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Johnny (Character)
from My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

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My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)
Johnny: [driving Cherry and Salim home, Omar stops by a bunch of street kids, one of whom is Johnny. Omar gets out of the car to talk to Johnny]
[indicating his friends]
Johnny: Like me friends?
Omar: Ring us then.
Johnny: I will.
[indicates the car where Cherry is getting very angry]
Johnny: Leave 'em there. We can do something. Now. Just us.

Johnny: [Omar is showing Johnny round the laundrette] I'm dead impressed by all this.
Omar: You were the one at school. The one I liked.
Johnny: [sarcastically] All the Pakis liked me.

Salim: I want to talk to Omar about business.
Johnny: I dunno where he is.
Salim: Is it worth waiting?
Johnny: In my experience, it's always worth waiting for Omo.

Johnny: Fuck me! What's she doing with that mouse?

Johnny: Ain't nothing I can say to make it up to you. There's only things I can do to show you... That I am with you.

Johnny: [to Omar] A laundrette as big as the Ritz. Oh yes.

Gang Member: Why are you working for these people? Pakis.
Johnny: It's work, that's why.

[first lines]
Johnny: We're moving house.

[last lines]
Johnny: Don't you be touching me!

Johnny: Today has been the best day.
Omar: Yeah, almost the best day.

Johnny: We'll just have to do a job to get the money.
Omar: I don't want you going back to all that!
Johnny: Just to get us through, Omo. We're going to go on. You want that, don't you?
Omar: Yeah. I want you.

Omar: Where did you go? You just disappeared.
Johnny: Drinking, I went. With my old mates. It ain't illegal.
Omar: Of course it is, laundrettes are a big commitment. Why aren't you at work?
Johnny: It'll be closing time soon. You'll be locking the place up, and coming to bed.
Omar: No, it never closes. One of us has got to be there. That way, we begin to make money.
Johnny: You're getting greedy.
Omar: I want big money. I'm not going to be beat down by this country.

Tania: I'm going. You can come.
Johnny: No good jobs like this around.
Tania: Omar just runs you around everywhere, like a servant.
Johnny: I'll stay here with my friend and fight it out.
Tania: My family, Salim and all... will swallow you up like a little kebab.
Johnny: I couldn't leave him. Not now. Don't ask me to. You ever touched him?