Derek Flint
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Derek Flint (Character)
from Our Man Flint (1966)

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Our Man Flint (1966)
Mr. Cramden: Flint, I owe you my life. The medic said four more seconds, and I...
Derek Flint: *Three* more seconds.
Mr. Cramden: Damn it, man, is there anything you don't know?
Derek Flint: A great many things, sir. But, nothing of consequence.

Cramden: You traveled all the way to Moscow to watch a ballet?
Derek Flint: No, to teach!

Cramden: Your code book.
Derek Flint: If you don't mind, sir, I prefer to use my own personal code.
Cramden: But I would rather you use the government code.
Derek Flint: I already know mine. It's a mathematical progression, 40-26-36. It's based on...
Cramden: I can imagine what it's based on.

Cramden: Flint, the government needs you.
Derek Flint: Yes, well, it's good to be wanted, sir.

Derek Flint: Say, why does that eagle attack me?
Galaxy worker: He's been trained to recognize and attack Americans.
Derek Flint: An anti-American eagle. It's diabolical.

Mr. Cramden: Flint, the world's in trouble!
Derek Flint: Well, it usually is, but it manages to extricate itself without my help.

Derek Flint: Hans Gruber, Hitler youth movement, escaped during the Nuremberg Trials.
Gruber: I'm a much nicer person now...

Derek Flint: Repeat after me: I am not a pleasure unit.

Gila: Where are you going?
Derek Flint: I'm going to put Galaxy into orbit.

Dr. Wu: Ours would be a perfect world! Why?
Derek Flint: Because it's your idea of perfection, gentlemen - not mine!

Derek Flint: I don't need any men.
Cramden: You said you were joining the team.
Derek Flint: But the team's not joining me.

Derek Flint: 35-14-82, 76-14-29, 72-42-41...
Cab Driver: [speaking Italian] Lottery, Eh? You have a system?
Derek Flint: [speaking Italian] Yes... Infallible! It is a mathematical progression of... 40... 23... 38... It is based on...
Cab Driver: [speaking Italian] I can imagine what it's based on.

Derek Flint: [fingering the coat-of-arms on Rodney's blazer] I wonder what it is that always makes the Rodneys choose the wrong side.

Derek Flint: [showing off his gadget disguised as a cigarette lighter] This has 82 different functions - 83 if you want to light a cigar.

[after Flint guns down Z.O.W.I.E. guards and Cramden wants to have him arrested]
Derek Flint: I noticed that these men were wearing Battle of the Bulge ribbons.
Mr. Cramden: There is no ribbon for the Battle of the Bulge.
Derek Flint: Exactly.

In Like Flint (1967)
[On hearing that the president has been replaced by an impostor.]
Flint: An actor? As president?

[Flint prepares to board the plane to go to the desert]
Flint: Empty all the ashtrays?
Bill Lear: Nah, I got you a new plane.
Flint: Ah, beautiful! Let's go.

Lloyd C. Cramden: Flint, How do you find time to read all these books?
Flint: No, no, no, sir, I wrote those.

Lisa Norton: You're quite accustomed to being admired by women, aren't you? All those, uh, ridiculous, uh...
Flint: Sighs? Yes, you're quite right. They are ridiculous. I must say it's refreshing to be with a beautiful woman who's above that sort of thing.
Lisa Norton: Why I never said I was above that sort of thing. What I meant was...
Flint: Yes?
Lisa Norton: You really are good at it Mr. Flint.
[Flint laughs]
Lisa Norton: Tell me something. What is it about you that makes you so irresistible to women?
Flint: It's very simple. I don't compete with them.
[Flint takes Lisa's face and kisses her]
Flint: Now that ends the suspense.
Lisa Norton: You're quite right. I was curious. Well, now you've had the tour and so have I.

Natasha, the Ballerina: Derek, darling. Your American music is so decadent.
Flint: Yeah.
Natasha, the Ballerina: But it's so exciting.
Flint: Well, that's where it's at, honey.

[Flint shatters a billiard ball with a hand-held sonic device]
Lloyd C. Cramden: It's extraordinary!
Flint: [Scoffs] It's a toy. However, we *are* making such scientific strides that
[grabs book from shelf and hands it to Cramden]
Flint: this last year's book is already out of date
Lloyd C. Cramden: How *do* you find time to read?
Flint: No no, I wrote that...

Our Man Flint: Dead on Target (1976) (TV)
Derek Flint: Listen, if you don't want me, get The Gang - ask for Dead Skunk.