14)" (2000)
Cory Matthews: Well, as you all know, I just came from the doctor.
Topanga Matthews: You have something?
Cory Matthews: Yes. I have something. You all made fun of me, but I have something, alright.
[Holds up a piece of paper]
Cory Matthews: It's all right here. Right here...
[to Topanga]
Cory Matthews: You're my wife. 'kay? You have the right to know first.
[He hands Topanga the paper then goes to the window and broods]
Shawn Hunter: What's it say?
Topanga Matthews: He has hypochondria. Chronic and severe hypocohondria.
Cory Matthews: That's right.
[He turns to face everyone, near tears]
Cory Matthews: I'm a hypochondriac.
Topanga Matthews: Cory, it means that there's nothing wrong with you! It means you create stuff in your head!
Cory Matthews: Yes, well.
[He holds up a prescription bottle]
Cory Matthews: He gave me these placebos.
Shawn Hunter: Placebos are what they give to crazy people like you to make them think they're being cured of something they don't have!
Cory Matthews: Hey!
Cory Matthews: I have to be on these for the rest of my life!

"Boy Meets World: Brother Brother (#3.22)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, it's only two months. The time is gonna fly. And before you know, we will be back together.
[they kiss]
Cory Matthews: Back together.
[they kiss again]
Cory Matthews: Which in Spanish is: "Back together, muchacha!"
[they kiss another time]

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Master Plan (#1.18)" (2015)
Topanga Matthews: Wait a minute, who let you in?
Shawn Hunter: I have a key.
Topanga Matthews: [to Cory] You gave him a key?
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] Fine, I'll give you a key.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Sneak Attack (#1.3)" (2014)
Auggie Matthews: How's my breath?
[breathes on Topanga]
Topanga Matthews: Ooh. Like flowers. How'd you do that?
Auggie Matthews: I ate flowers.

"Boy Meets World: The Truth About Honesty (#6.20)" (1999)
Cory: I have seen the promised land!
Topanga Lawrence: I showed him my butt.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets High School: Part 2 (#3.2)" (2016)
Ava Morgenstern: Auggie, sit!
Auggie Matthews: You don't wanna play with Scruffles?
Ava Morgenstern: Ugh, Scruffles ain't doin' it for me anymore!
Auggie Matthews: Have I let you down?
Ava Morgenstern: You did so good, Auggie. Thanks for trying so hard.
Auggie Matthews: [to his parents] What's happening?
Topanga Matthews: Well, I think Ava might be ready for the real life approach now. She knows that Scruffles is made up, but that your friendship is real.
Cory Matthews: And then, when you don't understand what life is doing, the most important thing that friends can be, is there for each other.
Ava Morgenstern: Auggie?
Auggie Matthews: Yeah?
Ava Morgenstern: Stay.
Auggie Matthews: I will.
Ava Morgenstern: Good Auggie.
[puts her head on his shoulder]

"Boy Meets World: Her Answer: Part 2 (#6.2)" (1998)
Topanga Lawrence: I should go.
Cory Matthews: No, Topanga, you're not leaving your own wedding reception.
Topanga Lawrence: [to Amy] I'm sorry for any pain I've caused. *leaves*
Cory Matthews: Topanga!
[to Amy]
Cory Matthews: How could you say that to her?
Amy Matthews: I'm sorry...
Cory Matthews: You're sorry? So for fifteen years you've been lying to me?
Amy Matthews: No!
Cory Matthews: No? You've been lying to me about how you feel about us, and to me about how you feel about her.
Amy Matthews: I want what I believe is best for you, Cory!
Cory Matthews: What's best for us, mom, is for you to trust us! I love her, alright? I will always love her! And you know something else, we didn't get married! Because *she* wanted *you* to be there!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Home for the Holidays (#1.16)" (2014)
Shawn Hunter: Hey, Mrs. Cory.
Topanga Matthews: Hey, Mr. Cory.

"Boy Meets World: You Light Up My Union (#7.5)" (1999)
Rachel McGuire: They went through my underwear drawer!
Cory Matthews: Oh Rachel, that's just ludicrous now!
Topanga: Did you?
Cory Matthews: [pointing at Shawn] He made me!
Shawn Hunter: My name is Shawn and I have a problem.

