Fico Fellove
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Fico Fellove (Character)
from The Lost City (2005)

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The Lost City (2005)
Fico Fellove: Havana is very much like a rose: it has petals, and it has thorns... So it depends on how you grab it, but in the end, it always grabs you...

Aurora Fellove: Who said woman is like a flower?
Fico Fellove: Poet with a sensitive smell.

Fico Fellove: You're lucky you're on the other side of the room!
Ricardo Fellove: I feel lucky that I'm on the other side of the room, it probably stinks on that side of the room.

Fico Fellove: [to man about to be executed] Life is becoming a dress rehearsal for a show nobody will see.

Fico Fellove: [preparing his gun]
The Writer: Can I offer a serious thought from someone who is never serious?
Fico Fellove: No.
The Writer: Then that was it.

Don Federico Fellove: Do you know what a zugzwang is?
Fico Fellove: It's a chess move.
Don Federico Fellove: It is a chess move that is no move at all. It is actually a position. A position in which each player will obtain a worse result if it were his time to move, than if it were not. Do you follow?
Don Donoso Fellove: A double bind.
Don Federico Fellove: [pointing to himself and Fico] A reciprocal situation. All you have to do is act accordingly. Which means...
Don Donoso Fellove: not act at all.

Fico Fellove: Why are you so unhappy?
Aurora Fellove: I'm not unhappy, I'm just sad.
Fico Fellove: Don't be.
Aurora Fellove: It's in my nature.
Fico Fellove: Hey, beauty's your nature.
Aurora Fellove: Sad can be beautiful.
Fico Fellove: Sad yes, but not sadness.

Fico Fellove: What illegal gambling?
Bola de Nieve: We caught two stage hands playing cards.
Fico Fellove: And that's illegal?
Miliciana Muñoz: Oh, it's worse than that. It is a dangerous distraction to the masses.
Bola de Nieve: "The opium of the people." Marx said it.
The Writer: I thought Marx said religion was the opiate of the people.
Miliciana Muñoz: Marx said that too.
The Writer: Carl or Groucho?