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Bessie Potter (Character)
from "Dawson's Creek" (1998)

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"Dawson's Creek: The Kiss (#2.1)" (1998)
Bessie Potter: The way I see it, the second kiss is always tougher then the first one.
Joey: We actually kissed more than once that night.
Bessie Potter: Yeah, but it only counts as one, and that first kiss? It's the passionate one. It's the one fueled by desire and attraction and all that. Well, the second kiss is rational. You've got time to think about it, to worry and overanalyze. Most women, they prefer that first kiss... but I'm partial to the second one because it's about something more. You'll get that second kiss, Joey, and when you do, it'll be great. It'll be real. It'll be meaningful.

"Dawson's Creek: Hurricane (#1.5)" (1998)
Bodie Wells: What do you object to, Mrs. Ryan? The fact that I'm black and she's white? Or the fact that we're unmarried and about to have a child born out of sin?
Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan: What I object to, more than any of that, is when children raise children. When young people like Bessie and yourself have no background in parenting a mixed race baby. Get ready, Bodie. When that child is born, people will look upon him as different.
Bessie Potter: Half-black, half-white, it doesn't matter. This child will be 100% loved.