"Boy Meets World: Honesty Night (#5.21)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: Shawn is gonna kill me if he finds out he was not the first person to know.
Topanga Lawrence: He tried every way he knew how to get us back together.
Cory Matthews: Okay, listen there is only one thing to do.
Mr. George Feeny: Ho Ho! Is that the Stupid Idea Train coming round the bend?
Cory Matthews: We have to pretend to still be apart for his sake.
Mr. George Feeny: All aboard! Whoo-Whoo!
Cory Matthews: It is so simple. We'll set it up so he can reunite us. It's a great plan.
Topanga Lawrence: It's not a great plan! It's an anti-great plan!
Mr. George Feeny: If I may. Five words. Topanga is correct.
Cory Matthews: That's only three.
Mr. George Feeny: You moron!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets First Date (#1.20)" (2015)
Riley Matthews: Do you remember your first date with Dad?
Topanga Matthews: Aw. We were two years old we played in the playground. No, we were eight, and we caught fireflies. No, we were in sixth grade and we kissed against the lockers. No, we threw socks into a laundry basket. No, we fell into a llama pen at the zoo. No... that was his first date with Shawn.

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets the Secret of Life (#2.3)" (2015)
Cory Matthews: [bursts in the door] Topanga! There could be a significant amount of drama heading in our general direction.
Topanga Matthews: You know, normal people consider their home to be a sanctuary from the storm of the outside world. Why can't we be normal people?
Cory Matthews: Because... we have this!
[points to the door without looking at it, expecting Riley to burst in. Nothing happens]
Cory Matthews: I never get those right.

"Boy Meets World: I Love You, Donna Karan: Part 1 (#5.7)" (1997)
Shawn Hunter: That Angela was alright. I'm gonna miss her.
Topanga Lawrence: Look, then why did you break up with her?
Shawn Hunter: As they say south of the border: "Dos semanas."
Topanga Lawrence: Shawn, you guys were really getting along! You know, your two week rule is dumb.
Cory Matthews: No, no, his one week rule was dumb. His two week rule shows growth.
Topanga Lawrence: Shawn, just face it. You're afraid of making commitment.
Shawn Hunter: I'm not afraid of making commitm... I've been with Cory for fifteen years!
Cory Matthews: Ah, they've been good years.
Shawn Hunter: You worked very hard for them.
Cory Matthews: Well, it takes two. Do you think...?
Topanga Lawrence: Stop! You're afraid to get to know someone. You're afraid of letting someone get to know you. And unless you get over this, you're gonna go through life, all alone. Except for Cory, who will bring you magazines and pudding. There, I think I got through to him.
[turns around to find Shawn making out with another girl]
Cory Matthews: Sure you did, honey, and now he wants to hear what she has to say.

"Boy Meets World: Train of Fools (#3.10)" (1995)
Cory Matthews: [shaking hands with Rebecca-Alexa] Hi. Hi, I'm Cory. I'm Eric's brother. Um, this is... Topanga... She's a girl from school, heh...
Topanga Lawrence: Cory!
Cory Matthews: She's also my girlfriend and I love her very much, so... don't get any ideas!

"Boy Meets World: What I Meant to Say (#3.3)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "We're only 14 years old. These feelings... when did you know?"
Cory Matthews: Cory: "Promise you won't laugh?... Do you remember the time when we were in my backyard chasing fireflies? And you had, like, 20 in your jar and I had one with a broken bulb? And then Eric came outside and started teasing us?"
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "He said 'Cory loves Topanga' and you said 'Yuck, I hate her'"
Cory Matthews: Cory: "That's when I knew"
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "Cory, we were only 6"
Cory Matthews: Cory: "Who cares?"
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "How could you know then? I'm not even sure I know what 'I love you' means now"
Cory Matthews: Cory: "Look, all I know is that you and I belong together. I've always been able to talk to you, to make you laugh and I've always, always wanted to take care of you..."
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "So that's what I love you means?"
Cory Matthews: Cory: "Yeah... bye"
Topanga Lawrence: Topanga: "Cory? I love you too"

"Boy Meets World: Prom-ises, Prom-ises (#5.22)" (1998)
Topanga Lawrence: Howie, wait!
Cory Matthews: [whispering] Please no, please no, please no, please no, please no, please no, please no...
Topanga Lawrence: [through gritted teeth] Cory, I feel bad.
Cory Matthews: [also through gritted teeth] Topanga, this is our prom night.
Topanga Lawrence: This is his prom night too.
Cory Matthews: Yes, but I want everything to go exactly perfectly right.
Topanga Lawrence: If poor Howie is sitting home crying his eyes out because of me, I will not feel exactly perfectly right.
Cory Matthews: [in his normal, but exaggerated voice] So, Howie! So, you wanna be our date? Huh-huh-huh.

