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Quotes for
Phyllis Dobbs (Character)
from "Life on Mars" (2006)

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"Life on Mars: Episode #2.8" (2007)
Phyllis Dobbs: I'm not just a sex goddess. I've got eyes in me head.

Nelson: What will you have, mon brave?
Sam Tyler: Scotch. A large one. Actually, make it a bottle.
Phyllis Dobbs: Well, if you're buying boss, I'll have a port and lemon.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.3" (2007)
Gene Hunt: Right, Phyllis, from now on you stay behind the desk, only you to answer the phone.
Phyllis Dobbs: What if I have to go to the ladies', guv?
Gene Hunt: Cross your legs.

Phyllis Dobbs: Get back! Back! You lot don't calm down, I'll make you all strip, and you can stand there with your knackers out. I could do with a laugh!

"Life on Mars: Episode #1.3" (2006)
Phyllis Dobbs: [on the radio] 870? 870! 870, come in, will you!
Sam Tyler: Phyllis, is that you?
Phyllis Dobbs: No, it's Jane Fonda on the hunt for men!

"Life on Mars: Episode #1.7" (2006)
[Sam and Gene are going through everyone's statements in the canteen]
Gene Hunt: What did he do when you looked in?
Ray Carling: Flicked me the Vs.
Gene Hunt: [writing] "Brandished his arms in an aggressive and violent manner".
[jump cut to Chris]
Gene Hunt: How many times did you check on him?
Chris Skelton: Once. Maybe twice.
Gene Hunt: Your memory's hardly your best quality, is it Chris? Let's round it up to four.
[jump cut to Phyllis]
Phyllis Dobbs: I said, he slid the tray along the floor at her.
Gene Hunt: [writing] "Mr Kemble angrily threw food in the face of WPC Annie Cartwright."

"Life on Mars: Episode #1.2" (2006)
Phyllis Dobbs: She shouldn't be there on her own.
Sam Tyler: No. She shouldn't.