Annie Cartwright
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Annie Cartwright (Character)
from "Life on Mars" (2006)

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"Life on Mars: Episode #1.1" (2006)
[Annie complies with Sam's request to hit him by punching him in the kidneys]
Sam Tyler: Ow! Shit!
WPC Annie Cartwright: I'm sorry, sir.
Gene: Aye aye, good girl, prostate probe and no jelly!

Sam Tyler: Now the victim wasn't gagged. Why didn't he gag her, Annie?
WPC Annie Cartwright: Because he needed to, er, he needed to see her mouth, her lips. We have to see the things that we value.
Sam Tyler: Now put yourselves in the mind of this man. You're lonely. Every night you dream of this girl, and she's got big eyes and red ruby lips. So you go out and you find that girl, and you bring her home. But you don't gag her, 'cause you want to see those ruby lips, but you just can't bring yourself to kiss 'em.
WPC Annie Cartwright: You'd get embarrassed, angry, you'd start to blame the girl. It's her fault. She's taunting him by just being there.
Sam Tyler: And then one day you just snap. Strangle her, using bootlace, and the cycle starts all over again with a different girl. And this time, you're positive that you're going to be brave enough to kiss her.
WPC Annie Cartwright: Only you won't be.

WPC Annie Cartwright: We all feel like jumping sometimes, Sam. Only we don't. Me and you, because we're not cowards.

[last lines]
Sam Tyler: What should I do, Annie?
WPC Annie Cartwright: Stay.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.8" (2007)
Sam Tyler: Tell me.
Annie Cartwright: Tell you what, Sam?
Sam Tyler: Tell me what I should do.
Annie Cartwright: Stay. Here. Forever.
Sam Tyler: All right, then. I will.
[they kiss]

Annie Cartwright: [angrily slaps Sam] Hurts, doesn't it. That's because its *real*!

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.5" (2007)
Annie Cartwright: We were hoping you could be the voice of reason...
Sam Tyler: I came out of a musical box!
Annie Cartwright: ...a stabilising influence - ?

Sam Tyler: And I'm seeing things.
Annie Cartwright: Oh, you're always seeing things.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.4" (2007)
Sam Tyler: You know, where I'm from...
Annie Cartwright: Hyde?
Sam Tyler: Yes, Hyde. People love me, you know. They don't want anything from me, they don't want to fight me, they just love me. If they're still there.

Annie Cartwright: What is wrong with you today?
Sam Tyler: Do you want an honest answer? I'm bloody sick of 1973.
Annie Cartwright: Don't worry, it'll be 1974 soon.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.1" (2007)
Annie Cartwright: A bit Nancy Drew, I know.

"Life on Mars: Episode #1.2" (2006)
Sam Tyler: Are you alright?
Annie Cartwright: Battery's out on me radio.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.6" (2007)
[looking at a body]
Annie Cartwright: Boss? There's a viscous yellow liquid in his ear.
Gene Hunt: No, that's a drip from my fried egg butty, love. Well done, Miss Marple. That's why we need women detectives.

"Life on Mars: Episode #2.2" (2007)
Annie Cartwright: [holding her gun] I haven't received any firearms training. That's not right.
Gene Hunt: You see this is why birds and CID don't mix. You give a bloke a gun it's a dream come true, you give a girl one she moans it doesn't go with her dress.