"Boy Meets World: Teacher's Bet (#1.8)" (1993)
Cory Matthews: Let's start with a roll call. Uh... Lawrence, Topanga.
Topanga Lawrence: [sits in yoga position on the floor] I'm channeling. I will only answer to the name...
[Topanga makes a weird inhale sound with her voice and closes her eyes, her hands outstretched graciously. Cory looks at her, completely gobsmacked]
Cory Matthews: Okay, present, but not all here.

"Boy Meets World: The Happiest Show on Earth (#3.21)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: What are we doing?
Topanga Lawrence: I don't know. I mean, we did break up for a reason, right?
Cory Matthews: Yeah. We did.
Topanga Lawrence: And... that reason was...?
Cory Matthews: So we could get back together.
[they kiss]

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Upstate (#3.6)" (2016)
Lucas Friar: [to Katy] I care about your daughter very much.
Topanga Matthews: My daughter now!
Lucas Friar: I care about your daughter very much too.
[turns back to Katy]
Lucas Friar: You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. But then, in Texas, she doesn't wanna see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Miss Hart. And from what I've heard, it isn't her father. You are a wonderful mother.
Topanga Matthews: What about me, Chuckie?
Lucas Friar: I've had it.
[escapes the table]

"Boy Meets World: Back 2 School (#2.1)" (1994)
Topanga Lawrence: [realizes Shawn is looking at her behind] What are you staring at?
Shawn Hunter: Uhmm... nothing. New blouse?
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah, I got it over the summer.
Shawn Hunter: [checking out Topanga] Summer was... very good to you.
Topanga Lawrence: Yeah, well at least what I grew is real.
[rips off Shawn's fake sideburns]

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Rules (#2.7)" (2015)
[last lines]
Topanga Matthews: [about Ava] I never thought I'd say this, but she is really starting to grow on me.
Auggie Matthews: Really? 'Cause I decided that if you still didn't like her, I was never going to see her again. Because your happiness is more important to me than anything to me.
Topanga Matthews: Oh, honey!
Auggie Matthews: How was that?

"Boy Meets World: Raging Cory (#5.12)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: I don't wanna get up. I hit my father. That's gotta be a bad sin. If this were the bible, I'd be a father smither. I'd be Cory, son of Alan the Bruised.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, you got a great relationship with your father.
Cory Matthews: You know what, you shouldn't be here. If they find you here with me, they'll stone you. Save yourself, Topanga, daughter of Miriam.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, go home and talk this out with him.
Cory Matthews: No, that's the whole point, Topanga! All we do is talk! You know, that's all our relationship is. That's not like him and Eric. They do stuff together. Well, I wanna do stuff too. I never wanna talk to him again!
[Alan opens the door behind him and drags Cory out with him and Eric]
Alan Matthews: You're coming with us!
Cory Matthews: Can we talk about this?

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Smackle (#1.8)" (2014)
Topanga Matthews: Auggie, I assumed you guys broke up!
Riley Matthews: Oh, Mom, you should never assume. Didn't Dad teach you that?
Maya Hart: Yeah, don't you get the home versions of these lessons? You're married to the guy.
Topanga Matthews: Oh, of course I do! There's just so many of them.
[pauses briefly, then looks terrified]
Topanga Matthews: Oh no, I married Feeny!

"Boy Meets World: By Hook or by Crook (#2.18)" (1995)
Topanga Lawrence: Okay, Cory, I brought you the homework. Earth science, algebra, English, shop.
[the last thing she hands him is a plank]
Topanga Lawrence: You're supposed to make something.
Cory Matthews: I'm done. It's a shelf.

"Boy Meets World: Turnaround (#2.12)" (1994)
Topanga Lawrence: Hey, Cory. Shawn. What are you guys doing?
Cory Matthews: Oh, I... We're just standing, and being here, and...
Topanga Lawrence: And hoping a girl asks you to the dance?
Cory Matthews: [hopeful] Could be.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, I'm not going.
Cory Matthews: [despaired] My only hope...

