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Horton Fenty (Character)
from Paint Your Wagon (1969)

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Paint Your Wagon (1969)
Ben Rumson: Now, don't tell me you've never been with a woman.
Horton: No, sir I haven't.
Ben Rumson: Well, that, that's terrible! Did you know you could go blind?

Horton: Mr. Rumson, I swore I wouldn't tell anyone. I hope that means except my father and mother.
Ben Rumson: That means especially your father and mother.
Horton: But I've never kept anything from them before.
Ben Rumson: Well, it's time you started. Because when you do, a whole new world opens up.

Ben Rumson: You mean to tell me you ain't never had a woman neither?
Horton: No, sir.
Ben Rumson: This is serious. You know you could go blind? Come here.
[to 'Rotten Luck' Willie]
Ben Rumson: Willie, if a young man was goin' trappin' for the first time and wanted a guide, somebody who would be patient with him and show him the way things are to be done; what kind of guide would you choose?
'Rotten Luck'Willie: [Thinking] Ah, that would be Gracie.

Mr. Fenty: Horton, how did that bottle get in your pocket? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING HARD LIQUOR?
Horton: Well, since this afternoon. I know you don't approve, Pop, but believe me, until you've had a good cigar and a shot of whiskey, you're missing the second and third best things in life.
Rumson: Horton!
Pardner: Where'd you take him, Ben?
Elizabeth: Damn you, Ben Rumson. What are you going to teach this boy next? How to cheat at cards, or just physical education with one of Willie's floozies?
Horton: That's the best one, Pop!
Rumson: Horton!
Elizabeth: Is that what you did today, Ben?
Rumson: That's what *he* did today, Elizabeth! I tell you, that boy's got a talent for dissipation that is absolutely unique!
[Horton beams]

Horton: [in a gambling hall/whorehouse] Pardon me, sir, could you lend me ten dollars?
Pardner: Why don't you go home and go to bed?
Horton: I was thinking of doing it the other way around.

Mad Jack Duncan: You tell no one about what we're doing here, you get me? If you so much as breath a word about this, I'll put a stick of dynamite in your mouth, do you get me?
Horton: I swear before God...
Mad Jack Duncan: I said no one!