"Boy Meets World: Torn between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool) (#5.16)" (1998)
Cory Matthews: Topanga! Hi, I'm glad you're here. Sit, sit. I want to tell you everything that happened. Okay, I went out with Lauren, and I'm not gonna lie to you. We had a great time.
Topanga Lawrence: Well, Lauren's a nice girl, Cory. I knew you'd have fun.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, but I-I didn't know I was allowed to. See, when I first met Lauren, she was the first girl besides you that I ever thought I could like. And that made me feel bad because I thought if I liked another girl, that it somehow meant that I liked you less.
Topanga Lawrence: I'm sorry you felt bad.
Cory Matthews: No, no, no. I-it was good that I went through this. Because it taught me that liking someone else could never, ever take away from loving you, and I don't have to be afraid of what I feel for anybody else because I know that it could never take away from loving you and I always will, and I know that completely now.
Topanga Lawrence: You know that now?
Cory Matthews: Yeah.
Topanga Lawrence: Is there anything else you have to tell me?
Cory Matthews: [mumbles to himself] Love you completely, know that now...
[to Topanga]
Cory Matthews: No, that's it. So, uh, listen can you put me in your jacket 'cause I only want to be in your jacket.
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, I can't see you anymore.
Cory Matthews: What?
Topanga Lawrence: Do you have any idea how many guys hit on me?
Cory Matthews: What are you talking about?
Topanga Lawrence: I never needed to test my feelings for you. I moved away from my parents in Pittsburgh to be close to you. Ever since we were little kids, I felt like I belonged with you and I would have given you everything, Cory.
Cory Matthews: Topanga, I'm-I'm so sorry.
Topanga Lawrence: I forgive you. I forgive you for lying at the lodge. I forgive you for kissing her. And I forgive you for the letter, which I read. I know how intimately she felt about you. But that you needed to see her, to test how you felt about me.
Cory Matthews: No.
Topanga Lawrence: I don't forgive you for that, Cory.
Cory Matthews: [He stands up] No! You told me to see her, Topanga! You told me to see how I felt!
[Topanga stands up and hugs Cory]
Topanga Lawrence: And you listened.
[She walks away and passes Shawn on the stairs]
Shawn Hunter: Topanga, what's wr-
[She ignores him and continues up the stairs. He walks over to Cory, who is in a state of shock]
Shawn Hunter: It's gonna be okay.
Cory Matthews: No. No, it won't.

"Boy Meets World: I Was a Teenage Spy (#3.19)" (1996)
Cory Matthews: This year's spring dance is a fifties sock hop. Like anyone would want to go to this. Topanga, you want to go to this?
Topanga Lawrence: No.
Cory Matthews: Of course not. It's me, right? Just because we're not going out anymore, you don't want to go out anymore. What's that about?
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, it's about a decision we made to just be friends and I don't think we should complicate that.
Cory Matthews: Topanga, it's a dance. In socks. What's complicated about that?
Topanga Lawrence: Cory, you're the one who broke up with me. Don't you understand that?
Cory Matthews: Of course I do! I know exactly where we stand. And if you're not careful I'll break up with you again.

"Boy Meets World: Angela's Men (#7.3)" (1999)
Angela Moore: [Shawn and Sergeant Moore are standing in Angela's doorway, dressed in their army uniforms] Will you stop bothering my father?
Sergeant Moore: I asked him to come here, Angela.
Angela Moore: Why?
Sergeant Moore: Because I'm leaving and I wanted to say goodbye and I wanted to know that you are all right.
Angela Moore: Yeah, well I'm better than all right. I'm in my new apartment with my friends, looking forward to the next part of *my* life.
Topanga Lawrence: That's right, Sergeant Moore.
Rachel McGuire: Three women together.
Sergeant Moore: Dismissed!
Topanga Lawrence: Yes, sir.
Rachel McGuire: Gone sir!

"Boy Meets World: Kid Gloves (#1.19)" (1994)
Cory Matthews: You wearing a wet suit, too, Mother Nature?
Topanga Lawrence: No.
[takes off robe to reveal a bathing suit as Cory and Shawn stare]
Topanga Lawrence: What's the matter? No funny remarks?
Cory Matthews: [to Shawn] Uh, you got anything?
Shawn Hunter: I got nothing.
Cory Matthews: [to Shawn again] Uh, you got anything?
Shawn Hunter: Snap out of it, she's just a girl in a bathing suit!

"Girl Meets World: Girl Meets the Truth (#1.5)" (2014)
Cory Matthews: Can I tell you the truth about something? It doesn't really matter what you make for dinner. It's that you are in our house with me. Thank you for being in our house with me.
Topanga Matthews: There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

"Boy Meets World: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (#3.15)" (1996)
Topanga: You don't understand women. You don't know what we are, you don't know how we feel, and you don't know what we think. You see us as dating objects and the faster we are, the more you want us. And until you can grow up and see beyond that, no matter how many girls you go out with, you will always be lonely.

"Boy Meets World: Shallow Boy (#4.5)" (1996)
Topanga Lawrence: Do you think this is funny?
Cory Matthews: No I don't, I think it's... wood.